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“The Emotions of God: How Man Can Bless or Hurt God” by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive biblical study on the Divine Feelings.

Does God really have emotions? Or is He impassible? The question is simple enough but it has been much debated by Christians over the centuries.

The Bible portrays God as having emotions but are these real descriptions of Him?

Can God change in any way or is He absolutely immutable in all things?

Is God timeless or does He experience duration?

How should we live in regard to our obligations towards God?

Can man hurt God or inflict pain upon Him?

Can we contribute to His happiness?

These are the types of questions that are involved in this debate, which this book gives you biblical answers to.

It will challenge your understanding of God and edify your walk with Him.

As the Scriptures are expounded upon this topic, you may never view God the same way again.

“I have added the Emotions of God by Jesse Morrell to my most influential books. I would recommend it to all Christians.” ~ Stephen



The Natural Ability of Man: A Study On Free Will & Human Nature by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive theological volume that defends the Christian doctrine of man’s free will against the false Gnostic doctrine of man’s natural inability.

This volume explains the truth of man’s freedom of choice in light of Church history and other doctrines like total depravity, regeneration, atonement, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, predestination, repentance, faith, the believers security, original sin, etc.

“The most comprehensive exposition on man’s natural ability in print.” Dean



Does Man Inherit A Sinful Nature by Jesse Morrell is a thorough examination and refutation to one of the oldest theological excuses for sin – a sinful nature.

With an abundance of Scripture, keen logic, and an appeal to Christian teachers throughout history, this book not only shows that men are not born with a sinful nature but that sin is actually contrary to the nature God gave us.

“Jesse does an outstanding job of tackling and answering questions on a very misunderstood part of mans existence.” Oahu



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How To Refute Atheism & Evolution | FREE BOOK | by Jesse Morrell


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer (ἀπολογία / apologia) to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” ~ 1 Peter 3:15 ~

Every Christian should know how to defend the faith. And that is why I am giving away my book for free. When it comes to topics like atheism and evolution many Christians may feel intimidated to handle these issues. But with a little bit of study you will see that these objections to the Christian faith are actually the easiest to refute!

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Our prayer is that this book will be a blessing to your faith and to the cause of Christ!

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Free Charles Finney Book!




 Sermons from the Penny Pulpit by Charles Finney are classic sermons that Finney preached in London from 1849-1851. God used Finney’s sermons to convert masses in the United States and abroad.

This volume is what you could call “Finney Gold!” It contains classic sermons like “Regeneration,” “Holiness Essential to Salvation,” “Quenching the Spirit,” “The Christians Rule of Life,” “Purity of Heart and Life,” “The Sinner’s Self-Condemnation,” “The Conversion of Children,” “Family Government,” “The Rationality of Faith,” and many others. It is our honor and joy to make this precious volume available with these anointed sermons.

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The Death Toll of a Global Depression by Jesse Morrell


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“And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.” Genesis 47:15


This is something worth reading:


By Jesse Morrell

You have to have foresight and think this through rationally and logically, not hysterically with panic.

Look at the actual data of the virus – the death toll and the mortality rate, and see if that merits a global economic collapse and global depression. It doesn’t.

Think through the logical chain reaction of an economic shutdown.

First everyone stays home so people don’t go to work. Businesses get a month of no revenue and go bankrupt. After just a few days of loss of revenue big companies already had to do mass layoffs.

There won’t be jobs for people to return to if all the industries crash. Our government cannot bail out every industry in the country. Not to mention the loss of revenue counties, states, and the federal government will suffer from this.

50% of the country is employed by small businesses and even large companies are already doing mass layoffs. Norwegian Air laid off 90% of their staff. Businesses, small and large, go bankrupt. People don’t have jobs and can’t pay their mortgages.

Do you know what fractional reserve banking is? It means the money you think is in the bank isn’t there. They loaned it out and pay the withdrawals from the interest payments coming in.

What happens when banks don’t get their interest payments, they cannot pay their depositors and the banks fail.

Last month when the economy was great a bank failed. How many will fail when there is mass unemployment? If the whole nation isn’t working, ALL the banks will fail. That means everyone loses whatever they had in the bank.

That is why it’s called bank-rupt. It’s what happened in the Great Depression after the stock market crash.

That means you can’t feed your family. You can’t buy anything. All your cash is gone. Your bank card won’t work. It’s just whatever change you have in your pocket or cash tucked away.

But wait. The FDIC insured the nations depositors up to $250,000 an account. Yes, but just like the bank does fractional reserve banking, insurance does fractional reserve insurance.

The FDIC doesn’t have enough money to cover all the banks they insure. If everyone makes a claim, insurance companies go bankrupt.

Already, the reserve amount required by the Federal Reserve has dropped from 10% reserves down to 0%, meaning banks are not required right now to have any reserve to cover their depositors.

“the Board reduced reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions”

When a banks reserves  hit only 9% in the past, the FDIC deemed it insolvent and shut it down. Now they can go down to 0%. This means the banks are either already collapsing or they see the collapse around the corner.

When the banks don’t have enough money to cover their depositors, the FDIC will turn to the federal reserve to print more money. Can the tax payer bail out every depositor in the country???? Can you say hyperinflation and currency collapse? Look at what happened in Venezuela!

Currencies have collapsed under less severe circumstances than a nationwide economic shutdown!

And an economic collapse is the perfect conditions for a socialist revolution – the government rebuilding the economy. They already have made the masses dependent on the government for their monthly income. If the country collapses, they will look to the government to fix it. They already talked about bailing out big industries in exchange for equity. And government ownership of the economy is communism.

But a global economic collapse is too big to even be bailed out by the tax payer. You think the economy will just bounce back?? It took them ten years to get out of the Great Depression. And they only had 24.9% unemployment! They are already talking 35% unemployment for America right now and it’s just the beginning if it doesn’t end soon.

Think worse than the Great Depression. Think greatest economic catastrophe in our nations history. Even the Great Depression didn’t shut down the economy of the entire nation.

We already saw a run on Wall Street. We saw a run on Walmart. And it’s just a matter of time before we see a run on the banks. That’s the real reason they are closing branches, limiting their hours, and limiting your withdrawal amount.

We already saw what happens to Walmart when people panic. Empty shelves. Hoarding causes scarcity and scarcity causes more hoarding. But that is just the beginning of the shortages. If you shut down 50% of our countries production, there will be massive shortages. Think massive starvation.

If you shut down 50% production, you also are shutting down 50% distribution, which means shortages of 50% consumption.

And the economy is so interconnected that one thing affects another until it’s not a ripple affect but a tsunami.

So the food industry stays open. But what about the plastic factories that service them? Or the cardboard factories? The economy is all interconnected.

Doctors can’t get to the hospital to save lives if their car breaks down, Uber was shut down, dealerships shut down, and mechanics shut down. Say the mechanics stay open but with everyone staying home, they go bankrupt anyways.

More people would die from the coming global economic collapse than the people who would die from the virus itself.

The cure is worse than the disease.

And the CDC wanted to shut down the economy of the entire nation until July August the earliest??? Are you insane? There won’t be a nation at that point.

You think small towns and small businesses can go 4-5 months without revenue. Businesses collapse after weeks of no revenue. 4-5 months and every business is bankrupt and every American unemployed. And that’s just America.

Following our bad example, now UK and India shutdown their economies. We are taking billions of people unemployed for a virus that right now has only claimed 20,000 lives worldwide. The flu alone claims 250,000 lives every single year but we don’t collapse the economy and plunge the world into global depression.

The economy is like a bicycle. Lots of moving parts. You need to keep it moving or it falls down. Go to slow and the ride is over. You can’t just pause the economy of a nation. This is reality. An economy is essential to a nation. An economy is not optional. You can’t just pause or stop an economy.

Fauci is an expert on viruses not the economy. He even said he is not thinking of the economy and that overreacting to this virus is the right thing to do. Wrong.

If you underreact you make the death toll higher than it needs to be. But if you overreact you cause global economic collapse and kill way more people.

You want to properly react to this virus. And since 99.3% of those infected would recover, 99% of those dying have preexisting conditions, and the death rate is very low for people under 50, and that is just the date from the confirmed cases with our limited testing, it means that those most at risk should practice social distancing to avoid exposure and the young and healthy with the least risk should get back to work and keep the economy from collapsing.

You can solve both the hospital crisis and the economic crisis at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice the 1% for the 99% and you don’t have to sacrifice the 99% for the 1%. Trump is seeing both crisis and making plans accordingly.

By letting certain regions at low risk and certain ages at low risk back to work, President Trump would be saving countless lives by avoiding a global economic collapse and global depression that would result if this went on for months like shortsighted overkill germaphobe Fauci wants.

And when all the data finally comes in, and we confirm all the actual cases that include the majority that only had mild symptoms and nothing life threatening, it will show the mortality rate was actually really low, lower than we see now and lower than we first thought. I calculated it will be .1% given the 20,000 deaths right now, if the actual number of infected was 2,000,000. And .1% is the death rate of the flu.

Imagine that. Causing a global economic collapse and global depression over a virus that in the final analysis has a very low mortality rate, similar to the flu.

The CDC evidently did not think through the economic affects of their plan. They did not calculate the death toll a global depression would cause.

We are in a recession right now and if the government keep the economy down, that’s a depression. But we can shift gears and avoid the catastrophe by President Trump changing course.

To comfort and convince the public to go back to work, the CDC and White House needs to emphasis the actual known mortality rate, instead of the death toll. You can’t stop all deaths but the mortality rate will show that while this virus is highly contagious it is not highly deadly. Very few of those infected actually die. Collapsing the economy at this point makes no logical sense. It’s a bad plan and I’m glad Trump broke from Fauci on his stupid shortsighted 4-5 month shutdown. This isn’t a Hollywood movie. It’s real life with real consequences.

They should have a business death toll and job death toll on the news like they do for the virus.

Listening to Fauci and shutting down the economy will go down in history as President Donald Trumps biggest mistake.

Again, The Federal Reserve estimated unemployment to hit 30%. The Secretary of the Treasury said unemployment will rise to 35%.

Do you know the unemployment during the Great Depression? 24.9%

But hey, that means that 75.1% had jobs, so the Great Depression wasn’t that bad, right? The economy is just money after all, right?

So with a population of 331 million people in America, what’s the number of unemployed at 35%? Do the math. It’s 116 million people unemployed. This is astronomical.

You know it took them ten years to finally come out of the Great Depression?

And do you know what caused the Great Depression? A stock market crash and then a banking collapse.

Businesses cannot handle months without revenue. They cannot even go weeks without revenue without bankruptcy. This shutdown needs to end in days. Days. Or else the economic problems will be too big for government to fix.

But we can just pretend that people don’t need jobs, businesses don’t need customers, and banks don’t need interest payments, if that makes you feel better.

Hey you wanna go play some video games? Let’s see what’s new on Netflix.

Wake up America!


The Criteria to Judge Whether a Economic Collapse Over a Virus is Justified Or Not is the Mortality Rate, Not the Death Toll.

The mortality rate shows you how deadly the actual virus is.

As this virus continues to spread, the death toll will continue to rise. But as more tests are being down, the mortality rate will continue to fall. Again, the death toll will continue to rise but the actual mortality rate will continue to fall. That’s because most of the injected only have mild symptoms and children often show no symptoms at all.

Mass Testing Will Drive the Mortality Rate Down

Share this! This is very important: the difference between the DEATH TOLL and the MORTALITY RATE! Big difference!

The mortality rate, not the death toll, is what you look at to see if an economic collapse and global depression is justified.

The media needs to emphasis the mortality rate rather than the death toll so that people see an economic collapse is not a justified plan.

Using the global data right now:

458,662 confirmed cases
20,799 dead
113,776 recovered

458,662 x .0452 = 20,731

So the death toll right now using the data of the confirmed cases is 20,799 with a mortality rate around 4.52%.

But with limited testing up until now, and the criteria for testing being severe symptoms or exposure to those who had severe symptoms, with most actual cases having mild or no symptoms, and with this outbreak going on since December, it’s possible that there have actually been 2,000,000 cases worldwide.

Most cases were not tested because they were mild and didn’t meet the criteria and tests were limited.

That would not change the death toll. That remains at 20,799. But it drastically changes the mortality rate.

If there have actually been 2 million cases, the math now puts the mortality rate at .01 which is .1%, so only 1% of 1%. A fraction of a percentage.

Until we have mass testing and know how many have been infected with mild to no symptoms, the actual mortality rate will be too high on paper.

And to put this into perspective, the flu death toll is around 250,000 people worldwide every single year. We are only at 20,000 people right now with coronavirus so we are nowhere near that yet.

And the mortality rate of the flu is also .01 which is .1%

So yes, if coronavirus is more contagious than the flu, it might have a higher death toll, but it could also have a lower mortality rate for the same reason – it’s so contagious because most have mild symptoms when they eventually manifest after two weeks of no symptoms.

As the virus spreads and more testing is done, yes the death toll will continue to go up but the actual mortality rate will continue to go down – since most people infected merely have mild to no symptoms.

People need to stop the panic and the hysteria and start looking at the data and think rationally and logically about this.

Those most at risk according to the data need to isolate themselves (those with preexisting conditions and those with high mortality rates based on age)and those with little risk according to the mortality rates (the young and healthy) need to get back to work and keep the economy going.

Many of us likely already had it and beat it and are now immune and the data is wrong because most of the infected never got tested because it was mild and the criteria for testing didn’t allow it, and so the actual mortality rate is far less than they have been reporting.

Mass testing being done now will help the data catch up and the mortality rate will be seen to be much lower than before.

But a global depression! That could mean mass scarcity and mass starvation! We need to end this madness and set a global example and reopen the economy before its too late!

Shutdown the economic shutdown!

I really think that when this is all said and done and the tests give us better data, we will see that we destroyed the economy for a virus that has a similar mortality rate of the flu.


Italy has the largest population of 80 year olds in the world. The Italians are known for their longevity because of their Mediterranean diet.

The average age of those who are dying is 80.

And 99% of those who are dying, according to Italy, had one or more preexisting conditions.

As for the mortality rate, that cannot be accurately known without accurate data. And you can’t have accurate data without mass testing.

However, since they say that most people have mild to no symptoms so they don’t get tested, and since tests themselves are limited, the actual mortality rate is much lower than the numbers they give us when they only include the confirmed cases.

If the data included the number of people who were infected and recovered and had mild to no symptoms, the mortality rate would be very low.

Many of you were likely already infected and recovered and hardly even noticed it.

The Surgeon General said that 99.3% of people infected will recover.

And 6 in 7 infections go unknown.

Only 5% of those hospitalized for coronavirus are fatally ill.

This isn’t Ebola or the Black Plague. But we are causing a global economic collapse by shutting down our economies and quarantining the healthy population. This cannot go on for weeks or months without global economic depression.

I exposed MSNBC for fake news and hysteria last night on their reporting of Trump ending the shutdown and they had to issue a correction this morning!

I quoted their article that said:

“if a pandemic rages across the country and kills 50% of the population.” #FakeNews

The Surgeon General said that 99.3% of those infected would recover.

Just look at Italy. The average age of those who are dying is 80. The same age group that the flu claims each year. And 99% of those dying in Italy had preexisting conditions.

Stop with the hysteria already. Educate yourself with some facts.

MSNBC Correction: “The quote originally posted was incorrect due to an editing error. It should read: “if a pandemic rages across the country and infects 50% of the population, and kills a percentage point, at the low end.” The erroneous post originally quoted as “kills 50%.””

I commented:

MSNBC so now your article makes no sense. Why collapse the economy for a virus that 99.3% would recover from?

If the mortality rate was 50% sure, but we are talking about a very low mortality rate for people under 70 years old.

“Editing error” yeah right.

The media needs to focus more on the low mortality rate than they are on the rising death toll, so that people will feel safe going back to work and realize the data doesn’t justify a global economic collapse over this virus.

This is much needed good news. The initial predictions that prompted such extreme measures are not showing in the data they have collected now from mass testing.

“The predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground in either China, South Korea, or Italy. When people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected, it’s very scary. But we don’t have data that matches that based on the experience… That was the report that said there would be 500,000 deaths in the UK. And 2.2 million deaths in the United States. They adjusted that number in the UK to 20,000….” – Dr. Deborah, The White House Coronavirus Task Force

The truth is that it’s never safe to go back to work.

3.1 million people die in car accidents each year.

1 million die from mosquitos each year.

And 250,000 die from the flu each year.

There is always risk of sudden death every time you go outside.

But the mortality rate of this virus must be weighed against the possible death toll of an economic global collapse and global depression.


I posted this article on the White House page three days ago and now Trump is essentially quoting it in his sudden change of policy to reopen the economy!! He said these exact things in his briefing! I wonder if someone at the White House maybe printed off this article and gave it to him? He even mentioned the car analogy. Ideas travel. That’s why you need to voice them. All the government officials were saying July August to end the shutdown and so I started posting that was the wrong plan. NOBODY was saying these things two weeks ago which is why I started spamming the news pages and White House with articles like these:


1.35 million people die in car accidents worldwide every year. Don’t you care about those people? That’s 3,700 deaths a day. But if everyone right now would just get off the road and go home for a whole year, we can prevent all those deaths.

Don’t you see how that might be a true statement but the economic consequences would be devastating? It’s unpractical and unsustainable.

There are more realistic ways to prevent car accident fatalities than shutting down the entire nation and causing a global depression!

When some hear economy they think money. When I hear the economy I hear people, families, lives. You think the Great Depression was no big deal because “it was just money”?How many would die in a global economic collapse?

There are ways to protect the weak and elderly from this virus without causing a global depression.

For most people this virus poses no risk at all since most have no symptoms. But that’s why it’s so contagious.

I don’t think it’s wise to destroy the economy over a virus that for most results in little or no symptoms at all.

What we should do is isolate those who are weak and vulnerable, quarantine those who are sick with symptoms, and let the young and healthy beat it with their immune system and the 99% keep the economy going at the same time.

That way we save lives and don’t kill the economy.

People make irrational decisions when they are panicked and that is the most serious problem of this pandemic.

Throw away the economy! Make everyone dependent on the government! Release the inmates! Pump me full of unknown vaccines!

Use your head people. Think all this through rationally and logically.

Stop being driven by irrational panic.

People will do whatever the government tells them to do when they are panicked, no matter how unreasonable it would be to them in any other circumstances.

The way to establish socialism is to crash the economy so the government can rebuild it.

The hysterical overreaction is just giving opportunity for a socialist revolution.

They have already made Americans dependent on the government for their monthly income now.

People are so terrified of this virus they think that if you get it, it’s a death sentence.

You think 99.3% surviving is very deadly? Be informed with facts.

If 99% has mild to no symptoms and recover, that’s not a very deadly virus.

The average age of death in Italy was 80 and 99% of them had one or more preexisting conditions.

And Italy has the largest population of 80 year olds. Their Mediterranean diet is known for longevity.

Destroying the global economy for a virus that the Surgeon General said 99.3% would recover from makes no sense. This is not Ebola or the Black Plague.

Just like we have measures to prevent fatal car accidents without shutting down the roads, we have ways to prevent death from this virus without shutting down the economy.

The CDC needs to get behind Trump on this, not in front of Him.


When Trump was asked when this shut down might end, he said “I’m being told July, August.”

Then others in the government, like the Surgeon General and the Secretary of the Economic Council said the same thing – 3 months they said.

That’s when I got concerned and started thinking through the chain reaction that would start in the economy and concluded it would be an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression.

Nobody was saying that so I started writing articles on this and posted then everywhere all last week. And about two days after posting on a news site, my arguments would essentially become headlines.

At first everyone said “Just shut up and listen to the experts. Nobody is saying what you are saying.” Even friends told me this.

Then I started posting my articles on the White House page and two days afterwards Trump suddenly had a drastic change of mind and changed course.

And his talking points for this change of decision was all the things I kept hammering in my articles I kept posting….

Who knows. Ideas travel. But this was not their plan. Fauci was calling the shots before and he said months of this.

I especially felt the Lords presence when the critics, even my friends, were telling me to just “shut up and listen to the experts.” I felt Gods presence reaffirming me to keep going and that being a voice would make a difference.


President Trump said he wants the economy open by Easter!

If the country follows through with this, we could avoid a global depression that would result in massive death.

The economy of a nation is essential. It can’t just be turned off. It’s not optional. People need to get back to work before the problem becomes too big for the government to be able to fix.

A risk based plan, where states with low risk and age groups with low risk can get back to work and prevent the economy from total collapse, is a common sense plan based on reason and logic. Those who are at the highest risk should be isolated in their homes. And everyone should practice good hygiene and reasonable social distancing.

Pray for the President and the Governors to follow through with this, as they deal with both the health crisis and the economic crisis at the same time.

This is a time for all of us to use wisdom and to trust in the Lord.

God always gets His people through crisis.











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Bible Study: Can You Forfeit Your Salvation? Penitentiary Hollow


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Can You Forfeit Your Salvation?

Penitentiary Hollow, Mineral Wells Texas


One of the many blessings of being a traveling street preacher is that my family and I get to see the amazing country that God has made.

A few years ago I realized I should film little Bible Study videos at some of the amazing sites we are blessed to see.

We also love to go camping as a family so I decided to hit “two birds with one stone.” I looked up some scenic camp grounds near us and found “Penitentiary Hallow” in Mineral Wells, TX. That was a perfect spot for my family and I go to camping and a beautiful backdrop to film a Bible Study video.

Take a look at some of these beautiful pictures:




God’s creation is gorgeous isn’t it?

You can see more of this beautiful place and listen to an epic Bible Study here:


You can also watch this Bible Study on YouTube:


Enjoy and God Bless you!






Would you consider giving $25, $50, or $100 a month?

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Sin Violates Human Nature – It is NOT Human Nature to Sin | Jesse Morrell | Refuting the Gnostic Heresy of a “Sinful Nature”


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Sin VIOLATES Human Nature: It is NOT Human Nature to Sin

Refuting the Gnostic Heresy of a “Sinful Nature” 

By Jesse Morrell

Nature was created by God. Nothing is sinful about it. In fact, it is against human nature to sin. For example, the body was designed for work. So laziness is against our nature. Our sexual desires were designed to be gratified naturally through marriage, so sexual perversion is unnatural. The lungs were designed to inhale oxygen, so smoking is against our nature. Our liver and kidneys are destroyed by alcohol, so that is unnatural. Our minds were designed for sobriety, so drunkenness is unnatural. When you lie your whole body reacts negatively, which is why a lie detector works. So lying is unnatural. Parents were designed to love their children so abortion is unnatural. All sin violates our conscience, which is the supreme faculty of our nature, so all sin is unnatural.

To the contrary, our nature was designed for holiness. We naturally feel good when we do right. And we naturally feel bad when we do wrong. Our nature wasn’t designed for sin. Sinning is an abuse and misuse of your nature. Human nature was designed for love, not sin. Sin is a violation of the loving relationships we were designed to have with one another.

The Bible teaches these things:

Rom 2:14-15 “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by NATURE the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another”

Rom 1:26-27 “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the NATUREl use into that which is against NATURE: And likewise also the men, leaving the NATURE use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”

2Ti 3:1-5 “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without NATURAL affection [ἄστοργοι: love for your children and family], trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

Eusebius said, “The Creator of all things has impressed a natural law upon the soul of every man, as an assistant and ally in his conduct, pointing out to him the right way by this law; but, by the free liberty with which he is endowed, making the choice of what is best worthy of praise and acceptance, because he has acted rightly, not by force, but from his own free-will, when he had it in his power to act otherwise, As, again, making him who chooses what is worst, deserving of blame and punishment, as having by his own motion neglected the natural law, and becoming the origin and fountain of wickedness, and misusing himself, not from any extraneous necessity, but from free will and judgment. The fault is in him who chooses, not in God. For God is has not made nature or the substance of the soul bad; for he who is good can make nothing but what is good. Everything is good which is according to nature. Every rational soul has naturally a good free-will, formed for the choice of what is good. But when a man acts wrongly, nature is not to be blamed; for what is wrong, takes place not according to nature, but contrary to nature, it being the work of choice, and not of nature!”

Live according to your nature and be the way God designed you to live – holy and free from sin!

Click Here for FREE Christian Theology Books

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The 2020 National Street Preachers Conference | Dallas Fort Worth

The 2020 National Street Preachers Conference


The 2020 National Street Preachers Conference is just around the corner!

DATES: March 26-28!

PRICE: A $35 Registration Fee is Required to pay for the sanctuary rental.


LOCATION: 4600 Wheeler St Fort Worth Tx




THURSDAY March 26:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Outreach to the University of North Texas from 11:30am – 4:00pm. (W Highland St)
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

FRIDAY March 27:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Outreach to the University of North Texas from 11:30am – 4:00pm. (W Highland St)
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Night Outreach at Sundance Square Fort Worth 10:00pm – 12:00am.

SATURDAY March 28:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00 am to 12:00pm
Afternoon Outreach at the Grassy Knoll in Dallas (where JFK was assassinated) from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm.
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Night Outreach at Sundance Square Fort Worth 10:00pm – 12:00am.


“The conference was very fruitful in that several students/truth seekers connected with me via fb afterwards. Righteous seeds were sewn and I believe with all my heart the Lords word will not return void. His works are being perfected in the Saints and I look forward to learning how to be a better light, a better witness, and more faithful in the area of OA Evangelism, the least supported and most needed area of ministry. Thank you for hosting this event in honor of our risen Saviour! I look forward to serving next year.”

~ Kristi (Wylie, Tx.)

“The conference had brought men and women across the country to hear from both recent to seasoned open air preachers. We were edified in hearing from God’s heart what we as street preachers needed to hear as well as things we didn’t think to hear. But we were not left hearers only, no, we were able to put into practice what we did hear and preach and see the work of God move on college students and strangers alike. Praise God I’m looking forward to next year to see the working of God move again.”

~ Sebastian (Tyler, Tx)

“All I can say is that this conference was excellent! Bible centered teaching, preaching, and exhortation. Daytime/nighttime outreaches were well planned and timed. Fellowship with like minded brethren was greatly edifying. Looking forward to next year!”

~ Zachary (Ashland Ky)

“Wonderful conference, we only stayed for 1 full day, but just that day was worth the drive, the hotel, etc!!! Jesse, thank you for allowing me and my friends to not only join you in preaching, but allowing us to be an influence/speak at such a wonderful conference. Grateful for everyone we got to meet and talk to, looking forward to next year!”

~ Jonathan (College Station, Tx)

“The conference was a great opportunity to meet up with other like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ and to learn how to deal with police, hecklers, lukewarm Christians and more. Kyle gave a great talk on the importance of building disciples to carry on the message and to grow the kingdom. The time of fellowship was just the charge my batteries needed to help me be even bolder when I return home to preach. Thank you to all who put the event together, and to all the great people I got to meet.”

~ Buddy (North Carolina)

” I am new in the street preaching community and this conference to me was great. To be around people who have been open air preaching for many years and being able to learn from them and get to know their heart was both a blessing and edifying. So I would say even if your just getting started this conference was a great way to learn from others without having to go through what they did. From handling police to the lukewarm and learning that evangelism and discipleship should go hand in hand gave a solid foundation to start making Christ known in the open air. And also getting firsthand experience with outreaches and solid biblical teachings. True blessing looking forward to next year.”

~ Caleb (North Carolina)

“It was great to meet new open air preachers who are truly saved and love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to serve Him in the beauty of holiness. It was refreshing to be with brethren of like precious faith. Where no pretense was needed.”

~ Jim (Oklahoma)

“Being with men and women who are the on the front lines of the evangelistic front is alway encouraging. I came to the National Street Preaching Conference To learn from there experience and wisdom and heart for the lost. Received a fresh powerful burden of the Lord over the sins of the world seeing the hate in the huge crowd towards Jesus and his word. Praying that men and women will answer the call of Jesus Christ to Preach the Gospel in America and beyond. Come join the National Street Preaching Movement and take our cities back for God.”

~ Kyle (San Antonio, Tx)

“The National Street Preachers Conference was a great opportunity to be poured into and then have a chance to pour out again. Many conferences you attend are set up for you to sit back and learn but this one is set up to put into practice what it is you have just learned right away. This is a meeting filled with doers and not just hearers. It blessed me to see these Saints join together to reach the lost and to equip and counsel each other in wisdom and love. The guest speakers were excellent and the gospel preachers inspiring. Looking forward to next year when I can bring a group I am raising up from my church so they can experience the blessing I did. To God be the glory!”

~ Roger (Nacogdoches, Tx)

“It was an honor to be part of the first national street preachers conference. The Lord used the men in this conference to reawaken in me a burden for proclamation. As a young preacher the wisdom I can glean from these men is priceless. I’m taking back the things I learned into the church to raise up more preachers and to bring more people to the conference next year! Everyone with a desire for more of God should be at this conference.”

~ José (San Antonio, Tx)






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A Thank You to our Supporters from the Morrell Family!


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Dear Supporters & Friends,
Thank you so much for your financial support in 2019! We had such a fruitful year of ministry and you helped make it possible!
This past year we were able to preach the Gospel from New York to California, Alaska and Canada down to Texas, and many places in between. And every single month I get emails and messages from people all over the world who tell me that they came to the Lord through our ministry!
We recently had a Muslim from the Middle East message us to tell us that he converted to Christianity because of our ministry. We also recently had a man who said he grew up atheist but is now a believer because of our preaching. And most recently, about a week ago, I received a message from a man who said he was a drug dealer who has come to repentance and given his life to the Lord because of our ministry.
Every month this year I got lots of amazing messages like this from people all over the country and all over the world. God is on the move! Lives are being changed! The Kingdom of Heaven is advancing! And it is your support that helps to make this ministry possible!
We pray that the Lord bless and prosper you abundantly in 2020 and that you continue to be a blessing to the Kingdom of God! We are looking forward to another fruitful year of ministry partnering with you.
Thanks again!
Jesse Morrell & The Morrell Family





Would you consider giving $25, $50, or $100 a month?

The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year.

We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts.

Will you consider being a monthly supporter or giving a one-time gift? Every little bit helps!

Paypal: Click Here

Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

(Make Checks out to “Jesse Morrell” to be personal gifts or out to “Crossroads Community Church” if you want a tax break). 

Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!

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Explaining 1 Corinthians 2:14 – “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

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On one of my facebook comments relating to Free Will and Human Nature, someone asked me this question:

What do you think how Paul describes natural man in 1 Corinthians 2:14?

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (KJV)

This was my answer:

1 Corinthians 2:14 is talking about the carnal sensual man who lived for his appetites and gratifications. He doesn’t understand the chaste life of bodily discipline. He lives for indulgence and doesn’t understand why we would abstain or fast. He understands living for the flesh and doesn’t understand living for the spirit because he is a carnal man.

Free Christian Books Click Here

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Looking for a 2019 Tax Break? Check out this Great Ministry Report!


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If anyone is looking for an end of the year tax break, helping our ministry is one way to do it!

Just write a check out to:

Crossroads Community Church

and mail it to us at:

Jesse Morrell
PO Box 1527
Lindale Tx 75771

Please remember us during the time of November and December as these are traditionally slow months for us financially as everyone is busy for the Holidays.



One of my converts in California flew me out to the Los Angeles area to preach with him again. This has become an annual or sometimes biannual trip. I often say in my videos, “All it takes to bring me out to your area is a planet ticket and a place to sleep and we can do some preaching together in your area.”

Pasadena City College

I was late getting to campus because I think my flights were delayed. As soon as I landed I caught an Uber from the airport to the campus so that I could team up with everyone who was already on campus. By the time I arrived the day was already winding down but it looks like they had a great time out there.


My friend worked on getting the “free speech permit” a few days before we arrived and had no problems securing it. But the second day we were permitted to speak we found this to be the condition of the “free speech area.” Coincidence, maybe. Maybe not.

We’ve preached on this campus in the years past and it’s possible the administration doesn’t like it. It’s possible they didn’t like how the first day went so they sent out the landscaping crew to do some work on the bushes the second day.

This would not be the first time that the admin have sent out the landscaping crew to hinder us. That has happened in Philly, where landscapers with blowers followed us everywhere we went on campus. And that recently happened at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, where a landscaper kept mowing the same patch of grass next to us over and over again.

Preaching the Gospel on these liberal campuses has really become a battle!


Since the first free speech area was an unusable disaster, I knew of another area on campus that might work.

There is an amphitheater on the other side of the building from where we normally preach. It is a wide open space with some foot traffic, but not as much as the original spot.

After preaching in the center of the amphitheater on some hot button topics, we were able to secure a crowd for a couple hours.


My friend Sebastian joined us on this campus with his wife. He lives locally in the area. He liked to preach and his wife passes out gospel tracts.

After preaching for a couple hours in the amphitheater we eventually lost our crowd, likely to the heat. It was a particularly hot day. So we moved back to the original courtyard area and preached in the shade. Students were happy to sit around and listen and engage us with questions.


We spent a few days preaching on this campus. We were able to gather a crowd every day and even had a “core group” of regular hecklers who came out every day. That lead me to believe we could try a third free speech area that I’ve seen in the past but never tried. It was a beautiful amphitheater but it was off the beaten path. It was surrounded on all sides which makes it hard for anyone to see you and the surrounding areas don’t get too much foot traffic. But since we spent a few days on campus already, I knew our hecklers would come looking for us because they knew we would be back. We started preaching in this spot and sure enough, the people came!

My friend Zachary also took time off work and flew himself in from Kentucky to join me for the week! He is a young, zealous, fiery, up and coming open air preacher. He’s been faithful in the open-air for a few years now. He handle’s the crowds very well, addressing their questions and points. His demeanor is always very excellent.




“Bingo Cards” for open-air preachers became a popular thing a few years ago. Usually the campus Atheist club will pass out things like this when campus preachers show up. It actually does help the students pay more attention to what we are saying. That’s because they want to be the first to say BINGO! They will even say things like, “Hey, talk about atheism for a minute” in the hopes of getting BINGO.



An atheist just told me during this trip, “If I don’t believe in God, I can do whatever I want to do.” And that’s what it all comes down to. Sinner’s don’t want God telling them what to do. They want to do their own thing, their own way, walking by their own wisdom. The problem is that man is not qualified to govern his own life. God is more loving than us and smarter than us. Those who are truly wise will submit themselves to the wisdom of God.

Great outreaches and great fellowship! I love it!

Revival Church Services


My host arranged for us to speak on campus every day and then speak at a local church every night. I had never done “a week of revival services” before so I was excited about doing it. One reason I wanted Zachary to join me from Kentucky was so that we could tag team both the campuses and the church services, as that is a lot of preaching in a week for just one man!


Zachary preached on Sin and Hell. I preached on The Atonement and Repentance.

One night I said that many professing Christians live like life is a sin-buffet. A little bit of this. And a little bit of that. But they need a spiritual diet – cutting out all the sin!

I also talked about the atonement of Christ and said things like:

“The atonement alone saves no one without repentance.”

“God had wrath before the atonement for those who violated the law of Moses. And God has wrath after the atonement for those who trample the blood.”

“God will not turn from His wrath until sinners turn from their sins.”

“The atonement is not a license to sin. If sin is so bad that Jesus had to die for it, then sin is so bad that you should stop doing it!”

A lot of people came to the altar for a time of repentance afterwards!

Hollywood Blvd


Preaching on Hollywood Blvd is always a lot of fun.

I found President Trumps star and took a selfie with it.

It’s had to be replaced after vandals destroyed it at one point.

starpreach  starwalk

The best part about Hollywood Blvd is that it is an internationally recognized placed with tourists from all over the world.

You can literally reach the nations by street preaching there!

And praise God, we saw multiple street preaching groups out there when we were there!

Adult Store Outreach


One evening we went out and had a spontaneous outreach in front of an Adult Book Store.

This was not part of the plans but as we drove by it, the guys really wanted to do it.


We set up right in front of the front door on the city sidewalk with our banner. My friend spoke through the bullhorn. I was amazed at the types of people we saw going in there, especially the groups of women that were going in.



Sure enough the Police showed up. But their only request was that we not use the amplifier. The city ordinance allows for us, my friend said, but I told the Police we didn’t need to use it and could just put it away as a favor. We were close enough to the door that it wasn’t necessary and my voice is in good shape. The Police were easy to talk to and had no problem with us street preaching there without the amplifier.


One of our hecklers that evening was a “Black Hebrew Israelite” who called me “Edom” and “Esau” for being a white man. According to him, salvation and heaven is a matter of race and natural birth. He was flipping through his Bible and trying to pull out all sorts of verses. It’s amazing how blind some people could be. Pray for his soul. He was cussing and full of hatred and violence. He needs to be born again of the Spirit.



Meanwhile back home, the wife was busy with the kids making Holiday cookies!

I sure do miss the family when I am away on these trips!

They are always super excited when I come home!

ministry week in cali

All things considered, it was an AWESOME mission trip!

Thank you to our supporters that help make this ministry happen!




If you have never checked out our Christian Bookstore, you can do that here: https://biblicaltruthresources.wordpress.com/books/

It’s awesome to see these books circulate the world and be a blessing to the body of Christ!




Our Youtube Channel is jam packed with awesome outreach videos and powerful sermons.

Watch and be edified!



Ministry Testimonies



“I’ve been listening to you for a month now and I wanted to thank you. I’ve been reading my Bible every day now for a month.” ~ Carlos

Carlos also said he’s been with his “babies momma” for 14 years now but they’ve never been married. Now because of me he went out and got an engagement ring he said.

Someone told me:

” So appreciated your study on Acts 13:48. I wrote my masters thesis on a middle/passive, so I was very suspicious when I read the KJV translation of Acts 13:48. You handled it Biblically, contextually, theologically, and linguistically. GOOD JOB!!!”

Praise the Lord!

Here are more testimonies!

“It began nine years ago, for me, as I began to question Calvinism. Over the course of these years I slowly eliminated the tulips from my life. The final nail was your video on free will. Thank you so much.” Stephan

After the week of preaching in California I  got this email:

“I am an Evangelical Christian who is an employee at Pasadena city college. Almost all my colleagues know of my faith. This past week many of them came to me and asked about “the preacher” outside. They had numerous questions for me. Some of them seemed genuinely interested, saying it was “something about the guy”.

Very generous comment:

“This is absolutely the best message on holiness that I have ever heard. Jesse you are an awesome street preacher but you are dynamite in the pulpit!” ~ Gary

And after watching the same sermon, someone said they are now Forsaking Lukewarm Christianity:

“Hey Jesse, I’ve really been challenged to forsake some distractions in my life after watching your video, “What’s Wrong with the Modern Gospel & American Christianity.” God opened my eyes to my lukewarmness. I thank God for your ministry and love for the lost.” Eric

Praise God!  Watch this sermon here:


Pray for Marci. She just commented on my Youtube video:

“Guess what sir. I quit the pot!! Praise God! that was the last thing (almost) keeping me from Jesus. Now I’m working on the cigs. Thank you for convicting me of being lukewarm. I want to be how God wants me. GOD bless you in Jesus precious name.”


Please pray for all these people who are repenting and coming to Jesus!

And pray for all the new street preachers that are being raised up all over the world!




 photo 14610883_10153991472441765_406973655442265063_n_zpsvd2rjz8o.jpg


Would you consider giving $25, $50, or $100 a month?

The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year. We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts. Will you consider being a monthly supporter or giving a one-time gift? Every little bit helps!

Please remember us during the time of November and December as these are traditionally slow months for us financially as everyone is busy for the Holidays.

Paypal: Click Here

Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

(Make Checks out to “Jesse Morrell” to be personal gifts or out to “Crossroads Community Church” if you want a tax break). 

Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!


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Hawaii: Paradise on its way to Hell


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I was blessed with an invitation to preach in Maui Hawaii with some local brethren who’ve been inspired by our ministry.

I half joked and said, “Hawaii is a rough mission field, but somebody has to do it.”

While Hawaii might be a paradise on the outside, it’s very different inside the hearts of the people.

Hawaii is full of drugs, alcohol, crime and every sin imaginable.

There is great need for bold Gospel preach on the Islands.

Hawaii is a paradise on its way to hell.

Planned Parenthood

Our very first outreach on the Island was to the local Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

With our banners and voices lifted high, we rebuked this horrible sin.

I gave various apologetic arguments:

“If the baby is not alive, why do you have to kill him before you remove him?”

“If they found a single living cell on Mars you’d say, ‘Look, there’s life on other planets!’ But you have a multi-cell baby living inside the womb and you say, ‘No life there!'”

Not surprisingly, someone called the Police.

Across the street was a grocery store and we even had women in that parking lot heckling us.

The real problem with abortion isn’t so much that Planned Parenthood supplies it, though that should be illegal, but that there is a huge demand for it in America!

The Police acknowledged our rights to be there and just as a courtesy I preached with my bare voice without the bullhorn, which isn’t a problem for me.

University of Hawaii

After we left Planned Parenthood we made our way to the local university to preach.

I had preached on this campus the previous year.

It does not have very much foot traffic but I’ve been able to draw a crowd every time I have gone there.

The previous year I was assaulted on this campus but I was happy that didn’t repeat itself this year.

The City Police were once again called on us but at this point they knew who we were since we dealt with them outside of Planned Parenthood.

The Police showed up to see what was going on. They made some phone calls. Talked to some administrators. But they never did talk to us.

We just kept on preaching without any hinderance.

We preached on campus two days during this trip, a couple hours each time.

By the later afternoon the crowds would die down but during our interactions, they were pretty lively.

The overall atmosphere of “The Island” is “laid back” and “relaxed,” but when you start pointing out people’s sins and calling them to repentance, they can get pretty wiled up and the demons can start manifesting.

Universities today all across the country, from Alaska to Hawaii, from California to New York, are breeding grounds for every type of wickedness imaginable.

If we are going to win back America for God, we must go out and win the hearts and minds of the young people with the truth.

Muslim Mosque

Islam is spreading across the world.

It has taken a strong root in Europe now with their liberal immigration policies.

But America is not too far behind. Even the small Island of Maui has a Mosque.

This simply provided us with another great location for street preaching!

With our banners and bullhorns, we preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and called them out of their sins.

The poor city Police were once again called on us. They said, “Ok, so this will be just like what you guys did outside of Planned Parenthood.”

At this point the Police knew who we were, they knew how we operated, and they had no problems with us. Good police.

Boat Preaching

In the Gospels you will see that Jesus often preached on the shoreline.

Jesus even preached from a boat.

As disciples of Christ, we should do likewise!

Our host home has a wonderful boat that we took out for an outreach.

The previous year we did the same thing.

Along the coastline are many beach goers, surfers, etc.

There is even a “nude beach” that we preached to, but from far enough away that we couldn’t see anything. With the help of our bullhorn however, they surely heard us!

I joked, “I know that the people could hear us because they signaled to us with their middle fingers to let us know they heard us loud and clear!”

Corrupted Church

A local church was proudly flying the Rainbow Flag for all to see.

This was a signal that they were corrupt and compromised.

While it is biblical to preach at the shoreline and even from a boat, because Jesus did, it is also biblical to preach outside of the Temple! Jesus did!

In fact, God often sent his prophets not only to “the gates of the city” but also to “the gate of the temple” to rebuke them for their sins and call them out of their corruption.

That is precisely what we did and it sure stirred up some demons.

Voices were screaming. Car horns were honking. Fingers were pointing.

Eventually the Police showed up…. we were getting very familiar with them at this point.

We told them that as Christians, we take this matter very personally. It’s a problem with the church that Christians need to deal with.

We told them how long we planned on being there and once again the Police left us alone.

Downtown Lahaina

The nightlife was a very active scene full of restaurants and bars.

Peopled roamed the streets drunk and on drugs.

As I was preaching one man started heckling me. A team member told me that same heckler kicked him between the legs during his last outreach. Ouch!

Another man stopped his truck in the middle of the street and started heckling me. I rebuked him for his sins and he got out of the truck, which was parked in the middle of the street, and he got in my face.

At that point I smelled the beer on his breath. With the Police nearby I rebuked him for drinking and driving. At that point he quickly got into his truck and left….

The Police came and talked to. They had been watching us for a while. I made sure when they showed up that we were very calm and that our volume was very low. They said so long as there are no altercations, we were totally fine to do what we were doing. They said they just want to keep things peaceful and I said so do we.

Waikiki Downtown

We flew from Maui to Oahu to team up with some other brethren for a day of street preaching.

Honolulu had a Hotel worker Union protest going on, which gave us yet another great place to do some open air preaching.

The Police on this Island were not very happy that we were preaching to the Union workers. We explained to them that our plan was to preach in various locations and once they heard that we were leaving the Union protest to preach on some other street corners, they were happy with that.

We set up on a busy street corner in Honolulu and preached for a bit.

Then we marched the whole downtown area with our banners, preaching on our bullhorn.

Then we set up on the same corner downtown were we started.

Once man started heckling me, saying things like “There is no proof of God.”

I believe he said he was a college professor, which wouldn’t surprise me.

I asked him, “Who wrote the genetic code?” This was a question he couldn’t answer. He stormed off.

Waikiki Concert

Our latest outreach on the Island of Oahu was outside of a big music concert.

Someone told me the name of the artist, who is very popular in Hawaii, but I was totally unfamiliar with the name.

Knowing the name of artist didn’t matter when dealing with lost souls – the problem remains the same. Their sins are separating them from God!

I preached about how the devil tries to distract men from the real issues of life.

Our culture is hooked on TV shows, Movies, Music, etc.

Entertainment can be a constant distraction from dealing with the real matter at hand – we are all going to die and stand before God in judgment.

We had a pretty large team of us outside the concert and so we all took turns preaching.

Pearl Harbor

One highlight of our trip to Oahu was visiting Pearl Harbor.

Behind me inn the picture was a World War II Submarine.

I did film a quick Youtube video while at Pearl Harbor, which I haven’t edited and uploaded yet.

It was about how we all have Battles that we need to fight. The key is to keep fighting.

The Christian History of Hawaii


Downtown Lahaina on the Island of Maui has “The Baldwin Home” which was the house of medical missionaries to the Island.

The missionaries helped save the natives from a real epidemic and they gained the favor of the Royalty.

The king even planned some massive Banyan Trees to commemorate the missionaries.

Those Banyan Trees are now a popular destination downtown but few tourists even realize the history behind it.

I filmed a short film on the Christian History of Hawaii while at this locations. I’m working on getting those videos edited and online still.

Few people realize that Hawaii converted out of their tribal paganism to Christianity a long time ago and that it was Christians who taught the natives medicine, reading, writing, etc.

Christianity has been a very good force in the history of the world. The spread of civilization has been nothing more than the spread of Christianity in the world.


Just Some Humor 

A critic left this comment on one of my Street Preaching videos so I gave him a quick response….

I figured, two can play at that game!



The Fruit!

Born Again Pansexual Wiccan Sex Worker Alcoholic! 

Repentance in Australia!

More Repentance!

Bringing Theological Clarity! 

Helping Countless People!

Understanding God’s Heart!

I know every newsletter has been packed full of testimonies for a while now.

The fruit just keeps on coming and coming if you keep your hand to the plow!

Thank you to all of our supporters who share in this labor!




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Why Wasn’t Cain’s Sacrifice Accepted?

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Genesis 4:2-7:

4:2 And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.

4:3 And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD.

4:4 And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

4:5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

4:6 And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?

4:7 If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

Why wasn’t Cain’s sacrifice accepted?

God told him why:

Gen 4:7 – If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

Cains sacrifice was not accepted because he was not doing well.

The Bible says:

Pro 15:8 – The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD: but the prayer of the upright is his delight.

Pro 21:27 – The sacrifice of the wicked is abomination: how much more, when he bringeth it with a wicked mind?

The problem was that Cain was a wicked man who was not doing well. His sacrifice was therefore not acceptable to God.

Abel was a righteous man and therefore His sacrifice was acceptable:

1Jo 3:12 – Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous

Heb 11:4 – By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh

The Bible says:

Psa 51:17 – The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

All this goes to show that a sacrifice or atonement does not save an impenitent man. There are many who think they are covered by the atonement of Christ while they continue to sin every day. The atonement doesn’t work like that. That’s the error of Cain.

Jde 1:11 – Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain

The atonement is not unconditionally saving in its nature. Only those who are broken over their sin and forsake their sin are covered by the Atonement of Christ.

Pro 28:13 – He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

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The Schedule for the Revival Theology Conference!


The Schedule for the Revival Theology Conference!

Hey Everyone!

The RTC19 is just around the corner!

October 11-12 in Lindale TX at Crossroads Community Church!

This ground breaking conference will be a conference you won’t want to miss.

Here is the conference schedule:

FRIDAY 10/11
6:15 PM – Doors Open
7-10PM – Evening Session

8:30AM – Doors Open
9-11:30AM – Morning Session
11:30-1PM – Lunch Break
1:15-2:45 – Breakout Sessions
3-5:30 – Afternoon Session
5:30-7:15PM – Dinner Break
7:30 – Closing Session

If you haven’t yet, register now: http://eepurl.com/gySFbj

See you there!


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