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“The Emotions of God: How Man Can Bless or Hurt God” by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive biblical study on the Divine Feelings.

Does God really have emotions? Or is He impassible? The question is simple enough but it has been much debated by Christians over the centuries.

The Bible portrays God as having emotions but are these real descriptions of Him?

Can God change in any way or is He absolutely immutable in all things?

Is God timeless or does He experience duration?

How should we live in regard to our obligations towards God?

Can man hurt God or inflict pain upon Him?

Can we contribute to His happiness?

These are the types of questions that are involved in this debate, which this book gives you biblical answers to.

It will challenge your understanding of God and edify your walk with Him.

As the Scriptures are expounded upon this topic, you may never view God the same way again.

“I have added the Emotions of God by Jesse Morrell to my most influential books. I would recommend it to all Christians.” ~ Stephen



The Natural Ability of Man: A Study On Free Will & Human Nature by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive theological volume that defends the Christian doctrine of man’s free will against the false Gnostic doctrine of man’s natural inability.

This volume explains the truth of man’s freedom of choice in light of Church history and other doctrines like total depravity, regeneration, atonement, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, predestination, repentance, faith, the believers security, original sin, etc.

“The most comprehensive exposition on man’s natural ability in print.” Dean



Does Man Inherit A Sinful Nature by Jesse Morrell is a thorough examination and refutation to one of the oldest theological excuses for sin – a sinful nature.

With an abundance of Scripture, keen logic, and an appeal to Christian teachers throughout history, this book not only shows that men are not born with a sinful nature but that sin is actually contrary to the nature God gave us.

“Jesse does an outstanding job of tackling and answering questions on a very misunderstood part of mans existence.” Oahu



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How To Refute Atheism & Evolution | FREE BOOK | by Jesse Morrell


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer (ἀπολογία / apologia) to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” ~ 1 Peter 3:15 ~

Every Christian should know how to defend the faith. And that is why I am giving away my book for free. When it comes to topics like atheism and evolution many Christians may feel intimidated to handle these issues. But with a little bit of study you will see that these objections to the Christian faith are actually the easiest to refute!

To receive this book for free through email all you have to do is fill out this form below. You’ll also be added to our email newsletter list where we publish many other free articles, teaching videos, apologetic & evangelism stories, etc. I email out these books manually to everyone who signs up, so please be a little patient.



Our prayer is that this book will be a blessing to your faith and to the cause of Christ!

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Free Charles Finney Book!




 Sermons from the Penny Pulpit by Charles Finney are classic sermons that Finney preached in London from 1849-1851. God used Finney’s sermons to convert masses in the United States and abroad.

This volume is what you could call “Finney Gold!” It contains classic sermons like “Regeneration,” “Holiness Essential to Salvation,” “Quenching the Spirit,” “The Christians Rule of Life,” “Purity of Heart and Life,” “The Sinner’s Self-Condemnation,” “The Conversion of Children,” “Family Government,” “The Rationality of Faith,” and many others. It is our honor and joy to make this precious volume available with these anointed sermons.

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Jesus was an Open Theist by Jesse Morrell



Jesus taught Open Theism (changeable future) when he said:

1. He could pray for twelve legions of angels to deliver him from the cross (Matt. 26:53),

2. That the times of tribulation were shortened for the sake of the elect (Matt. 24:22),

3. Pray that your flight not be in winter (Matt. 24:20).

Countless other examples can be shown also of the future being changed, like:

God not making a nation out of Moses (Exodus 32),

God not destroying Nineveh in forty days (Jonah 3),

God adding fifteen years to Hezekiah’s life (Isaiah 38),

Abraham negotiating with God over Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18),

God looking for an intercessor to stand in the gap so that He wouldn’t destroy them (Ezekiel 22).

The list can go on and on as Open Theism is taught from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible.

The biblical truth of open theism is simply this: God is Sovereign and can change the future. Just read Jeremiah 18.

The future is not fixed from eternity. God is the potter. We are the clay. The future is not cement. It is clay in God’s hands.


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Rebuking Heretic Pastor of Gnostic Cult Emilio Ramos | Reformed Calvinist Exposed | Jesse Morrell Refutes Heresy


Rebuking Heretic Pastor of Gnostic Cult Emilio Ramos | Reformed Calvinist Exposed

Gnostic Cult Leader Emilio Ramos, Heretic Pastor of Heritage Grace Community Church in Frisco Texas, tries to “confront” Christian street preacher Jesse Morrell for Free Will Theology.

Emilio epically fails, humiliating himself and exposing his false Calvinist doctrine.

This encounter occurred at the University of North Texas during The National Street Preachers Conference.

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 photo 1654540_10152378493191765_5666705586844976252_o_zps2f000cee.jpg

 photo 14610883_10153991472441765_406973655442265063_n_zpsvd2rjz8o.jpg


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Location & Schedule for The 2019 National Street Preachers Conference


The 2019 National Street Preachers Conference is just around the corner!

DATES: April 11-13th!

PRICE: This conference is FREE to attend. 

Donations are appreciated. 

LOCATION: 4600 Wheeler St Fort Worth Tx




THURSDAY April 11th:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Outreach to the University of North Texas from 11:30am – 4:00pm. (W Highland St)
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

FRIDAY April 12th:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Outreach to the University of North Texas from 11:30am – 4:00pm. (W Highland St)
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Night Outreach at Sundance Square Fort Worth 10:00pm – 12:00am.

SATURDAY April 13th:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00 am to 12:00pm
Afternoon Outreach at the Grassy Knoll in Dallas (where JFK was assassinated) from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm.
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Night Outreach at Sundance Square Fort Worth 10:00pm – 12:00am.


“The conference was very fruitful in that several students/truth seekers connected with me via fb afterwards. Righteous seeds were sewn and I believe with all my heart the Lords word will not return void. His works are being perfected in the Saints and I look forward to learning how to be a better light, a better witness, and more faithful in the area of OA Evangelism, the least supported and most needed area of ministry. Thank you for hosting this event in honor of our risen Saviour! I look forward to serving next year.”

~ Kristi (Wylie, Tx.)

“The conference had brought men and women across the country to hear from both recent to seasoned open air preachers. We were edified in hearing from God’s heart what we as street preachers needed to hear as well as things we didn’t think to hear. But we were not left hearers only, no, we were able to put into practice what we did hear and preach and see the work of God move on college students and strangers alike. Praise God I’m looking forward to next year to see the working of God move again.”

~ Sebastian (Tyler, Tx)

“All I can say is that this conference was excellent! Bible centered teaching, preaching, and exhortation. Daytime/nighttime outreaches were well planned and timed. Fellowship with like minded brethren was greatly edifying. Looking forward to next year!”

~ Zachary (Ashland Ky)

“Wonderful conference, we only stayed for 1 full day, but just that day was worth the drive, the hotel, etc!!! Jesse, thank you for allowing me and my friends to not only join you in preaching, but allowing us to be an influence/speak at such a wonderful conference. Grateful for everyone we got to meet and talk to, looking forward to next year!”

~ Jonathan (College Station, Tx)

“The conference was a great opportunity to meet up with other like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ and to learn how to deal with police, hecklers, lukewarm Christians and more. Kyle gave a great talk on the importance of building disciples to carry on the message and to grow the kingdom. The time of fellowship was just the charge my batteries needed to help me be even bolder when I return home to preach. Thank you to all who put the event together, and to all the great people I got to meet.”

~ Buddy (North Carolina)

” I am new in the street preaching community and this conference to me was great. To be around people who have been open air preaching for many years and being able to learn from them and get to know their heart was both a blessing and edifying. So I would say even if your just getting started this conference was a great way to learn from others without having to go through what they did. From handling police to the lukewarm and learning that evangelism and discipleship should go hand in hand gave a solid foundation to start making Christ known in the open air. And also getting firsthand experience with outreaches and solid biblical teachings. True blessing looking forward to next year.”

~ Caleb (North Carolina)

“It was great to meet new open air preachers who are truly saved and love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to serve Him in the beauty of holiness. It was refreshing to be with brethren of like precious faith. Where no pretense was needed.”

~ Jim (Oklahoma)

“Being with men and women who are the on the front lines of the evangelistic front is alway encouraging. I came to the National Street Preaching Conference To learn from there experience and wisdom and heart for the lost. Received a fresh powerful burden of the Lord over the sins of the world seeing the hate in the huge crowd towards Jesus and his word. Praying that men and women will answer the call of Jesus Christ to Preach the Gospel in America and beyond. Come join the National Street Preaching Movement and take our cities back for God.”

~ Kyle (San Antonio, Tx)

“The National Street Preachers Conference was a great opportunity to be poured into and then have a chance to pour out again. Many conferences you attend are set up for you to sit back and learn but this one is set up to put into practice what it is you have just learned right away. This is a meeting filled with doers and not just hearers. It blessed me to see these Saints join together to reach the lost and to equip and counsel each other in wisdom and love. The guest speakers were excellent and the gospel preachers inspiring. Looking forward to next year when I can bring a group I am raising up from my church so they can experience the blessing I did. To God be the glory!”

~ Roger (Nacogdoches, Tx)

“It was an honor to be part of the first national street preachers conference. The Lord used the men in this conference to reawaken in me a burden for proclamation. As a young preacher the wisdom I can glean from these men is priceless. I’m taking back the things I learned into the church to raise up more preachers and to bring more people to the conference next year! Everyone with a desire for more of God should be at this conference.”

~ José (San Antonio, Tx)






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How Water & Fasting Healed my Chronic Fatigue

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Chronic Fatigue Healed By Water and Fasting

I realized that I battled with “chronic fatigue” for many years because of “chronic dehydration” and not enough fasting time for the body to heal. (The body heals during times of fasting).

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found the “intermittent fasting diet,” / “one-meal a day diet.”

I have an eating window roughly between 5-8pm, where I get all my calories. Usually just one meal around 5 or 6 – enough calories to maintain my proper weight. (I used to be slightly overweight before I started this new diet. I quickly lost the 10 pounds I needed to lose.)

I’ve been disciplined in this new lifestyle for maybe over a month now and I have never felt healthier and better. I literally felt sickly before because I was so lethargic, simply because I wasn’t giving my body the long enough fasting time it needed and enough water to make the energy I needed.

Whereas before I always felt like I needed a nap, now I have energy all day long.

Whereas before I was always looking at energy drinks or coffee to get through the day, now water is my energy drink. I realized that I just wasn’t drinking enough water for my cells to properly function!

Whereas before my body always wanted to sleep in and sleep long and I’d still wake up feeling tired, now I can sleep 4.5 – 6.5 hours and wake up totally refreshed and ready to go.

I used to go on periodic 3 day fasts to temporarily heal my chronic fatigue, but it always came back eventually, now I have a lifestyle of lots of water and lots of fasting time and this is a much easier lifestyle with much better results.

It felt before like I was sleeping my life away, because I could easily go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 8am, and still feel tired all day long – never really feeling fully awake.

I am so excited now because my days are long again and I have energy to get things done. I can be so much more productive now for the Lord!

I remember hearing Ravenhill preach on how John Wesley was disciplined with his wallet, disciplined with his hours, and disciplined with his eating. That’s good discipleship!


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Did NASA Really Recreate the “Origins of Life”? A Scientific Critique from a Christian

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Did NASA Really Recreate the “Origins of Life”?

A Scientific Critique from a Christian

By Jesse Morrell 

The Nasa website said:

NASA Study Reproduces Origins of Life on Ocean Floor

A time-lapse video of a miniature hydrothermal chimney forming in the lab
Actually, NASA created an amino acid by intelligent design in a lab. They did not create DNA, which is necessary for life.

Fox News said the NASA experiment “produced the amino acid alanine and the alpha hydroxy acid lactate”

.Proteins are made up of amino acids but DNA, made up of nucleotides, is necessary for the specified arrangement of amino acids to make various necessary proteins.

The intelligent arrangement of nucleotide bases in DNA cannot be accounted for by natural causes or natural processes.

Another failed attempt by empirical materialists to demonstrate the origin of life by mere natural causes alone, attempting to show that God is unnecessary for the origin of life, which the news readily hails as a success for the sci-fi theory of evolution.

This one really is #fakenews and a #nasaconspiracy 🤪

The Fox News article does say, “While it’s important to note NASA has not created life itself in the experiment…” but the headline says that they recreated the “origins of life” which is misleading.

You cannot show the “origins of life” without showing the “origins of DNA” which is the greatest dilemma for natural evolution.

The Miller Urey Experiment of the 1950’s created amino acids, so I don’t see the break through for this recent Nasa Experiment.

These experiments assume an outdated protein-first theory, which tries to bypass the DNA dilemma. But you can’t have self replicating life without DNA, so the origin of DNA is what the origin of life research needs to answer.

The headline should have read, “Nasa Recreates Amino Acid in a Lab by means of Intelligent Design, just like they did in the 1950’s.”


My friend Jeremiah Waldrop rightly said, “Creating amino acids, then claiming you know how life originated is like creating mud, then claiming you know how the pyramids originated.”

And my friend Joel Park humorously said, “Amazing. It only took “millions of years” of human development and intelligent design and engineering to still not actually make life. Compare this development to the idea that life came from random chance + non-life. This experiment only supports the idea of intelligent design: God.”

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Neuroscience: What Porn Does to the Brain | Rapists & Serial Killers | Brain Damage from Pornography



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Neuroscience: What Porn does to the Brain

Rapists & Serial Killers

Brain Damage from Pornography

By Jesse Morrell

After reading various neuroscience studies on the effects of pornography, I can tell you, the results are frightening.

First, the brain compensates for the over sexual indulgence by creating less dopamine receptors.

This leads to things like loss of excitement and erectile dysfunction.

What used to arouse no loner does, so the person hard wires their aggression drive into their sex drive, so they start engaging in behaviors like slapping, choking, bondage (fantasy rape) etc.

This is how the road of pornography has lead to many rapists and even serial killers.

Porn can cause serious brain damage.

What does the future of America look like with a generation raised on pornography?

Unless society repents and turns to God, which would heal our brain damaged society, the future will be full of more kidnappings, rapings, and killings.


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A Critique of Penal Substitution: Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Hell on the Cross?

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Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Hell On the Cross?
A Critique of Penal Substitution 

by Jesse Morrell

Advocates for the theory of Penal Substitution say that Jesus “took our penalty,” “suffered God’s wrath” and “endured the agonies of hell on the cross.” They say that all of the eternal torment that sinners would have suffered in hell was endured by Christ on the cross.

I argue that by no stretch of the imagination can it be said that Christ suffered on the cross all the pain and suffering that sinners would have suffered in eternal hell. Not only because Christ could never have suffered from a guilty conscience, which could be the worm that never dies, but because eternal suffering by definition never terminates. An eternal penalty cannot exhaustively fit into a temporal experience. Eternity, by definition, doesn’t fit into six hours. The penalty of the law calls for a fire that is never quenched.

Saying that Jesus suffered, not merely in his humanity but in his divinity or infinite nature doesn’t solve the problem. Some say that Christ endured eternal hell, in His infinite nature, within the time of six hours.

That position is certainly inconsistent for those theologians who hold to divine impassibility, which say the divine nature cannot suffer, but regardless, the penalty of the law is that the sinner suffer in hell forever, not that a divine substitute with an infinite nature suffer for six hours. The penalty of the law is not that an infinite nature suffer for a second or more, thereby rendering infinite suffering within a finite time frame. Indeed, six hours of an infinite nature suffering would be excessive and unnecessary if all that is needed is one second of suffering to fulfill the demand for eternal torment. Still, the penalty of the law is that the sinner suffer forever. Christ’s atonement, even if it were endured in His divinity, could not have been the exact and literal penalty of the law.

It is not only inconceivable to say that Christ suffered eternal torment in six hours, it’s a total contradiction. Eternal torment is never ending, whether the nature of the being who endures it is infinite or finite.

And, for the sake of an atonement that solves the governmental problems of pardon, would be unnecessary. It is only deemed necessary in the theory that says the exact and literal penalty of the law must be inflicted upon the sinner or his substitute. But as a substitute for penalty, the atonement only has to meet the ends of penalty and not be absolutely identical in its nature or duration. A substitute is never identical to that which it substitutes.

All that was necessary was that the suffering of Christ be an adequate substitute for the punishment of the sinner, not that his sufferings be exactly identical. What was necessary was that His suffering for our sin would honor the law just as much, if not more so, than our damnation. What was necessary was that His suffering for our sin would deter subjects of His Moral Government from sinning, if not more so, than our damnation would have.

When these ends are accomplished, an adequate atonement is made even if His sufferings were temporal and not eternal. The value of His atonement is equivalent to the eternal damning of sinners, nay, is far greater. His sacrifice is priceless. His atonement is invaluable. And therefore, our penalty can be remitted and our sin debt pardoned through His sacrifice of suffering for six hours on the cross. Christ didn’t need to suffer eternal torment in order to save sinners from their sin and penalty.

Christ made an Atonement for our sin without suffering the exact and literal penalty of the law. Indeed, the object of an Atonement is to substitute penalty, fulfill the purposes of penalty, and thereby render the literal penalty remittable.

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The Psychology of Soul Winning  By Jesse Morrell 


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Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.14.28 AM

The Psychology of Soul Winning 

By Jesse Morrell 

The Bible says:

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30

There is a real wisdom that goes into soul winning. In fact, there is a real “psychology” to it, as there are various states of mind a sinner must go through on the pathway to conversion to Christ.

Charles Finney, the great American Revivalist, taught that there were four distinct types of sinners: Careless Sinners, Awakened Sinners, Convicted Sinners, and Converted Sinners. Where the person is at in these four stages determines how you should witness and deal with them.

If a sinner is careless, they don’t care about God. They have no interest. So you start by getting them interested. When I am open-air preaching, I might start off by pointing out, “You’re all gonna die!” This get’s them interested in spiritual things.

Or, as Finney said, sometimes it’s the death of a family member or friend that first gets a sinner from a state of carelessness to a state of being awakened.

Once awakened, they are inquisitive about God, Christ, salvation, the Bible, etc. But they still aren’t ready to be converted. They have to go through an experience of deep conviction over their sin. This is when you need to talk to them about the law of God and the sins they have committed. When they see their sin and how awful it really is, when their conscience has done its work and they admit that they are hell-deserving sinners, now they see their need of the salvation that is offered in Christ Jesus.

Many people confuse convicted sinners with converted sinners but this is a fatal mistake. Just because a person feels bad over their sin doesn’t mean that they are a Christian. Preachers sometimes seem to think that the unregenerate are all careless over their sin, so if a person feels convicted this must mean they are regenerate. To the contrary. Conviction simply means that their conscience is working. It doesn’t mean that their hearts have been converted and regenerated. It doesn’t mean that they are submitted to God and obedient to Him.

Once the sinner is in a state of conviction, you must urge him to immediately repent and turn from his sins, offering to him God’s promise of forgiveness and pardon if he will simply repent. A person is not truly converted to Christ until they have forsaken all of their sins.

As you can see, it is important to recognize where the sinner is at in these stages and to deal with them accordingly. Are they careless, awakened, convicted, or converted? Every time you are witnessing or open-air preaching, think about these things and may the Spirit of God lead you with the right words to say at the right time to the right person.


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Is the Atonement of Christ Justice? How the Atonement of Christ Satisfied Public Justice, not Retributive Justice by Jesse Morrell

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Is the Atonement of Christ Justice?

How the Atonement of Christ Satisfied Public Justice, not Retributive Justice

A Critique of Penal Substitution 

By Jesse Morrell 


By definition, the punishment of the innocent instead of the guilty cannot be a satisfaction of retributive justice. Retributive justice demands that the guilty, not the innocent, be punished. Retributive justice requires that each moral agent be treated according to their personal merits or demerits. That is why the atonement of Christ should not be viewed as the punishment of the innocent on behalf of the guilty. Such a scenario would be totally unjust, according to retributive justice.

If a man commits murder and the penalty he deserves is capital punishment, it would be unjust to let the murderer free and to execute an innocent person instead in His place. It would be ridiculous to say, “Well, justice requires that somebody die. So if we aren’t going to execute the murderer, we have to execute somebody else to satisfy justice.” No, justice doesn’t require that somebody die. Justice requires that the guilty die. Which is also what the Bible says, “The soul that sinneth it shall die.” Retributive justice is always according to personal guilt.

The Bible says Jesus suffered for our sins and was sacrificed our sins, not punished for our sins. Never mind the fact that the punishment our sins deserve is eternal hell and there is no way, by any stretch of the imagination, can it be said Jesus suffered eternal hell. Just punishment always requires personal guilt. Without personal guilt, there can be no just punishment. Retributive justice requires the punishment of the guilty sinner and the non-punishment of the innocent. The atonement therefore cannot be a satisfaction of retributive justice because in the atonement of Christ the innocent suffers and the guilty are set free.

If the atonement was not, and could not have been, a satisfaction to retributive justice, what was it? Rather than being a satisfaction of retributive justice, the atonement was a satisfaction of public justice. As a substitute for punishment (not a substitute in punishment), the atonement publicly displayed God’s hatred for sin and regard for His law just as the punishment of sinners would have. The atonement of Christ publicly displays and publicly communicates the same things that would have been publicly displayed and publicly communicated to the universe by the eternal damnation of sinners. When the universe looked upon the damnation of sinners, they would see that God hates sin and upholds His law and therefore would be deterred from following in mankind’s example. And when the universe looks upon the suffering of Christ for our sins, which takes the place of our eternal damnation in hell, the universe again sees that God hates sin and means to uphold His law and is therefore deterred from sinning like mankind did. The atonement of Christ is a public deterrent from sin just as the punishment of sinners would have been, so the governmental purposes of punishment are satisfied in the atonement, thus rendering the punishment of sin dispensable under God’s moral government.

In other words, the punishment of sin (which is eternal hell) can be withheld through the atonement without God giving the universe the impression that He doesn’t hate sin or that He will not uphold His law if others in His universe were to transgress as well. It would be unjust to the universe for God to forgive mankind without an atonement because that would encourage further sin in His universe. But now that the atonement of Christ has been made, God can set aside the penalty of the law in the forgiveness of sins without encouraging further sin in His universe since His character is publicly displayed in the atonement of Christ as it would have been in the punishment of sinners. The atonement made it possible for God to be just and yet not punish sin. Forgiveness is the non-punishment of sin, which would be unjust without an atonement. But now that atonement is made, He can set aside the punishment of sin in forgiveness and still be just to His character, His law, and His universe, because the atonement accomplished the governmental purposes of penalty.

The death of Christ for the sins of all men renders the penalty of the sins of all men remittable. That is, the atonement of Christ makes sin forgivable, but not automatically or unconditionally so. Sinners must repent of their sins in order for their pardon through the atonement to be safe to the universe. The atonement, as a medium of forgiveness, makes salvation available to everyone but automatic to no one. The atonement makes forgiveness available to all but they must meet certain conditions in order to receive it.

What does this kind of atonement accomplish? The atonement makes salvation available unbelievers while also at the same time making salvation actual to believers. It’s an amazing accomplishment. The atonement solved the dilemma between justice and forgiveness. Since forgiveness is the remission of penalty, yet penalty serves governmental purposes, how could God accomplish both the forgiveness of the sinner and the governmental purposes of penalty, if penalty is remitted in forgiveness? Answer, the atonement of Christ which substitutes penalty. God can now be just to all His obligations without punishing sin. He can be just to His character, His law, and His universe, even while he remits our penalty.

The atonement, properly understood, really shows the Genius of God. The atonement is the greatest revelation of the character of God to the universe. It demonstrates His hatred for sin, His holy regard for His law, His love and goodwill towards sinners, and His genius as the Moral Governor of the Universe, solving the problems and dilemmas that such a Governor faces. There is no greater understanding of God than what comes through the atonement of Christ.

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