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“The Emotions of God: How Man Can Bless or Hurt God” by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive biblical study on the Divine Feelings.

Does God really have emotions? Or is He impassible? The question is simple enough but it has been much debated by Christians over the centuries.

The Bible portrays God as having emotions but are these real descriptions of Him?

Can God change in any way or is He absolutely immutable in all things?

Is God timeless or does He experience duration?

How should we live in regard to our obligations towards God?

Can man hurt God or inflict pain upon Him?

Can we contribute to His happiness?

These are the types of questions that are involved in this debate, which this book gives you biblical answers to.

It will challenge your understanding of God and edify your walk with Him.

As the Scriptures are expounded upon this topic, you may never view God the same way again.

“I have added the Emotions of God by Jesse Morrell to my most influential books. I would recommend it to all Christians.” ~ Stephen



The Natural Ability of Man: A Study On Free Will & Human Nature by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive theological volume that defends the Christian doctrine of man’s free will against the false Gnostic doctrine of man’s natural inability.

This volume explains the truth of man’s freedom of choice in light of Church history and other doctrines like total depravity, regeneration, atonement, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, predestination, repentance, faith, the believers security, original sin, etc.

“The most comprehensive exposition on man’s natural ability in print.” Dean



Does Man Inherit A Sinful Nature by Jesse Morrell is a thorough examination and refutation to one of the oldest theological excuses for sin – a sinful nature.

With an abundance of Scripture, keen logic, and an appeal to Christian teachers throughout history, this book not only shows that men are not born with a sinful nature but that sin is actually contrary to the nature God gave us.

“Jesse does an outstanding job of tackling and answering questions on a very misunderstood part of mans existence.” Oahu



Our YouTube Channel “OpenAirOutreach” will equip you as a Christian for the work of evangelism and apologetics!

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How To Refute Atheism & Evolution | FREE BOOK | by Jesse Morrell


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer (ἀπολογία / apologia) to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” ~ 1 Peter 3:15 ~

Every Christian should know how to defend the faith. And that is why I am giving away my book for free. When it comes to topics like atheism and evolution many Christians may feel intimidated to handle these issues. But with a little bit of study you will see that these objections to the Christian faith are actually the easiest to refute!

To receive this book for free through email all you have to do is fill out this form below. You’ll also be added to our email newsletter list where we publish many other free articles, teaching videos, apologetic & evangelism stories, etc. I email out these books manually to everyone who signs up, so please be a little patient.



Our prayer is that this book will be a blessing to your faith and to the cause of Christ!

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Free Charles Finney Book!




 Sermons from the Penny Pulpit by Charles Finney are classic sermons that Finney preached in London from 1849-1851. God used Finney’s sermons to convert masses in the United States and abroad.

This volume is what you could call “Finney Gold!” It contains classic sermons like “Regeneration,” “Holiness Essential to Salvation,” “Quenching the Spirit,” “The Christians Rule of Life,” “Purity of Heart and Life,” “The Sinner’s Self-Condemnation,” “The Conversion of Children,” “Family Government,” “The Rationality of Faith,” and many others. It is our honor and joy to make this precious volume available with these anointed sermons.

Get a free e-copy by signing up to our emailing list! Every once and a while I sent out a free newsletter with teaching videos, theological articles, encouraging testimonies and inspiring stories, etc.




For physical copies check out our BOOKSTORE

We have lots of different titles available!

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The 2023 Men’s Leadership Conference – Cincinnati Ohio May 25th – June 1st


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Hello Everybody!

You are hereby formally invited to the 2023 Men’s Leadership Conference!

The Conference will be in Cincinnati from May 25th – June 1st.

The theme for this year’s conference is building up the body of Christ and evangelizing the lost.

I’ve been asked to deliver 3 messages throughout the conference and there’s a great line up of other speakers as well.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Click the link and register! 


~ Jesse Morrell






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We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts.

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Special thanks in advance to our supporters.


We couldn’t do it without you!

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Remember a Campus Legend: The Late Jed Smock aka Brother Jed



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Remember a Campus Legend:

The Late Jed Smock aka “Brother Jed” 

It’s with great sadness of heart that I tell you all, for those of you who don’t already know, my friend and mentor Jed Smock passed away and went to be with the Lord. He was a man faithful to his post. He was always the first on the campuses when the semester started and last to leave. Monday through Friday, five hours a day, five days a week, he would stand (or sit) in the open-air and preach the Gospel, defend the faith, and call sinners to repentance and faith. He did this for nearly 50 years, despite all the criticisms, attacks, and persecutions. No man that I know of preached the Gospel more than Brother Jed did. 

The Faithful Soldier – Brother Jed passed away on the anniversary of D-Day: June 6th. He was always the faithful soldier, always at his post. Even as his health and body were failing, he continued to go out to the campuses weekly to preach the Gospel. Brother Jed got his wish. “I want to die with my boots on” he used to say. He was faithful until the end. Rev 14:13 – And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them

I was honored to have helped carry Jed Smock to his grave. His funeral was full of his converts, disciples, friends, and family. In life and in death he inspired me to holy living and evangelism. I still have dreams at night of joining him on campus. He paved the way and set a godly example.  

Rest In Peace brother Jed. You fought the good fight. You finished your race. You went home to a huge reward! Thank you for your example.



Joining Brother Jed on campus once a year was always the highlight of my year. It was watching Jed live in person that I learned the art of open-air preaching. I would see how he would draw a crowd with fire and brimstone, tame the crowd with the gospel, and captive the audience for hours and days as they circled around to listen to him do nothing more than preach the truth. I always thought to myself, “It doesn’t get better than this. This is the life!” 

I didn’t know when I joined Jed on this Texas tour that it would be the last time that we got to preach together. I was honored when he pulled up a seat next to me to listen to me preach. He told people I was his favorite preacher. What an honor! 

I always find it humorous when people who watch my Youtube videos would see a video of Brother Jed that I uploaded, people would comment, “Man, this guy preaches just like Brother Jesse!” Haha. I always had to tell them, “No, it’s the other way around. I learned how to preach on campus by watching Brother Jed.” 


Whenever I preach on campus, I never have difficulty stirring up the hecklers and the crowd. Brother Jed was a master at crowd control. I’d watch him tame the crowd with a soft voice and a gentle answer. He knew when to give a hard word and when to be soft spoken. That was something I was still trying to learn from him, after preaching with him on campus for 15 years. After 50 years of practice he had mastered his craft. 


Lessons I learned from Brother Jed included how to draw a crowd, preacher mannerisms and poses, how to dress professional, witty comebacks and one-liners, etc. All these things were tools that help in getting their attention, keeping their attention, and ultimately pointing their attention to Jesus Christ. 

His book, “Who Will Rise Up?” is an evangelism classic! I was blessed to help him republish that book and get it back into circulation again. But watching him preach live or on video was always the greatest teaching and inspiration for open-air ministry.

I never preached with him on campus without leaving more on fire and inspired than before. 

After campus we would always go out to eat. Jed lived on the road so eating out was always a habit and tradition after the campus outreach. After he preached for 5 hours or more on campus, he would be pretty quiet in the car or at the restaurant. He was an introvert with an extravert calling. That was something I could relate to. But when he did talk, it was deeply spiritual and meaningful. He was full of sound reason, wisdom, and logic. Anyone who got the chance to met him and spend time with him in person was blessed. 


Brother Jed would always captive the crowd with his testimony and stories. That was another technique I learned watching him preach. Like Holy Hubert or Brother Max before him, he was a master story teller. That was also a crowd taming technique. He taught me, once the crowd becomes too big for questions and answers and it becomes chaotic, switch to story telling. He would sit down and tell stories and the students would just gather around and listen. The Bible even says that when Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mountain, that first he sat down and then he began to teach (Matthew 5:1). Jesus was also The Master Story Teller with his many parables and analogies.  

Sister Cindy was Brother Jed’s faithful wife. She was a convert of his from the University of Florida. Like most of his converts, she started out as a mocker until she came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. After converting to Christ, she became an active witness for the Lord herself. She traveled the country on grey hound buses, ministering on college campuses. A few years later, she married Brother Jed and they raised 5 daughters together. His daughters also joined him on campus at times to recite Bible verses or perform their musical talents to the crowds. Jed and Cindy were the perfect team. 


Here you can see Jed in action with his story telling. The students were captivated and listened, occasionally asking questions. Sister Cindy worked the sidelines talking to students one-on-one. They were a real powerhouse couple on campus together! 


A lot of times Brother Jed would ask me to start the meeting and draw the crowd. This was good practice to a young preacher who was trying to learn. It was difficult at first but eventually I could gather a crowd with ease. I also learned how to do this watching his wife Cindy, who had no problem getting the students attention and stirring up some hecklers. Then we would rotate preachers, usually every hour. Whoever preached next always had to come on hotter and heavier than the previous preacher, in order to keep the students attention and interest or else you would lose the crowd. In all my years preaching with Brother Jed, I never saw him lose a crowd. He always knew exactly what to do and what to say at the right time. It was routine clockwork to him and He was lead by the Spirit. 

My favorite crowd control technique is preaching in front of a staircase or in an amphitheater where the students have a place to sit down. If they sit down, they calm down. And if they sit down, they stay for longer. It creates the best teaching atmosphere. Otherwise the students crowd in closely around you and it becomes more difficult to manage and harder for everyone to hear. 

My open-air preaching is always a balance between the Law and the Gospel and also a mix of one-liners, apologetics, personal testimony, scriptures, and story-telling. With today’s generation you have to start with the most basic apologetics – the existence of God. I like to challenge the atheists, “who wrote the genetic code?” They can never answer that. I tell them, “The specified arrangement of nucleotide bases in the genetic code requires an intelligent mind for the same reason the meaningful arrangement of letters in a sentence does.”

We were indoctrinated as children in the public school with terms like “The simple cell.” The cell is not simple. There’s nothing simple about the cell. The reason they tried to say it was a simple cell was because they used to think a cell could form by mixing certain ingredients together in a premordial soup. As it turns out, the genetic code is required to make the proteins necessary for any living cell. We should call it the Complex Cell. It’s origin was Intelligence.


Brother Jed was a campus legend. He was known all over the country and all over the world because of his campus outreaches. Foreign exchange students made him famous in the Near East, Middle East and the Far East! No doubt he went home to a great and abundant reward. 

With Brother Jed gone, there is a vacancy left on the campuses. His wife Sister Cindy has continued the ministry and calling in his place. She carries his torch. And I pray that the next 50 years of my life will be spent the way Brother Jed spent his. His was a life well lived. 



Brought to Repentance!

Every month, these are the kind of testimonies people send me from all over the world!

God is on the move! God is changing lives! 

Thank you to all of our supporters and prayer partners who make this ministry possible!

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Our reward will be your reward! 






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Need a 2022 Tax Break? Support Missions!


Looking for a 2022 Tax Break?

Support Missions!

Hi Everyone!

With 2022 coming to a close, tax season is quickly coming upon us. One way to ease the tax burden is charitable giving!

As you see in all our email newsletters, we have a very effective ministry winning souls to Christ. Almost every month for the past 22 years we have seen sinners come to repentance!

As a missionary family we live by faith as God puts it on peoples hearts to support our ministry.

By giving to our ministry, you can both get a tax break and more importantly help change the world with the Gospel!

We’ve partnered with a local church that receives offerings on our behalf. Donations given through the church are tax deductible.

Remember my family and I during this Holiday season. As everyone is busy with their Christmas shopping, every year our financial support slows down this time of year.

Your support really helps make a big difference!

If you’d like an end of the year tax break, make checks out to “Crossroads Community Church” and send them to PO Box 1527 Lindale Tx, 75771.

You can also send personal gifts through PayPal and cash app:

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“Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7


The Morrell Family – Missionaries to America!


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Dialog with an Atheist: Who Wrote the Genetic Code | Intelligent Design

I asked an atheist:

Who wrote the genetic code?

He responded:

“Jesse Morrell not a ‘code’, just 4 nitrogen bases linked in groups which dictates the biological ‘arrangement’ of any given organism.

So, those base pairs; adenine (A) and thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G) are configured to make gerbils, giraffes, humans, ants, cows, armadillos, and so forth.

In fact, you and other humans are just 136 different combinations of A T C and G away from mice. Isn’t that remarkable?”

I responded:

It’s a code in the same way a binary code of 0s and 1s is a code.

And the specified arrangement of nucleotide bases in the genetic code requires an intelligent mind for the same reason the meaning arrangement of letters in a sentence do.

Any letter can follow another letter but not all arrangements are meaningful information. See: aofifhwowhfogjebwoebfoej. Random generations do not produce information.

And the same is true with adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. Any one can follow any other one.

There’s no chemical affinity that necessitates a specified arrangement just like there’s no chemical affinity in ink that arranges letters in a meaningful way on a page.

These nucleotide arrangements form information for the production of protein. Each nucleotide arrangement corresponds to a series of amino acids, which form a specific protein for a specific function. The genetic code is the information that is entered into the protein making machine called ribosomes, to tell it what protein to manufacture in protein synthesis. It’s the programming.

And the only known cause of intelligent information is an intelligent mind.

That an intelligent mind wrote the intelligent information found in the genetic code is the best explanation and only known possible explanation.

If you find hieroglyphics in a cave you know an intelligent mind has been there and made it.


How the Genetic Code works in Protein Synthesis.

DNA is information.

Another atheist commented:

“Jesse Morrell Genetic code is a term we came up with to help explain/describe DNA. It wasn’t literally “Written” and came about very, very, very slowly for different species over literally billions of years. And even without a direct answer, that doesn’t magically go to “God.”. So if an atheists doesn’t know that means they don’t know and neither do you. Well, maybe moreso now.”

I responded:

The coding for the most basic proteins necessary for life could not come about “very, very, slowly” or else you couldn’t have a single cell.

We do know the cause of information. An intelligent mind. This isn’t a fallacy of filling in the gap, an argument from ignorance. We know the cause of information.

The only known cause of intelligent information is an intelligent mind.

If you know of another cause of information, the burden of proof is on you to submit your evidence.

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Died Suddenly – Mysterious Blood Clots

UNSOLVED MYSTERYBlood Clots in the Young and Healthy Vaccinated who “Died Suddenly”

What are these? Long clumps of protein built up in the body. Protein clots. Why have they never been seen before? And why are they being found in young and healthy vaccinated people who suddenly died?

Embalmers all over the world are finding them – all of them suddenly started seeing these in mass after the vaccine…. They find them as they try to embalm the body as they normally do and find that the blood system is clogged. They then surgically remove these long unnatural strings of protein they’ve never seen before.

These are unnatural protein strands. And the vaccines were designed to trigger the body to make proteins.

Let me break down my hypothesis:

Humans are encoded with DNA for our genetic make up. Viruses however are RNA, as they use a different kind of sugar. Human cells do use RNA, when our DNA is translated into RNA for protein synthesis, but our genetic make up is DNA while a virus is RNA.

mRNA is messenger RNA, a transcription of the original to be read by the ribosome of a cell. The ribosome reads the mRNA and produces the protein encoded in it, as each piece of the RNA corresponds to a particular amino acid, and a series of amino acids form the protein.

What the vaccine companies did was take the mRNA for the spike protein of SARS-Cov-2, which is the means through which the virus binds to human cells (hACE2).

When this mRNA is injected into the body through a vaccine, it enters the cells and gets read by the ribosome. The ribosome reads the mRNA instruction and creates the protein encoded.

This is also how viruses are multiplied within the body. The virus hijacks the ribosome of the cell to mass produce itself.

The vaccine specifically took the mRNA coding to create the spike protein of sars-cov-2, which is what the Wuhan Lab was tinkering with to make coronaviruses infection to humans and highly transmittable.

The supposed idea of the mRNA vaccine was that when the ribosome of the cell creates the spike protein of Covid, the body would then fight it and create an immunity to the binding mechanism of Covid. So your body would develop immunity to Covid without a full infection of Covid, since the mRNA vaccine only contained the binding spike protein of the virus and not the whole virus. Then when the body encounters the full virus, it would already know how to block the spike protein and thus stop infection.

I speculate that these long unnatural protein clots found in the young and healthy who died suddenly, which take the form of whatever vessel they are in, are a mass build up of the proteins the mRNA were encoded to build. The spike proteins are produced by the cell and clumping or binding together, since they are the binding protein of the virus.

So these long fibrous clots found in the blood of the young and healthy vaccinated who died suddenly are long unnatural protein strands.

The vaccine was designed to trigger the body into making unnatural proteins, taken from the mRNA of the Covid virus.

It appears as though the vaccine induces a type of cellular suicide as it causes your own cell to produce the proteins the mRNA encodes, taken from Covid, which clots the body if the immune system fails to stop it in time.

This is my hypothesis on this mysterious and unusual phenomenon.

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Proof that Street Preaching Works! Testimonies of Open-Air Preaching 

Proof that Street Preaching Works!

Testimonies of Open-Air Preaching 

I started witnessing back in 2000 but street preaching back in 2002. And right aware I encountered the critics who said, “This doesn’t work. This isn’t effective. You are turning people off. You aren’t going to win anybody doing it like this.” But that was not what I was seeing on the streets. I was seeing drug dealers repent, hypocrites get right with God, etc.

When YouTube came out in 2005, I immediately started uploading open air preaching videos to the internet. There was very little content available on the internet at the time for open-air preaching for people to learn from. I thought, if more Christians would just see this, they would do it too!

People all over the world started watching our videos. Every single month now I get messages from people telling me, “I got saved watching your videos” or “I started watching your videos to laugh at them. Then I started getting convicted. I finally repented and now I’m a Christian and part of a local church!”

Nevertheless, my videos always get comments from haters and critics who say the same old lie: “This doesn’t work. You aren’t winning anybody.” All they see in the videos are the angry hecklers. They don’t see them go home convicted, repent, and email or message me later.

I always screen shot these messages and put them in my newsletters, but I haven’t been showing them on my YouTube videos. I just recently thought, I really should make a compilation video of some of the recent messages to show the critics this does work, people are repenting, sinners are coming to the Lord.

Watch the video and be inspired and encouraged! The Lord is on the move and the Gospel is still changing lives!


As you can see from the video, it’s just testimony after testimony of sinners repenting, laborers being raised up, and believers encouraged!

And these are just the more recent testimonies I’ve put in my newsletters. Considering that I’ve been doing newsletters for the past 18 years, with testimonies just like these in all my newsletters, you can imagine the accumulating and exponential effect our ministry is having in the world!

Here are two more testimonies that people commented on YouTube on this video, further proving that street preaching works and sinners are coming to the Lord!

These are additional testimonies left in the comments of the video which showed testimonies just like this from all over the world!

As you can see, our ministry is really making a difference! And we couldn’t do this without help from the body of Christ. Your donations and gifts really are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!

Our ministry is in need of gaining more financial supporters. Ever since the pandemic, our donations have been really slowing down. Now with inflation increasing the cost of groceries and gas, my family is in a really tight situation.

Honestly, at this point, it looks like this will be the first year that we won’t be able to afford to do Christmas presents for the kids. The money just isn’t there. Just to give an honest and transparent update to all of our donors and prayer partners.

Obviously Christmas isn’t about presents but about Christ and family. But as a Father, I’m really focused on making Christmas happen one way or another so that my kids don’t miss out.

We’ve cut expenses as much as we can and living very frugal but we are just barely getting by paying our most important bills.

We need the help of the body of Christ, especially to keep this ministry going.

As a missionary family of 6 we live by faith as we travel and preach the gospel, depending on the support of the body of Christ. Your gifts and donations really make a big difference and make this ministry possible.

Consider becoming a monthly supporter or sending a one time donation:

PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=UUQ82S6A3V4V4

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Physical Mail: Jesse Morrell, PO Box 1527, Lindale TX, 75771

With 2022 coming to a close, if you need an end of the year tax-break, you can donate through a local church that supports us.

Make checks out to “Jesse Morrell” if they are personal gifts or if you need a tax break make the check out to “Crossroads Community Church.”


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Aggressive Christianity | The Movie | Street Preacher Documentary


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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to send out a quick email blast to let everyone know that my movie “Aggressive Christianity” is back on YouTube!

This is a documentary on Biblical Evangelism!

Watch it here:


Here is a recent comment someone left in the comment section of the film:


Watch the film, leave a comment, and read the comments by clicking here.

Also be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel as I am working on re-uploading over 1,000 evangelism videos from the past 22 years of ministry, plus recent and new content as well.

The YouTube Channel is “OpenAirOutreach,” which describes perfectly what we do all over the country and all over the world.







Would you consider giving $100 a month

or whatever the Lord puts on your heart?


The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year.

We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts.

Will you consider being a monthly supporter or giving a one-time gift?

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Special thanks in advance to our supporters.


We couldn’t do it without you!

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Starbucks Worker Assaults Christian Preacher



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I’ve been battling with Texas over free speech on the universities since I first attempted to preach on campus back in 2003. Over the years I’ve been arrested, threatened with arrest, kicked off campus, trespassed, etc, all for trying to engage in Open Air Preaching with the public university as the forum. 

Ironically liberal states like Connecticut or California have been better with protecting free speech on campus, since the liberal courts want to protect the liberal activists. Texas has been better with gun rights (The Second Amendment) rather than free speech (The First Amendment). That is, until recently. 

Texas has gotten better with free speech on college campuses with a new law that has declared the entire public campus “traditional public forum.” Campuses that used to arrest me whenever I attempted to preach on them now are forced by law to protect my speech. 


In light of the new law protecting free speech on campus, I emailed the Campus Police and Office of the President for UT Tyler, UT Arlington, UT Austin, UT San Antonio, Tyler Junior College, Kilgore College, and a bunch of campus papers and city news.

This was my email:

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to declare my intentions for open-air preaching on the grounds of Tyler Junior College and UT Tyler along with many other campuses in Texas.

I am a resident of Texas but I travel the country preaching on Universities from California to Connecticut, Alaska down to Hawaii.

I’ve spoken on well over 130 universities across the nation to date.

In 2004 I attempted to engage in free speech on TJC but was kicked off campus.

After I returned to the public campus, I was arrested for trespassing.

I have since confined my free speech on that campus to the surrounding city sidewalks.

In 2005 I attempted to preach on UT Tyler but was escorted by the Police to the Presidents Office, where I was told I could only speak on campus if I secured the sponsorship of a student group organization.

This was a barrier to my free speech and a form of censorship for unwanted speech and I haven’t been to the UT campus for free speech since.

However, new developments have changed the situation.

The President signed an Executive Order Protecting Free Speech on Campus, threatening the loss of Federal Funding for any Public Campus that hinders the expression of free speech.

Many States have now banned “free speech zones” which limited free speech to certain areas on campus.

Those states are Florida, Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

And effective September 1st of this year, Governor Abbots new free speech law “SB18” went into effect, which declared all public campuses in Texas “traditional public forum” for everyone.

(b) It is the policy of this state to protect the expressive
rights of persons guaranteed by the constitutions of the United
States and of this state by:
(1) recognizing freedom of speech and assembly as
central to the mission of institutions of higher education; and
(2) ensuring that all persons may assemble peaceably
on the campuses of institutions of higher education for expressive
activities, including to listen to the speech of others.
(c) An institution of higher education shall:
(1) ensure that the common outdoor areas of the
institution’s campus are deemed traditional public forums; and
(2) permit any person to engage in expressive
activities in those areas of the institution’s campus freely, as
long as the person’s conduct:
(A) is not unlawful; and
(B) does not materially and substantially
disrupt the functioning of the institution.

You can read the entirety of the new law here: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlod…/…/billtext/html/SB00018I.htm

I’ve already talked to my Attorney who handles all my free speech cases about this new law and in light of it, I plan on preaching once again in the middle of campus for both TJC and UT Tyler.

I’ll have a copy of President Trumps executive order and a copy of SB18 with me when I preach on campus.

Friends of mine have already started preaching on some Texas campuses that were previously closed to them.

In time I plan on preaching at UT Arlington and UT Austin, both campuses which also kicked me off years ago for trying to engage in free speech.

I have only since preached on the sidewalks around UT Austin but now have every intention of preaching in the middle of campus.

I also plan on preaching on UT San Antonio which I have never tried before because of their previous censorship policy.

Civil discourse on the issues of the day is all I am looking for. Campuses are the market place of ideas and conservative views like mine have a place there.

The students and I have a lot of fun debating the hot topics of our culture, like transgenderism, homosexuality, fornication, drunkenness, socialism, and other sins.

You can see videos of my open-air preaching on my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/openairoutreach

I expect my right to free speech on campus to be acknowledged and protected.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to say about this matter. Thank you!

God bless!

Jesse Morrell


Starbucks Worker Assaults Christian Preacher with Drink

I tested out the waters of this new law in Texas by returning to the campus that arrested me back in 2004 when I first attempted campus preaching. That’s Tyler Junior College.

This campus has been very hostile towards my preaching. Besides the 2004 arrest, in 2013 I had my camera stolen, the thief pulled a gun on me, and then the Police blamed me for the incident! 

I live near this campus so these incidents remind me of this verse:

“But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” Mark 6:4


I was so excited to be able to preach in the middle of campus. For over a decade I have been preaching from the city streets, which don’t get too much foot traffic. I’ve wanted to preach in the middle of this campus for years. 

I began preaching during a class change right near the student union building. I could tell from the initial response of the students they were like, “Who is this? What is this? What is this guy doing preaching on campus?” After engaging with them for a while, they learned how things work. I preach, they heckle. They ask questions, I answer. It’s an open dialog and debate and ultimately everyone enjoys it, which is why they stand around for hours. 

It didn’t take too long before I had a nice crowd gathered around. A good section of the crowd were “Christians” who just wanted to debate me on my “approach” and “method.” I did my best to ignore them and tried to explain to them I came to campus to preach the gospel to the lost, not to debate with Christians in front of the lost about how to reach them. 

I focused my preaching on the favorite sins of college students, like marijuana, drunkenness, and fornication. Focusing on these sins not only gets their attention and interest, and ultimately brings conviction, it also attracts my target audience – sinners! 

When the crowd gets so large I have to engage in various tacts to keep them back at a good distance so that I don’t get completely surrounded. I try to walk back and forth, claiming my territory if you will. This helps mark out where I want the crowd to stand and how much personal space I need. But eventually, they always close in. And I ended up with my back towards the tree, which was there to “watch my back.” 

My friend brought his son to campus with a little gospel sign. The students saw him and would approach him for conversation. Little did they know that he was a very intelligent and mature young man. He was winning chess tournaments when he was 6 and solving Math problems seems to be his favorite hobby. He’s become well read on some Christian apologetics, intelligent design, and the genetic code. So he can “hold his own” on campus talking to these college kids. He’s light years ahead of them. The fact is, as a home school kid, he was taking college classes years ago. 

I continued to preach on Sin and the Savior, touching on hot button topics and being as controversial as usual. I try my best not to be a boring or soft preacher, which would quickly lose their interest. The crowd got closer and closer until I was completely surrounded. I had to move and change spots a few times when this happened. And every time the crowd would follow me to the new location and eventually swarm in again. I meant, it’s not a bad problem to have when you’re a preacher. A bigger problem would be when nobody stops and listens. I don’t usually have that problem. 

After preaching for a couple hours, the crowd was pretty well cemented and wasn’t going anywhere. We were having some wonderful conversations about a whole variety of topics. And of course, I got to share my testimony, explain what it means to be born again, and expound upon the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

While I was preaching, a student I had never seen or encountered before came up from behind me and dumped a drink full of WHO-KNOWS-WHAT all over my head. It dripped down unto my nice vest and clothing. My tie also got some of this mess on it. And then without saying a word he quickly retreated. I followed him and the crowd followed me. 

The Police didn’t seem interested or aware of what just happened, but they were concerned that I was inside a building. Apparently the guy who did this to me worked at the Starbucks inside. That’s where he got the drink from. My assumption is that he heard what was going on outside and decided to do this on his break because I had never encountered him.

The Police Officer came and told me I couldn’t be in the building and grabbed me by the arm and forced me out. I told him the guy who dumped this drink on me apparently works here and I wanted to file a report. 

I went back to my preaching location and continued with the crowd for a little while longer. I always continue preaching after an incident happens because I don’t want to teach the students that doing such things is a way to get us to leave. But I was ready to start wrapping up the outreach before this incident happened. So I continued preaching for just a little while longer, summarizing what my message was and what the students needed to do – repent and get right with God. After that, I said good bye to the crowd and went on my way. All in all I think I might have preached a 3 hour sermon on that campus. 

I had to return to campus a few days later to file my report. I felt obligated to file the report because there needs to be a good precedent set with the students, especially with the new free speech laws regarding campuses. They need to know that you can’t treat free speech activity like this. The Police said they were charging him with “simple assault” which is a “class C misdemeanor” in Texas, punishable with a fine of no more than $500. That was good enough for me. I know there’s also consequences with the school itself if you are charged with a crime by campus police. I don’t know if he was suspended or expelled or what. I hope he moved on and learned his lesson. 


Afterwards we all went out to eat at What-A-Burger, a popular fast food joint in Texas.

The food and fellowship after the outreach is always my favorite part. 



If you are looking for a faithful and fruitful ministry to support, here you go!

These are just some of the testimonies that people send me on a regular basis!


“I had fallen away from my faith for many years, confused and deceived, when I came back to the our Lord, I found your videos on college campuses and they gave me strength and clarity in The Lord’s word and helped with my walk with The Lord. I still struggle with sin, mostly anger and I ask humbly for your prayers. But the sins of secular society are no longer a snare in my walk. Thank you for going out and speaking the truth. Not everyone agrees with your methods but I know that there are people who need to hear the message in just the way you say it. I pray God continues to bless your ministry and how much glory to God if even one soul hears. Thank you.” Janet













IMG_0601 2



This brother is an Assistant Professor of Physics in California who started campus preaching inspired by our videos! God is on the move! The Great Commission cannot be stopped!




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Hey Everyone! 

Jesse Morrell here.

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I am working on RE uploading to YouTube over 1,000 of our open air preaching videos that we’ve filmed the past 22 years of ministry!

I also have plenty of new content coming in good time. Just stay tuned for that! 

I’m currently in the mission field of Alaska, wrapping up my extended mission trip up here, and then returning to the lower 48 for some campus preaching tours.

If you are looking for a faithful and fruitful ministry to support, we are in need of more financial supporters.

Our ministry is making a big difference. Recently I was contacted by a former drug dealer who said he came to the Lord through our preaching. Another person said they were a homosexual and then got born again as a result of our preaching. Another person said they repented of lukewarm churchianity and got truly born again. On and on it goes with testimonies people send me every month! 

So prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter, giving $100 a month or whatever you could afford.

We are a family of six, living by faith, serving the Lord, and we don’t just make these videos to entertain believers. We want you to know what we are doing so that you can help get behind us with prayers and support.

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Drug Dealer comes to Jesus through Street Preaching!


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I’m catching up on my newsletters! This was a great mission trip to Southern California. My friend Doug lives out there and flies me out every so often to preach with him on the local campuses and streets. Doug came to the Lord, in true repentance, through my ministry many years ago. He’s real fruit of our ministry that is now a blessing to others! When your convert becomes a street preacher, that’s a good sign of a true conversion! Doug ministers out on the streets, especially to the homeless on Skid Row.

Pasadena City College Outreach


We spent three days ministering on this campus. Apparently I didn’t take many pictures. But there is a great amphitheater where you can preach and gather a crowd that will sit and listen for hours.

The administration on this campus has always been good to us. Some campuses will send out the landscapers to blow leaves or mow the lawn, just to cause noise to disturb us. We know this because the landscapers will literally follow us around wherever we move, making it obvious. On this campus, there was construction being done in the amphitheater location but I don’t think this was done on purpose to keep us from it. We found other locations on campus that had high foot traffic and preached just the same.

The students also are relatively mild mannered. You have the typical vocal heckling, which is to be expected, but we’ve never had any “riot” on this campus like we have with others. The free speech area, the administration, the students, etc, all make this one of my favorite campuses to preach on. The sunny weather of Southern California helps too!

Hollywood Blvd Outreach


My friend Paul joined me on this mission trip. I flew in from Texas and he came in from Missouri. He’s always fun to hang around. He’s very extraverted and funny and the fact that he’s Italian originally from New England helps us to get along very well.


Hollywood Blvd is a great location to preach because the foot traffic is constant and you have tourists coming in from all over the world! It’s an INTERNATIONAL outreach when you preach the gospel at this location! The Lord knows how many countries you actually reach spending a day preaching in this spot!

Huntington Beach Outreach


Huntington Beach is another great place for open air outreach in Southern California. The board walk has a large amount of foot traffic and, if you are good at drawing a crowd, there’s even an amphitheater off to the side. The best thing about amphitheater’s is that is provides your listeners with a place to sit, which means they stay longer.


Brother Paul got us started with the preaching. As you can see, people on the board walk also stopped to listen to the preaching!

One tip for drawing a crowd is to start off loud, so everyone can hear you, and once you have drawn a bit of a crowd, tone down the volume so that the listeners have to come closer. If you stay full blast with your volume the whole time, the crowd will gather far away and stay there, so there will be less interaction.


Paul did a great job with drawing in the crowd and interacting with them. If the crowd knows you are willing to take their questions, it gets them much more engaged and willing to stay. If all you do is stand up and deliver a sermon, without taking any questions or interacting with the audience, the people won’t stop and those who do will quickly leave.

Here you can see Paul was interacting with a young boy. He had some pretty good and challenging questions, if I recall, for his age. Never underestimate the youth. Sometimes they need to be feed more meat than what they typically get at Sunday school too. Children can think deeply about life and the things of God. God put eternity in their hearts.


Preaching to the balcony! Each location that you preach will have a different kind of crowd. This location had a lot of the younger generation. Skateboarders, surfers, sun bathers, etc. Statistically, the earlier that you reach people with the gospel, the better. The older a person gets, the less likely they are to come to Christ. Plus, the average person has to hear the gospel message about ten times before they receive it. The fact that they stop and listen shows that they are not completely hardened to the Gospel, at least not yet. Sometimes your loudest heckler ends up becoming your most committed convert. I have sen that many, many times.


The great thing about going out witnessing and preaching with other brothers is that you can “tag team” preach. We usually preach for 5-6 hours when we go out, so having a brother to share the load with really helps. Jesus sent out his disciples to preach, two by two. Paul and I took turns preaching and we had an engaging crowd almost the entire time. The most important thing, the crowd heard the message loud and clear: “Repent and turn to God. Jesus is alive and He’s coming back.”


Ministry Testimonies! 

If you are looking to find a faithful, fruitful ministry to pray for and support, consider supporting ours. Here are some of the testimonies that people have sent me from all over the world!

















I recently heard that the average drug dealer is responsible for around 500 deaths! That’s incredible! Think about how many lives are potentially changed and impacted by leading just one drug dealer to the Lord! Winning just one soul, regardless of their background, has the potential to change the world because they then become a witness themselves to touch and change countless souls!

Please pray for all the people who heard the Gospel and were touched by the message! Especially pray for the new converts, that they grow and stay strong in the faith!







Would you consider giving $100 a month?

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We couldn’t do it without you!

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