How To Refute Atheism & Evolution | FREE BOOK | by Jesse Morrell


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer (ἀπολογία / apologia) to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” ~ 1 Peter 3:15 ~

Every Christian should know how to defend the faith. And that is why I am giving away my book for free. When it comes to topics like atheism and evolution many Christians may feel intimidated to handle these issues. But with a little bit of study you will see that these objections to the Christian faith are actually the easiest to refute!

To receive this book for free through email all you have to do is fill out this form below. You’ll also be added to our email newsletter list where we publish many other free articles, teaching videos, apologetic & evangelism stories, etc. I email out these books manually to everyone who signs up, so please be a little patient.


Our prayer is that this book will be a blessing to your faith and to the cause of Christ!

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Free Charles Finney Book!




 Sermons from the Penny Pulpit by Charles Finney are classic sermons that Finney preached in London from 1849-1851. God used Finney’s sermons to convert masses in the United States and abroad.

This volume is what you could call “Finney Gold!” It contains classic sermons like “Regeneration,” “Holiness Essential to Salvation,” “Quenching the Spirit,” “The Christians Rule of Life,” “Purity of Heart and Life,” “The Sinner’s Self-Condemnation,” “The Conversion of Children,” “Family Government,” “The Rationality of Faith,” and many others. It is our honor and joy to make this precious volume available with these anointed sermons.

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FREE BOOK: Objections to Calvinism As It Is by Randolph S. Foster

Objections to Calvinism As It Is by Randolph S. Foster is a classic rebuttal to the doctrines of “Reformed Theology” from the 1800’s.  The false theology of Calvinism is refuted by the authors scriptural and rational arguments, plainly exposing the so-called “Doctrines of Grace” for what they really are. Some Christians have called this work the best book on Calvinism out there. The authors use of logic, scripture, and sarcasm makes this book a blessing to read!


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On Original Sin, Prevenient Grace, & Free Will | Jesse Morrell

 photo BiblicalTruthResourcesHEADER_zps8a3b1e04.jpg

Arminians made up a false doctrine called “Prevenient Grace” whereby all men are granted a “free will” to believe or disbelieve the gospel when they hear it, because they don’t naturally have a free will.

This doctrine is built upon the false Augustinian doctrine of “Original Sin” that says when Adam sinned, free will was lost.

If the Augustinians can make up their own doctrine, why can’t the Arminians? Error begets error. If free will was lost by original sin, it must be restored by prevenient grace.

The Biblical doctrine is simple:

Free Will was never lost.

In all of the consequences God declared in Genesis for Adam’s sin, the loss of their free will and that of their descendants is not mentioned or even hinted at. To the contrary, God spoke to Cain immediately afterwards as a free moral agent who could choose between good and evil. God also spoke to the Israelites in the Old Testament and moral agents who could choose between obedience and disobedience, life and death, etc.



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Rare Writings from William Booth on the Atonement – Founder of the Salvation Army

Jesse Morrell at Winkie Pratney’s Library, finding the writings of William Booth on the atonement.

Writings by William Booth are not as common as I wish they were. It seems his wife Catherine was more of the prolific writer. I have often wondered which atonement view William Booth held to since I believe he was highly influenced by John Wesley but his wife was highly influenced by Charles Finney, two men who held different views on the atonement. 

When I was searching through a large library, I found some rare writings by William Booth on the atonement that answered my question! One of the writings is from 1892 and the other is from 1922! His teachings on the atonement were excellent! I LOVE these writings and wanted to share them with everyone else! 





I will email out the PDF personally. Every once and a while I email out other articles and teachings that I think you’d be interested in as well. 

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This Book Will CHALLENGE Your Walk with God! Jesse Morrell

A Book on Purity, Prayer, Preaching & Persecution!

This book will:

  • Convict you

  • Challenge you

  • Help you grow in your walk with God

  • & set you on FIRE!

Get your free copy here:


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 photo BiblicalTruthResourcesHEADER_zps8a3b1e04.jpg


Someone just recently asked me:

“what exactly jesus said about homosexuality, he preached about a lot of things, so you must know what he explicitly said about homosexuality, please teach me”

Jesus taught that sex and marriage was between a male and a female and also essentially spoke against transgenderism:

“And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” Matthew 19:4-5

Notice key words here like “male and female” “father and mother” “a man” “his wife” “they twin shall be one flesh” etc.

Sex and marriage is between male and female.

They asked this question in light of my recent outreach to the First Gay Pride of Dunnville Canada and my video called, “Homosexual Commits Hate Crime Against Christians @ Dunnville Gay Pride.”


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What is the PROOF of your Salvation? Jesse Morrell

 photo BiblicalTruthResourcesHEADER_zps8a3b1e04.jpg

What is the proof of your salvation? If you ask a Calvinist, like A. W. Pink, this is what you would hear:


I have heard Calvinist Paul Washer say the same kind of nonsense. He said that if you sin and feel bad for it, that’s proof that you have been regenerated and are saved because if you weren’t regenerated and saved you wouldn’t feel bad for it.

That’s nonsense. Even unbelievers can have a guilty conscience and feel sorry for their sins. But that’s not repentance. The difference between a real child of God and a mere professors is that while professors feel bad for their sins (Romans 7 experience), children of God have repented of their sins and made “free from sin” (Romans 6).

This is what the Bible says is the difference:

1Jo 3:8 – He that committeth sin is of the devil
1Jo 3:9 – Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin
1Jo 3:10 – In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil

1Jo 2:3- And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.

This is how you would read these verses according to the A W Pink quote:

1Jo 3:8 – He that doesn’t feel bad for sin is of the devil
1Jo 3:9 – Whosoever is born of God feels bad for sin

1Jo 2:3- And hereby we do know that we know him, if we feel bad for breaking his commandments.

Calvinists have a habit of making things up that aren’t biblical at all. They act like all unbelievers are sociopathic psychos with no conscience. The Bible says, “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another” (Romans 2:14-15)

The Bible says, “For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation” 2 Cor. 7:10.

Notice it says TO salvation.

But Calvinists would have it read: “Godly sorrow is proof of salvation.”

I have no doubt that many Calvinists have grief and sorrow over their sins. They are still in a Romans Seven experience – wretched men. Wretched means miserable and in the context of Romans 7, miserable because they are convicted by the law as transgressors. They haven’t yet had the deliverance of the gospel. They are still under the law and sinning, not under grace and living victorious.



ObjectionstoCalvinismFrontCover-2I am giving away a free copy of the classic book, “Objections to Calvinism As It Is” by Randolph Foster! I pray that this blesses your life.

You’ll also receive in the same email two other theological books that I won’t name, just to spark your curiosity some more.😉

And lastly, you’ll also be subscribed to our free email newsletter and will receive biblical articles and great content from time to time.


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Free Speech in a Barricade | Jesse Morrell @ Temple University

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This newsletter has no copy-right. 

Feel free to share it by forwarding it on or by printing it off.



 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.40.02 PM_zpszn0f3u5p.png

Temple University was a new campus to me but the pastor that I was there with had been there before. He had contacted the Police ahead of time to have a barricade set up. The students on this campus can get pretty rowdy.

We had a young man on the team who is just starting out in open air preaching. It’s always great to see new preachers being raised up! Nothing helps to cement your convictions than to publicly proclaim and defend them! 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.40.37 PM_zpspjfvxidz.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.41.23 PM_zpsqlju5mxr.png

It didn’t take too long for students to swarm around the barricade. They didn’t know we were coming but apparently had their rainbow flag ready. I guess some college students just walk around with those today? It’s sad that most universities today are just liberal brainwashing factories, seeking to indoctrinate this next generation with immorality. Professors will even start attacking God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ on the first day of class, seeking to humiliate any Christian in the room. The vast majority of Christian children who are sent off to college actually leave the faith once they are there. That’s why it is a good thing we show up on campus, to defend the faith and call sinners to repentance! 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.39.13 PM_zpspfo6wfrr.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.40.13 PM_zpsotvgt69p.png

We ended up having a pretty big Police presence around us. Students ended up making their own signs of protest. Their signs didn’t say anything rational or intelligent. It was just mockery for Christianity or defense of sinning. Sin is irrational so it is hard for them to try to rationally defend it. Instead they have to resort to other tactics, like chanting or threats of violence. 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.42.07 PM_zpsfgkburp8.png

 photo 16174392_10154225210376765_7334744798609091111_n_zps9zysnbte.jpg

I was glad that I wasn’t the only preacher there. We had a nice team of believers. My throat became hoarse so I was glad to pass the crowd off. As far as acoustics go, this location was hard. We had to compete with the noise from the street traffic and there was no wall or building that we could echo and bounce our voice off of. The result was that we all strained our voices. As we were leaving campus we walked through a better spot that is much quieter that we plan on using in the future. It also has more foot traffic and could accommodate a bigger crowd. I am excited to return! 





Some of you brethren may remember that my family and I were fundraising for a ministry trailer to travel the country in, preaching the gospel everywhere.

We have been looking at the make and model that we need for our family but we are still a little bit shy of what we need. We are hoping to get our ministry trailer this summer before the fall semester.

So if anyone else wants to help get behind this mission, to help send us forth as a family to change lives with the gospel, you can donate through our website Click Here




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 photo 14610883_10153991472441765_406973655442265063_n_zpsvd2rjz8o.jpg


Will You Consider Giving $25, $50, or $100 a Month? 

The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year. We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts. Will you consider being a monthly supporter or giving a one-time gift? Every little bit helps!

Paypal: Click Here

Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!


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Counterfeit Christianity Exposed – Video Series by Jesse Morrell



Everyone who signs up for the Open Air Outreach Email Newsletter will receive a FREE CHRISTIAN E-BOOK! It is my latest book, “Cleansing the Temple: A Call to Radical Christianity.” It is my hope and prayer that this book will be a spiritual blessing to your walk with God.

Our newsletters also contains encouraging salvation testimonies, articles, videos, etc.

To sign up to receive your free e-book all you have to do is fill out this form.












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I Couldn’t Believe the Campus Admin Was Doing This! Jesse Morrell Newsletter

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This newsletter has no copy-right. 

Feel free to share it by forwarding it on or by printing it off.



Campus Admin Tries Squashing Christian Free Speech and Fails

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.42.44 PM_zpsl7vm8wtn.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.45.26 PM_zpsnumwbtmw.png

The University of Pennsylvania was a NEW campus for me! It’s a private ivy league school but us campus preachers happen to know that the major walk way through campus is actually a PUBLIC STREET! It looks like just a paved walkway but its a city owned street that the campus was build around. 

The Univ. of Penn is actually the fourth oldest college in the United States I believe and actually has some connection to a building that was created for the preaching of George Whitefield, a traveling open-air preaching in the 1700’s. One of the things I love about preaching in my home area of New England is the rich spiritual history that is as. It is sad to see how spiritually dead and post-Christian and anti-Christian the New England area has become. 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.43.03 PM_zpsgwibybtp.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.44.06 PM_zpsjtycgobv.png

We were preaching next to the “Benjamin Franklin” statue. Benjamin Franklin once went to hear George Whitefield open air preaching. Now his statue was hearing ours! Franklin’s gone now but the gospel carries on! 

It didn’t take too long before a nice crowd gathered around us. This happened with the help of a homosexual heckler. He was loud and obnoxious enough to help us get the attention of those walking by.

My strategy for open-air preaching, or my recipe for drawing a crowd is very simple. Controversy – Conflict – Content. Using more biblical terminology, the steps would be Convict – Contend – Content. That is, I start with a controversial topic like homosexual to get their attention and interaction. It won’t be too long until I get a heckler. Then I content with him (conflict) until a nice crowd stops to watch. It’s like when the Police pull someone over, or there is a car accident, other people slow down to see what happened. Nothing draws a crowd more than an open-air preaching contending with a heckler. Then I move on to phase three – content. Once the use of a heckler has helped me capture the attention of an audience, I deliver them the actual content I want them to hear. I warn them about sin and God’s judgment, tell them about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and call them to repentance and faith to be born again.

If I start losing the attention of the crowd, I start back at phase one again and continue this cycle throughout the day. This helps me to draw and maintain a crowd for hours and hours. The longest I have preached was seven and a half hours and I had a captive audience almost the entire time. It’s simple: Controversy – Conflict – Content – Repeat.  While some open-air preachers hardly ever draw a crowd, with this strategy I hardly ever fail to get one. 

 photo 15977817_10154223089676765_2220209456202961411_n_zpsu4ag2oz2.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.43.28 PM_zpsibweuacb.png

Whenever you sow the seeds of the gospel, the devil comes to sow tares. On this campus, the administrators came against us by sending out their landscaping crew with leaf blowers to drown us out! There were no leaves in sight, except the few that they would blow out of the bushes that you couldn’t even see before. But that didn’t matter. They weren’t there to clean up the campus. The campus was already clean. They were there to oppose us and try to shut us down. They literally followed us around wherever we moved! 

Since the administrators were trying to shut us down with the loud noise of the blowers, we took our bullhorn out. Free speech includes the right to be loud enough to be heard. Then an administrator came up to me and tried to tell me bullhorns were not legally aloud and I had to put mine away. It wasn’t any louder than their blowers. But I refused and told him that I would need to hear that from a Police Officer. We had about 10 Police Officers standing around anyways. The administrator never did get an Officer to tell me that the bullhorn was not allowed, so we kept using it as long as they had their blowers out. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.45.09 PM_zpsylhypz29.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.45.46 PM_zpsb4g3juch.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.47.01 PM_zps3labobn3.png

Every time we moved to a new location to get away from the leaf blowers, they would be right behind us. Everywhere we went, they followed. Even when we walked three or four blocks away, they followed us there too! They would circle around us and pretend to be blowing leaves, like the deceptive devils that they were. But it was really the liberal administrators of the Univ. of Penn. being intolerant, closed-minded, anti-Christian bigots! Just calling it like it is. 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.47.29 PM_zpsppxzvgpo.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.48.18 PM_zps0cd4gowe.png

I came up with a strategy to try to get them to put their leaf blowers away. Since they would follow us all around campus, wherever we went, and they were making so much noise with their leaf blowers, we had to find their sore spot on campus. That would be the area where they would be disrupting enough classes to the point that they would decide it is better for them to put their leaf blowers away. They were the ones disrupting their own campus. 

We started our preaching near the Benjamin Franklin statue where we were not disturbing any classrooms. But since they tried to drown us out there, and followed us wherever we went, we decided to set up shop right next to their business school – where President Donald Trump graduated from. That proved to be a sore spot for them on campus. It was also next to some students dormitories who were upset at all the noise. The students even set up a sound system to blast music to try to drown out the leaf blowers. So we had leaf blowers, a bullhorn, and a sound system all going at the same time disrupting the classrooms! All because they wouldn’t let us preach in peace and quiet near the Benjamin Franklin statue. 

This did give is negotiation leverage and power. I told the administrators that they were only hurting themselves and are making bad executive decisions. If they would simply let us preach near the Benjamin Franklin statue, where we are not bothering any classrooms, we would put the bullhorn away and just preach on our soap box to whoever wants to stop and listen. 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.48.51 PM_zps3bpppqpu.png

After a couple hours of battling the administrators, they finally agreed to put their noise makers away and we got back to preaching at our original location! Victory! Praise God! And thank you also to my Facebook friends who prayed about this as it was going on! This gospel shall be preached! 


How our Ministry is having an Impact! 

Someone just said on my latest Open Air Outreach video, “Thanks for the new upload brother Jesse. I am a young teen and I have been watching your videos for a while and you have inspired me to start reading the Bible and studying it and God. Soon I will preach out in public and it’s thanks to you. God bless :)”

“YES, same with me Brother Jesse. I’m 18 and watching your videos have really encouraged me to preach to my friends and classmates. I’m emboldened because I know the arguments that they’ll present due to your college preaching. You’ve really been a blessing to me. God bless you and please don’t stop what you do”

“Thank you for everything you’re are doing Jesse Morrell. Because of you, my brother started his own YouTube Channel and has already preached openly and handed out Tracks. If it wasn’t for you he would not be out in the world sharing the truth about Christ.”


Univ. of Penn HATES JESUS & Discriminates Against Christians


 photo 1654540_10152378493191765_5666705586844976252_o_zps2f000cee.jpg

 photo 14610883_10153991472441765_406973655442265063_n_zpsvd2rjz8o.jpg


Will You Consider Giving $25, $50, or $100 a Month? 

The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year. We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts. Will you consider being a monthly supporter or giving a one-time gift? Every little bit helps!

Paypal: Click Here

Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!


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Free Book on the Doctrine of Free Will | Jesse Morrell

ALL of the Early Church for the first three hundred years universally believed in the doctrine of free will and ONLY the Gnostic heretics denied it. Augustine, when he converted out of Gnosticism, brought Gnostic doctrine into the church and later influenced men like Martin Luther and John Calvin. The Calvinist denial of free will is rooted in Gnostic theology, as this documentary shows.

This documentary is a chapter out of my book “The Natural Ability of Man: A Study on Free Will & Human Nature.”



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