Reprinting Theological Classics!


The Lord has put it on my heart to reprint classic theological works and get them back into circulation. There are many wonderful books which are very rare, expensive, and unknown which ought to be made known and easily available again to the general public.

I am in the process now of formatting and printing books and writings from various authors such as Gordon C. Olson, L. D. McCabe, Albert Barnes, Charles Finney, Moses Stuart, Nathan Beman, Jonathon Edwards Jr, and others.

The topics of these books will include doctrines such as moral government, free will, atonement, salvation, open theism, holiness, repentance, regeneration, moral depravity, the existence of God, the Trinity, etc.


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Objections to Calvinism As It Is by Randolph S. Foster is a classic rebuttal to the doctrines of “Reformed Theology” from the 1800’s.  The false theology of Calvinism is refuted by the authors scriptural and rational arguments, plainly exposing the so-called “Doctrines of Grace” for what they really are. Some Christians have called this work the best book on Calvinism out there. The authors use of logic, scripture, and sarcasm makes this book a blessing to read!

274 pages


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 A Defense of New England Theology by Albert Barnes is a very rare book, originally published in 1829. It contains Barnes’ sermon, “The Way of Salvation” for which he was accused of heresy by Rev. Dr. George Junkin. The doctrines in question were human ability, imputation, and atonement. His response and defense to the charge of heresy is also contained in this volume, for which Barnes was acquitted by the Synod of Philadelphia. “New England Theology” was a theological movement with notable men like Moses Stuart, Albert Barnes, Charles Finney, Asa Mahan, and others. The modern movement of “Moral Government Theology” has its roots in what was “New England Theology.”

194 pages


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 The Scriptural Doctrine of Atonement by Caleb Burge has been said to be the best book on the Governmental Atonement theory. Burge expounds upon very profound concepts and presents them in a very intelligent and understandable way. This book was originally published in 1822. It contains pure theological gold on one of the most important doctrines of Christianity. It will be an absolute treasure in your library.

135 pages


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 The Foreknowledge of God by Gordon C. Olson is a classic work on the open view of God which was first published in 1941. The reader will find the arguments presented in this book as challenging and thought provoking. Olson’s love for God and for the Scriptures enrich his writings in such a way that the even deep theological issues which he addresses are a pleasure and a joy to read.

116 pages.


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An Historical Presentation of Augustinism and Pelagianism by G. F. Wiggers is a classic and impartial work on the Augustine/Pelagius debate. By appealing to the original sources that are available, Dr. Wiggers compares and contrasts these two opposing theologies, defining and explaining the various doctrines within each system of thought.

369 pages


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The Essentials of Salvation contains Gordon C. Olson’s booklets, “The Moral Government of God,” “Holiness and Sin,” “The Entrance of Sin Into The World,” and “The Lovingkindness of God our Savior” all in one volume. These classic theological writings deal with doctrines such as original sin, free will, total depravity, regeneration, holiness, repentance, faith, atonement, etc. These writings have been charished by many believers because they shine a bright light of truth upon many dark issues and clear away any theological fogs upon the mind.

338 pages


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Divine Nescience & Foreknowledge contains two classic works in one volume. They are “Divine Nescience of Future Contingencies A Necessity” and “The Foreknowledge of God, and Cognate Themes in Theology and Philosophy” by L. D. McCabe. Because these books were out of print, these books have been very hard to find and very expensive to purchase, until now. These two profound books were written in the 1800’s and brilliantly expound upon the open view of God. They are two of the most important theological writings of the 19th Century and arguably two of the best writings on the topic of open theism. This book is a must read for any Christian who wants to understand the scriptural and logical arguments for the open view of the future.

490 pages


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3 Responses to Reprinting Theological Classics!

  1. I just received this message about Gordon C Olson’s book: “I got your book you printed “The Essentials of Salvation.” Just finished reading the first part called the Moral Government of God. I just wanted to tell you how helpful it was in understanding the love of God for the fallen world and how He governs His universe. It’s like I’ve been reading the Bible with my eyes closed. It has just been a big blessing. Thanks you for getting Gods truth out there.”

  2. Bonnie Morris says:

    Is the Moral Government of God a book by itself or only found in the pages of “The Essentials of Salvation”?

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