Christian Thoughts on Home School vs. Public School – Jesse Morrell

Christian Thoughts on Home School vs. Public School

By Jesse Morrell

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

In light of the news reports of how a teacher had raped one of his students, who later committed suicide, and he only received 30 days in jail; and the story of how 200 Detroit public school teachers have registered online to be “sugar babies” who will have sex with “sugar daddys” for large amounts of money, I was discussing the advantage of homeschooling with someone on My Facebook.

They said that at least Americans can home school because in their country, homeschooling is outlawed.

I said: It is the natural right of the parents to be able to educate their children. It is the privilege of the government, but requires the consent of the parents.

But in many places home school is viewed as the right of the government, and the privilege of the parents that requires the consent of the government. Its backwards.

Government exists to protect my rights, not to educate my children. I am the parent, not them. God entrusted the education of their minds to me.

They said:

“the authorities get nervous of the mere idea that children are at home being neglected, and even harmed for years without anyone knowing. They feel they have the responsibility to protect children, so this law isn’t there due to sinister reasons. However, it’s still too strict with no flexibility. Especially if students learn to be immoral and/or evolutionists in the state schools…”

I said: Yes, they have a distrust for parents. Whereas, I have a distrust for government. I get nervous with the mere idea of children being in public school being neglected and even harmed for years without parents really realizing what is happening in the minds and hearts of their children. I was neglected by teachers. And with all the bullying and peer pressure in the system, children are harmed all the time. Especially now with school shootings. And with teachers having sex with students.

And even with a public school system, there are public school children that are neglected and harmed at home anyways. But maybe public schools should exist for those who can’t afford to private or home school. Public school should be a last resort, not the requirement.

I believe that parents should have the right to educate their children how they want, when they want, etc, without any restrictions or regulation from the government whatsoever. But even regulated homeschooling would be better than no homeschooling at all. Some states require annual testing, etc. Some will even require a public school teacher to visit the homes once a year to monitor for a day and see how they are being home schooled, but I think that is going too far because then the parents need permission from the public school to teach whereas it ought to be that public school needs permission from the parents to teach.

Parents have a natural affection for their children. Abuse from parents is the exception, not the rule. If a child is being abused by his parents, the children can be taken from the parents. The majority should not lose their rights because of the minority. And putting children into an environment where they are subjected to neglect by teachers, bullying and peer pressure from other students, endangered by predator teachers wanting sex with students, and school shooters, does not solve the problem at all. Parents who abuse their children will do so with or without public school. And with how immoral the teachers are, and how degraded the education is, public school has become a form of child abuse.

Parents, as a general rule, care more about the lives of their children than the government does. Nobody cares more about the education of my children than I do. I can do a much better job then the government can.

They said:

“A few years ago there was a disaster when a child who lived with her father, ended up not attending any school. The school that she used to attend tried to contact her parents, and finally her father said that she shouldn’t be going to any school because they were moving to Denmark. But in reality he was at home abusing her month after month. Since she didn’t attend any school no one knew. This of course resulted in criticism towards the school authorities who didn’t do more (but could they do more?) to investigate the matter. In my own community there was a mother (she was from Kenya) who killed her two little children by drowning, and the school authorities were criticized there as well because the children had been absent from school too long. But could the authorities do more? They tried to call the mother, and she offered various excuses, such as illnesses, etc. Such cases are tragic, but they should be used as reasons to prohibit home schooling.”

I said: So abuse from parents continues in your country even with the public school system. So the public school system doesn’t solve the problem.

I am amazed at how often I read in the news about teachers having sex with students.

So if a few parents abusing their children at home is a good reason to forbid homeschooling, the same logic would mean that a few teachers abusing their students in public school is a good reason to forbid public school. That is their logic applied to themselves.

In light of school shootings, teachers having sex with children, teachers signing up to be sugar babies, the indoctrination of children on issues like homosexuality and evolution, taking prayer and Bible out of school, etc, our public school system is totally lost.

After all, the teachers graduate from our secular universities and colleges. I know from being on over 100 universities and colleges how lost those places are. The majority of the students are completely corrupt in their morals and now they are becoming the teachers, politicians, journalists, etc.

It is no wonder that teachers are having sex with their students, signing up to be sugar babies, etc. They graduated from these universities. And it is no wonder that students are killing each other. They are taught to be godless.

The great failure of the public school system is its failure to teach character development, the fear of God, etc. And the great failure of parents has been to give total trust to the public school for the education of their children, a responsibility which God has given to the parents.

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