The Bible & Feminism – A Woman’s Place or Role in Society | Jesse Morrell


Jesse Morrell

The Bible is criticized by feminists because it says that woman are to be “keepers at home” (Titus 2:5). But I wonder, how many women in our country were taught that they need to go to college and get a degree (which they did) only to graduate, get married, and become stay at home moms? Except now they have massive college debt and a degree they don’t use…. I wonder how many feminists, if asked if they like their “job,” would say no or that they are dissatisfied in it? I wonder how many working women with children, if asked, would say that they wish they had more time to spend with their kids?

God designed women for the role of being a wife and a mother and it is in fulfilling these roles that they find great happiness and satisfaction. Likewise, men were designed to work and to labor, to provide for their family, etc, and it is in doing such that they have self-respect and satisfaction.

The feminists movement has portrayed itself as if it wanted to benefit women and to help them but in the end it has simply resulted in a lot of unfulfilled women, who hate their job, and wish that they could spend more time as a family.

There may be circumstances in which a woman has to work, but in such cases it is unfortunate. The curse put upon the man was labor by the sweat of his brow and the woman was pain in child bearing, but modern women are taking upon themselves both curses. The ideal is that women won’t have to work – that they will have loving and caring husbands who will sweat and toil to provide for them while they stay home with the children. By natural law the wife is to be home with the children, as evidenced by the natural necessity of breast feeding, and it is being the comforter and nurture to their children that they ought to be that they find great fulfillment – as they are living the way that they were designed to be.

And it is evident that men were designed and built for labor and work, given their physical constitution. It is natural for a man to work and for a wife to be home with the children. Parents have a natural right and obligation to educate and teach their children. Both working women and public schools are two very unnatural phenomenons in our culture. And why do children need to be public schooled? So that the women can have time to work! And the result is that mothers spend very little time with their children and instead, they are raised by the government.

The women I have talked to who have been stay at home mothers, who have homeschooled their children, etc, have been women who have been greatly satisfied, content, and happy with their lives. I’m sure many Christian women on here can testify to that! That which the Bible outlines for us is not for our hurt but for our good but it has always been the deception of the devil since the Garden of Eden to twist it around and make it appear opposite.

And I have no doubt that the feminist movement, by usurping the authority of the head of the home, has been a major contributor to the divorce rate in our country. There are many unhappy homes in our country where there is conflict instead of unity, harmony, and peace because the wife stubbornly refuses to submit herself to the authority of her husband. Society has distilled into modern women a distrust of men by portraying them as dumb or as “Homer Simpson” stereotypes. There’s an underlining attitude of “women are smarter than men” in our culture which tends to rebellious and stubborn wives who cause conflict in the home. The secret of the feminist movement has always been this: they do not want equal authority to men – they want authority over men. And it is unnatural, unsatisfying, and tends to misery and destruction.

I was once in a group discussion about the economy and the job problem in the US. And one Christian woman spoke up and said, “If these women would be keepers at the home, there would be a lot more jobs for the men!”

And I am certainly not against women being educated. If a mother is going to educate her children, she needs to have education herself. I say jestingly on campus, “I am not against women being educated. After all, I bought my wife a cook book.”

I do believe in women being educated and I do believe in women working. But their primary work should be in the home – tending to the children and to the needs of the house. And its an all expenses paid position!

The feminist movement undermines and devalues the very important and essential role of the wife.

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