Sin is the Burden We Need Deliverance From, Not God’s Moral Law!

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The Burden of Sin & Blessing of God’s Law

by Jesse Morrell

I hear sinners talk about obedience the moral law of God as being a heavy burden hard to bear… To saints, a life of sin is the heavy burden hard to bear. Sinners delight in sin but saints delight in holiness. So for sinners the moral law is a burden but to saints it is sin that is the burden.

“the way of transgressors is hard.” Prov. 13:15
“thy law is my delight.” Ps. 119:77
“I delight to do thy will” Ps. 40:8

When a sinner hears a sermon about obeying God, they cringe and think “do I have to?” When a saint hears a sermon about obeying God, they rejoice and think “what a blessing that I get to!”

There’s only two types of pastors in the church – those who preach that you must obey God and those who preach that you must obey sin. When sinners hear that you must obey God, that is a grievous to them. When saints hear that you must obey sin, that is grievous to them.

Sadly, the churches today have many sinners in the pews and the pulpits. Instead of attacking sin and defending holiness, many preachers attack holiness and defend sin. While the Bible urges us on to perfection and to sin no more, these twisters of the HOLY Bible use the scriptures to try to justify and excuse their lives of sin!

It is presented as “gospel” that you don’t have to repent of your sins and live a holy life. You can simply believe in Jesus and trust that His righteousness is imputed to you while you continue on in daily sinning and rebellion against God. You can’t stop sinning they say and you don’t have to. Just believe and keep on living in sin without worrying about it – you are eternally secure. But knowing the horrors of sin, such a false gospel is far from being good news to me! The good news of the gospel is one of deliverance, victory, repentance unto holiness, etc! The transformation of character promised in the Bible is good news to those of us who know the pains of sin! What a dread, what a horror, what a burden to even think about the necessity of continuing in a life of sin!

Jesus Christ came to set us free from our sins, not set us free to sin!

When you love God and consequently live in obedience to Him, the Antinomians will say things like, “I feel bad for you. You are under the bondage of legalism.” But when you hate God and consequently disobey Him, my thought is “I feel bad for you. You are under the bondage of lawlessness.”

The church is twisted today with twisted theology. Blessing is called bondage and bondage is considered blessing. Truth is called heresy and heresy is called truth. Bad news is called good news and good news is called bad news.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isa. 5:20

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1 Response to Sin is the Burden We Need Deliverance From, Not God’s Moral Law!

  1. Art Anson says:

    Very good post from Jesse M.. Very true — and nail-on-the-head-correct concerning the loose-living of so many so-called “Christians”. They despise the 10 Commandments. I often remind people that are obviously antinomians — that it was The Lord God Himself on Mt. Sinai who used HIS finger to carve the words on those stone tablets… Not Moses , but God Almighty. God’s words do not go away – just because greasy-grace “Christians” want to act/live just like the worldlings. [ Matt. 5:17,18. ] After I say my piece they almost always make their squawking noises { aka; “We are under grace – not under law.” } … squawk , squawk … The greasy-gracers never quote from the epistles of Peter or James or John or Jude.

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