Are Christians “WRETCHED” Sinners? by Jesse Morrell

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Are Christians “WRETCHED” Sinners?

By Jesse Morrell

It is very sad and very telling for any “Christian” to call themselves “wretched.” What a poor testimony of Jesus Christ! What dishonor to His saving grace! If you are going to call yourself “wretched” then please don’t call yourself a “Christian.” It is a very bad reflection upon Christ!

The “wretched” man described in Romans 7 was Paul’s description of an unconverted and yet convicted sinner. Paul’s descriptions of his own Christian life was that it was “void of offense” and he described Christians as “free from sin,” “sanctified,” and as “saints.” Our personal testimony should be one of being “Delivered,” not of still being “Wretched.”

For any Christian to apply Romans 7 to their own life and call themselves that “wretched man,” is an admission to being either an unconverted yet convicted sinner or being a backslider who needs to repent and be restored. How sad it is that many in the church today think that Paul’s description of an unconverted sinner convicted by the law is actually describing the Christian life! How horrible it is that many in the church today can “relate” to it as their own current experience! They haven’t yet found the freedom and victory that Paul described at the end of Romans 7 and into Romans 8! They remain stuck when Paul’s narrative progressed!

A “wretched Christian” is a contradiction in terms! But it is no surprise that the modern compromised backslidden church can relate to the wretched experience of Romans 7. Jesus himself said that the Laodicean church was “wretched” in his rebuke to them.”

“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art WRETCHED, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” Revelations 3:14-17

Instead of elevating their lives up to the standard of the Bible for a Christian, as outlined in Romans 6, many in the church think that Romans 7 must be the Christian life because “after all, I am a Christian and that is my life.” So instead of using the Bible as their standard for what a Christian is and then judging their life by it, they use their own life as the standard of a Christian and interpret the Bible by it.

So today, are you a wretched sinner or a sanctified saint? Its your choice.

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4 Responses to Are Christians “WRETCHED” Sinners? by Jesse Morrell

  1. So please, if you are going to call yourself “wretched,” stop calling yourself a Christian. It is a very poor reflection upon Christ!

  2. Art Anson says:

    Jesse M.: This is a reaaallllllly NOT good post from you. You are making yourself out to be better ( and smarter ) than The Apostle Paul. Paul was being honest — most humans ( and many Christian lie & fib about who they are. I recall Dr. J. Vernon McGee on day on T.T.B.R. say that he met a fellow who claimed to be “Totally Sanctified” … Dr. McGee said: “Let me ask your wife about that!”
    I tried to comment on your recent Facebook page entry – where you mention a verse written by The Apostle John — , but you ignored the writing of the same Apostle when he penned: Please look at 1 John 1:8-10. Keep reading to the next verse 2:1 …. John in his epistles urges us to NOT sin — but …. he says that IF we do sin , we have an advocate … check it out Jesse. I hope you will either rethink this Post/Blog of yours or just zap it. People that think they are not sinners have a name: “Mormons”. Christians understand that we are descended from Adam & Eve , and we must always be on guard and fighting the battle. If you or anyone thinks he does not sin … you have not read John or Paul all the way through.
    I really like the video you did about Augustine and his rotten ideas. I have linked it and sent it to some people I know. I am glad that you are doing evangelism to college students . I agree with much of your anti Calvinist/Augustine stuff — but when you think you know more than Paul , or are better than Paul … it is time to go and sit down in a quiet place and do some serious praying , and read 2 Cor. chapter 11, especially verses 16 to 33.

  3. WRETCHEDNESS – Not a Fruit of the Spirit

    The man described in Romans 7 cannot be a Christian, for many reasons, but one of which is that he is wretched. Wretched means miserable. He is guilty and convicted of his sin and is therefore miserable – wretched. He has no joy, which is a fruit of the Spirit. The Christian has repented knows his sin is forgiven, walking in obedience He has peace with God. He is not wretched or miserable. Wretchedness is not a fruit of the Spirit.

  4. Kyle Almost says:

    Jesse my brother I understand this isnt a popular view but I agree with you; this is what the bible teaches. I was a sinner; im not anymore now that I am born again. I may stubble from time to time but im not living in sin . that would be grounds to fall away.. instead if I fall I repent and stop that sin and God blesses me with freedom.. now there is no chains on me.. I may fall if I choose to yield to the flesh ; or the devil. I dont need too now tho. now I live by the Holy Ghost who guilds me. *NOT how traditions of man. Calvinism is a nasty teaching that keeps people trapped in sin! the key is summit to Christ daily.. and *take the bible for what it says and obey it!! I understand as a baby in the faith not to grasp this at first; altho as one grows up and closer to God they should get it and this will cause one to be walking FREE; unless one is brain washed by false teachers into believing they’re still a sinner!! its a sad reality as one believes in his heart so is he; as the bible is very clear on this point. people who make a practice of sin is lost there is NO truth In them; and sadly many man will hear on the day of Judgment DEPART from me you workers of lawlessness I never knew you… how scary !!

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