How Sorcery Resulted in the Death of Robin Williams: His Drug Use & Suicide | Jesse Morrell

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I made this post on My Facebook:

The Greek word in the New Testament for sorcerer is “φαρμακός” (pharmakos) and “φαρμακεύς” (pharmakeus) and is defined as “a druggist (“pharmacist”) or poisoner, that is, (by extension) a magician: – sorcerer.” A potion is “φάρμακον” and is a “a drug, that is, spell giving potion.” This is actually where we get the word pharmacy from. The word “bewitched” is “ἐξίστημι” (existēmi) and it means “to be out of one’s mind” or to be “besides one self” which is what happens when a person gets “high” on drugs.

Sorcery pertains to the abuse of substances or drugs. Things like marijuana, mushrooms, peyote, opium, ecstasy, etc, are not just mind altering drugs. They open you up to the spiritual world and the influence of demons and devils. Many of those who experience “bad trips” on acid for example see demons.

Suicide is demonic and it is no wonder that Robin Williams committed suicide. He had a history of drug abuse (was even with  John Belushi the night he overdosed and recently checked into rehab) and I suspect he was on pharmaceutical antidepressants which is known for causing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Through his drug use he was playing around with sorcery and opened himself up to the influence of demons.

Many of those who commit suicide are on pharmaceutical antidepressants. The death of Robin Williams should not spark a debate about “mental illness” in our society, but the negative effects of sorcery.


And I also made this post on My Facebook:

It is no wonder there is so much depression in our society and many commit suicide, judging that life is not worth living. It is because our society chooses to be godless. It is in a right relationship with God, as we were created and designed for, that we find true fulfillment and happiness. A man can have riches and fame and still be miserable and suicidal because he refuses to know God.



These were some of my comments made in the comments of My Facebook posts:

A real Christian has the joy of The Lord and has given his life to God. A backslider like Judas may commit suicide, but not someone who is living right with God. Suicide is selfish and robs God. Sin does tend to misery and when I was a sinner, I was depressed and thought of suicide. But in the past 14 years of knowing and serving God, the thought has never crossed my mind. True happiness comes through holiness. What is sad is that many in our society would sooner turn to drugs for their problems than to turn to God, and so they only make their problems worse.


It’s not a physical problem about chemicals. It’s a spiritual and moral problem about sin and God. Christians should not adopt the worlds naturalistic perspective and solutions for what is really a spiritual problem. It’s amazing how many Christians don’t see the hand of satan in suicide.


If the problem really was a mere chemical imbalance in the brain, the solution would be to put more chemicals into the body. But Robin Williams was on antidepressants and still committed suicide. In fact, I have two friends of mine who were both on medications and they still both committed suicide. The problem is not physical and the solution is not drugs. The solution is to live holy in a loving and faithful relationship to God.


“Yeah because Christians never commit suicide. Give me a break.”

People in church, yes. A backslider, yes. But a real Christian, no.

There is a problem in the church today with the teaching of Once Saved Always Saved and many in the church have committed suicide in times of depression thinking that they will go to heaven because they are Once Saved Always Saved. They should have been told that if they die in sin and murder themselves that they go to hell. That would have discouraged their suicide. But if you could commit suicide and go to heaven, why not? Heaven is better than earth.


Many medical studies have shown that “Antidepressants are Often Ineffective and May Increase Your Suicidal Tendencies.” That’s because the problem is not a mere chemical imbalance in the brain or else drugs would solve the problem. The problem is spiritual and sorcery will make it worse.


I’d like to see some stats for how many of those who are “depressed” are on drugs and how many who commit suicide are on “antidepressants.” I know that when I didn’t know God and was using drugs, I was certainly depressed and under the influence of demons.


“Does this mean that pharmacists are sorcerers then?”

Well, that is the name they gave to themselves.

The demonic influence in our society is larger than most people think. Why is it that much of the medical world promotes the use of drugs so heavily, despite its side effects and insufficiency, but natural remedies as God designed are looked down upon and shunned?


I fear that much of the medical world today has the same philosophy of the hippies from the 60’s, who believed in Timothy Leary’s gospel of drugs as the true route to peace and inner happiness. And it has always been the trick and deception of the devil to promise good through doing evil that really only results in death.

The hippies on the universities from the 60’s are today the professionals and experts in various fields in our society and they have been advocating and promoting their ideologies and agenda.

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9 Responses to How Sorcery Resulted in the Death of Robin Williams: His Drug Use & Suicide | Jesse Morrell

  1. smooothlegs says:

    Diagnosed Bipolar I went for the Ropey Dope and i assure you JESUS Titrated Me off Medications all together the sad thing is this … the so called Believers who i let understand my diagnosis are the first ones to advise me when i verbalize real feeling they concern for me to ” are you taking your medications?” Perhaps they need an encounter with DR JESUS as i have violently seek after JESUS ! Only he Kept me from 3 times trying under medication from KILLING ME! Only JESUS keeps me and only JESUS i follow JESUS bless you

  2. Max says:

    If Jesus is God…and the N.T. shows us that Jesus knows about his death coming….then didn’t he commit suicide by choosing death? That was God’s will for Him.
    Williams did no different….he probably told God ….I need to come home now….none of us knows nothing about why people do this….and many have done it in the past without any drugs or alcohol….So you just can’t blame it on modern medicines. I know people that take prescriptions that actually helped them from going suicidal…and some of them because of good medical prescriptions became Christians…. So to label pills or medications as sorcery is just plain stupidity…

  3. Max says:

    and if this doesn’t get posted….your no man of God dude….If Jesus is God…and the N.T. shows us that Jesus knows about his death coming….then didn’t he commit suicide by choosing death? That was God’s will for Him.
    Williams did no different….he probably told God ….I need to come home now….none of us knows nothing about why people do this….and many have done it in the past without any drugs or alcohol….So you just can’t blame it on modern medicines. I know people that take prescriptions that actually helped them from going suicidal…and some of them because of good medical prescriptions became Christians…. So to label pills or medications as sorcery is just plain stupidity…

    This post clearly shows your not totally right….when Jesus said something…you just could not get around it…this post gets around what you said easily……So dig deeper for a true answer about people that committed suicide.You do know that many Jews in WW2 committed suicide….death was better then having the Nazis torture them….past societies of peoples have done this…look throughout history. Suicide is even in the Bible. Example…Samson did it….

  4. Greg Lowe says:

    Love you Jesse, but I think you’re wrong on this one. A word is not defined by its etymology, but by it’s use in context. Just because our use of the the Latin root for pharmaceuticals is the same as that for sorcery doesn’t mean they ar the same thing. To say he had demonic influence because he used drugs is an assertion and assumption. All that can be said is he lived sinfully, fulfilling the lusts and desires of his flesh and not for Gods pleasure. Don need demons for that, just a self oriented sinful heart

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  6. Angel says:

    All the Best in the Lord!
    Would just like to point and clear out that Repentance is a must to be able to turn to God and seek for forgiveness. It’s utmost Biblical. Jesus paid the whole and all price and died for us, but Jesus did not had to repent for us or our sins, and He did not had either to repent Himself as He Himself never ever sinned. But He graciously did and still do ask for our forgiveness before the Father. Do the right thing fellow brother, teach as the Word does, sinners must repent and come back to God and ask the Father to allow the HolySpirit to reveal them of their sins, so they can ask for forgiveness before it is too late as the time draws nigh. Let us who believe and have turned away (only through Grace) to feel for others as we do to ourselves and as to our own.
    And let us be of a mild heart, and a heart of compassion and love of Jesus towards others, not to trample on the needy or the sinner. No one is perfect, and Jesus himself cared for the needy and for the weak and for sinners, so If someone for that reason has committed suicide, we grieve and feel sorry that no one went there and reached out before it went so wrong, before its too late. There is instead a good lesson for us (who believe) to take from this great tragedy. God cares and still care for every soul and every one./ Blessings and be a light of good news and comfort in Christ!

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  8. David Meyr says:

    With respect, it’s certainly true that all medications have side effects and medications that effect the brain will have side effects that influence our thinking. Anti-depressants can indeed result in an increase in suicidal thoughts and they, along with all psycho-pharmaceuticals, are very serious medicine which require close supervision to determine the proper type and dosage. Regretably, this can sometimes take time, but the reality is that many times the number of suicides occur as a result of untreated depression. Anti-depressants are not a cure all and they are probably over prescribed It’s important to realize that not all depression is best served by medication or chemically based. Many factors, genetic and societal, contribute to a person’s mental state and can affect their thinking about suicide and people can be on anti-depressants and still experience such mental anguish that they come to believe that they can only find peace in death. But the fact that a person may be on an anti-depressant and commit suicide should not simply be attributed to the anti-depressant. Millions of people, myself included, have benefited greatly from anti-depressants and our increasing understanding of the electro-chemical nature of the brain is helping to refine our ability to relieve mental suffering as we learn more. I don’t want to present this as a utopian panacea. It’s a very complicated process and there are too few qualified psychiatrist out there. In my personal experience, until we were able to determine the style and dosage I experienced very eratic mood swings and suicidal thoughts but after determining the correct medication and dosage my mental outlook is consistent and compares with that of my friends. I am no longer hopeless and consumed with thoughts of my own worthlessness.

    One party above proposed that if depression was chemical it would be fixed by chemicals. That’s like saying, if a car’s engine problem was chemical, it would be fixed by putting chemicals into it. Of course can be a chemical problem but you have to know the proper chemicals and the proper amounts. Anything else will probably harm the car. I don’t know if you have experience chronic, life long depression but the mental anquish is impossible to convey to someone who hasn’t experienced it. It’s like experiencing a stroke, Unless you’ve had one, it’s impossible to really know what it’s like. Your brain thinks differently when you are depressed and what makes sense to you while under it’s influence, either in a manic phase or in depression, are things you would never otherwise consider.

    I don’t share your religious beliefs and I’m not trying to change them or dismiss them. Perhaps there are forces beyond our recognition acting on us. I just want to be clear, hopefully politely and respectfully, that our brains, like everything else in our bodies, can sometime function incorrectly which results in the thinking process becoming flawed. It’s not the only cause of depression but years of research and millions of people living succesful lives on anti-depressants demonstrate that there can be a physical basis for depression.
    Thanks for your time,
    Dave Meyr

  9. john glass says:

    I was so very tempted to respond to this article when I first read it but knew better as it would have been quite derogatory. So now that I have cooled my jets here we go.
    First what is your medical degree in? Are you a PhD, MD, NP, RN… I tend to believe by what I read you are none of these. As you are a preacher I’m sure you would stand on the premise you have to knowbthe bible to teach his word. The same goes for medicine. The question begs what meds are good and which ones are not, more importantly who decides. By your statement since all pharmacists are sorcerers all meds must be of the enemy. This makes a piwerful quandry, if you have to have surgery I guess you can get by by biting the bullet to avoid dealing with demons or you dan live with that fatal infection, nowbif you have cancer yiu may not be so lucky, you see sorcerers developed the nuclear medicine used to treat cancer patients. Of course they to can opt iut of treatment and eventually die from it. But now this brings on yet another issue by refusing treatment they are killing themselves a sin. There are also those who kill themselves by runningbin ti traffic go save a wayward child. Ajither one for hell he could have just stood by. Or there is that so called christian who humps his bible around on the battlefield offering support to his fellow marines living an exempalry life and during a fire fight throws his bidy on a grenade as such killing himself a real suicide kill there. Of course takibg meds is jot a sin, saving another is not sinful. Being depressed is not a sin being mentally ill is not a sin. Succumbing to an mm illness is not a sin. What is a sin is to point at person judge them, find them guilty, and condemn them to hell. That is the Allmightys job. Our job is to teach the gospel and as our Savior told us to do love one another. You might want to consider posting something about praying for the William s family instead of speculating on what drove him to kill himself

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