The god of Calvinism is Unloving and therefore is NOT the God of the Bible | Jesse Morrell

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I made this post on My Facebook:

If a man was at a pool and saw two children drowning because they could not swim, what does love obligate the man to do? To save both of them if he could. He should seek to save them both to the best of his ability. But what if he could have saved both of them but decided to save only one of them? Would he not be unloving and morally wrong? Yes, he would be. And what if he offered as his excuse, “Well, that kid put himself in the situation. I did not drown him. I simply let him drown himself.” Would that justify his actions? Certainly not.

How then could Calvinists think that God is loving when, in their own system, He could save everyone but chooses not to? Sinners are damned for their sins which they supposedly had no ability to avoid and God chooses to withhold the saving power necessary to deliver them from sin and damnation. And the justification they offer for God “passing over” the supposed non-elect is that God simply leaves them in the situation they put themselves into.

Fact is, the God of Calvinism is an unloving god and for that reason alone is not the God of the Bible.

And to make the analogy worse, what if the man was the one who pushed them into the pool? As it is taught in Calvinism, men sin because God decreed that they should and they could not avoid it. Then his justification is seen as nothing more than a lie.

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1 Response to The god of Calvinism is Unloving and therefore is NOT the God of the Bible | Jesse Morrell

  1. Is God loving towards the non-elect when He chooses not to make their salvation possible? Certainly not. Thus, God would be unloving in a limited atonement. How does God demonstrate His love? By the atonement. So if the atonement is not for all men, God does not love all men.

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