Slavery in the Bible by Jesse Morrell

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Jesse Morrell

A homosexual said on one of my videos, “God is OK with slavery.” I hear this a lot from atheists and homosexuals. Their argument is “If the Bible got it wrong on slavery, don’t you think it might be wrong on homosexuality also?” However, they falsely assume that the slavery that existed in Israel is the same type of slavery that existed in the United States. 

I wrote back:

Actually, if you study the Jewish Torah it says that it is illegal to kidnap a man and sell him into slavery, that anyone who kills another man (including a slave) should be put to death, that Jewish cities were to be sanctuaries for runaway slaves, that Jewish slaves in Israel were to be set free on the seventh year of Jubalee, etc. Some slaves even preferred slavery over their freedom when given the choice and so there was voluntary servitude. Abraham even armed his slaves with weapons to fight against kings so he evidently wasn’t worried they would attack him, showing that in the ancient world being a servant in Abraham’s company was a desirable position. In Israel people became a slave through crime, debt, or war. It was not because of skin color. And fact is, through our national debt in the United States we have sold our children into indentured servitude. Also, criminals in prison who are put to work and even get paid very little are in fact slaves of the State. But there is no injustice in this. God did punish Israel with slavery in Babylon but God’s heart is to “set the captives free.” You see this especially in the story of Exodus. Fact is, you are either a slave of sin or a slave of righteousness. You choose who you serve.

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