Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings? Jesse Morrell

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By Jesse Morrell

I was debating the question, “Should Christians attend Gay Marriage Ceremonies of Family Members?” in a “Christian” Facebook group. Most were in favor of attending saying that if you love him you should, be happy that he is happy, Jesus hung out with sinners, etc.

These were some of my remarks:

“Love your brother enough to tell him homosexuality is a soul damning sin and that you cannot in any way support it because you love him too much. I would treat a homosexual in my family the same way as a drug addict. They are making unwise destructive sinful choices because of an addiction to pleasure. And if I love my drug addicted family member, I won’t support their drug addiction or attend any of their drug parties.”

“I just don’t understand the whole “do you love your brother” and “just be happy for him” kind of arguments. We don’t do that with any other kind of sin. “Hey, my brother smokes crack and invited me to a crack party. He really loves his drug and is committed to it. I don’t agree with it but should I go?” “Sure, don’t you love your brother? If it makes him happy, just be happy for him. Don’t force your beliefs upon him because he has different values than you do.” What would true love require in that situation?”

“Remember, when Jesus “ate with sinners” he at the same time preached to them. He told stories like the prodigal son or even rebuked his host for not washing his feet. So if you are going to go to a same-sex wedding because Jesus “ate with sinners” and “hung out with them,” I hope you will preach to them while doing so like Jesus did.”

“I think a good medical study on the effects of homosexuality should also be considered when considering what “love” requires us to do. Not only are homosexuals unloving by killing each other with HIV and AIDS, there are other issues too like anal warts, throat cancer, prolapsed rectum, peritonitis, anal fishers, etc. Homosexuality is a sin that not only destroys the soul but destroys the body. If I hated somebody I would want them to engage in homosexuality. If I love them, I cannot accept it.”

These comments were not well received to say the least, especially by the “homosexual Christians.”

Some remarks were:

“You are the only thing that is unloving Jesse.”

“I don’t think it had anything at all about love Jesse just closed mindedness hate.”

“Jesse Morrell we get it you have tried to make God as small as you are frown emoticon Your small mind obviously doesn’t understand what love looks like. Maybe instead looking for specks in others eyes you and anyone wanting to respond with Judgement should re-read 1 Corinthians where it talks about what Love is!”

But one of the critics eventually said this:

“You know, I’ve been thinking about this more, and I think Jesse has a point: if you honestly believe that your brother’s lifestyle will condemn him to Eternal Conscious Torment, then the only truly loving thing to do would be to refuse to support the marriage and plead with your brother at EVERY opportunity to reconsider the path he is on. In fact, if you are not already doing that, then i question either the sincerity of your love for your brother OR your commitment to that belief. I hope it’s the latter, because in my opinion it’s a really horrifying belief.”

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1 Response to Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings? Jesse Morrell

    Today is a very sad day for freedom. The government has declared that the people’s vote doesn’t matter. The Supreme Court is now a legislator. Forget our elected Congressmen, law comes from government appointed Judges. People hail all this as a victory for freedom when it is actually tyranny. America is not a land governed by the rule of law anymore with a government of the people for the people. America has died.

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