Using “The Imputed Righteousness of Christ” As A License to Sin | Jesse Morrell

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Often when I am calling religious sinners to repentance out in the open air I hear them say, “I don’t need to repent and stop sinning. I am covered by the imputed righteousness of Christ. I trust in His righteousness.”

I can think of nothing more demonic than to turn the righteousness of Christ as a reason to live in sin! Did Christ live righteous so that you could live sinful? It was the righteous Christ who preached “go and sin no more.” He is coming back to judge the world in righteousness. The righteousness of Christ should make you afraid to sin.

If you truly believed and trusted in His righteousness, that He is the enemy of all sin and is coming back to slay His enemies, you would repent and stop sinning. He is righteous and He expects you to follow in His ways. The fact that Christ is righteous is no occasion to keep on sinning. That’s the doctrine of devils.

Jesus Christ makes us righteous in both our position and our practice. He is our righteousness. The idea that “Christ is my righteousness… so I can keep sinning” is like saying, “Christ is my wisdom… so I can stay ignorant.” No, Christ is our wisdom and He makes us actually wise. And Christ is our righteousness and He makes us actually right.

~ Jesse Morrell

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1 Response to Using “The Imputed Righteousness of Christ” As A License to Sin | Jesse Morrell

  1. Art Anson says:

    Well said ,,, VERY well said Jesse Morrell ! I have been around greasy-gracers for decades now and they are disgusting. Even non-believers think they are liars and hypocrites. Non-believers may not want to become ‘Christians’ – but even they know that a ‘Christian’ is meant to be a follower of The Lord Jesus – NOT a bad witness and a walking/ talking pile of sloppy-agape filth. Keep up the good work ! btw – You are probably too young to have heard him , but you should try and get recordings done by Keith Green {( formerly of ‘Last Days Ministries in Texas ) ( He and 2 of his kids died in a plane wreck. )} His wife – Melody is still around on Facebook and sometimes posts one his ( and her ) songs. He was a “Wesleyan” / “Holiness” / “Ravenhill” guy. He was hated by many in the so-called “Christian” music biz… because He “Walked the talk” , but the listeners liked his songs.

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