Is Jesse Morrell an Arminian?

This was an email I received today:

Hi, just found your site while researching “original sin”. I see you are against Calvinism and wondered (maybe I just didn’t see it) if you consider yourself Arminian in belief?  They (and me probably) disagree with at lest the U, L, and I of TULIP.

I’ve had many people ask me this over the years so I thought I’d share my answer publicly.
Here is my response:

Hi Lonnie,

I actually do not believe in any of the 5 points of the TULIP. I consider myself Arminianish, as I have many agreements with them. I really like reading John Fletchers Checks to Antinomianism and like a lot of what the early Wesleyan-Arminians had to say. But I wouldn’t say I am an “Arminian” because I am not a follower of the teachings of Arminius. I have his three volumes but haven’t really read them. I definitely have more agreements with the Arminians than the Calvinists. I also have some disagreements with the Arminians. I also agree with some of the things Pelagius said but I wouldn’t call myself a “Pelagian”, though I agree more with him than with Augustine and the Augustinians. Though I also would have some disagreements with the Pelagians too. I just call myself a “Christian” because I am a follower of Christ. I don’t fit perfectly into any of those theological camps and I am willing to disagree with any group or church when I feel my Bible and the Holy Spirit is teaching me something different.
God bless!
Jesse Morrell
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1 Response to Is Jesse Morrell an Arminian?

  1. Art Anson says:

    Well said. Good response. Use the Bible first and foremost.

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