Science Proves Free Will: Neuroplasticity & Epigenetics | Jesse Morrell

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Free will is scientifically proven through neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

It used to be that neurologists thought that once the adult brain was formed that it did not change and that your choices and behavior in life was simply the necessary result of your brain – biological determinism. The part of the brain for sympathy and empathy, for example, may be underdeveloped in a serial killer.

The same has been said about your genes – that you are the product of your genes and you cannot change that. Again, a biological determinism.

But science has finally realized that it is not that your choices are the product of your brain, but that your brain is the product of your choices. The brain is like plastic that is constantly changing and reforming in accordance with your thoughts – what you choose to think about. You form new neurological pathways and connections when you learn something new. And you strengthen those pathways by continual thought, creating habits. You could tell, just by looking at the wrinkles in Einsteins brain, that he played violin for example. The brain is like a muscle that you build and form by your use of it.

And genetically, you have the power by your thoughts (and consequently choices, since you choose your thoughts) to turn certain genes on or off. It is called epigenetic. That is why identical twins, who have identical genes, will not have identical lives. Their beliefs and behaviors will be different. Because they have different experiences in life and make difference choices. Consequently, they have different “genetic expressions.” You may inherit certain genetic predispositions from your parents but these do not have a determinist relationship to your choices. You can turn them “on or off” like a light switch by your thoughts and choices.

These considerations also help in understanding the many testimonies of people who say that they used to be homosexuals but are now born again and are no longer homosexual. Their brain and genetic expression has literally been changed – new creatures in Christ! The old has past the new has come!

So it seems that science is finally catching up to the Bible, teaching that man does in fact have free will – something the Bible has been teaching for thousands of years.

“I set before you life and I set before you death. Therefore, choose life.” “The son does not bear the inquiry of the father. Neither does the father bear the iniquity of the son. The soul that sinneth it shall die.”

~ Jesse Morrell



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