I Need Your Help Writing a Book – The Street Preacher Manual! Jesse Morrell


Hey Everyone!

I’m currently working diligently writing “The Street Preacher Manual” that I think is really going to bless the evangelism community. I have 100 pages of outlines on a vast array of topics so far to help raise up more laborers for the open-air fields and to bless those who are already doing it.

I regularly get questions from other street preachers or aspiring street preachers asking, “How do you draw a crowd?” “How do you get on universities?” “How do you do this full-time?” “I had an incident with the Police. Any tips?” etc.

The manual is going to be full of personal stories, practical tips, apologetics, etc. Experience is the best teacher, especially when it comes to evangelism on the streets, but you can also learn a great deal from the experience of others.

This is the type of book that I wish existed when I first got started on the streets and campuses. But I wanted to get feedback from everyone else before I publish this to make sure that I really cover all the topics.

So can you do me a favor and tell me in the form below:

What would you want to learn from a street preacher manual? What specific topic or area do you want to know more about? 

You can help make an important contribution to this manual that could really help street preachers and consequently influence the world.

I’ll also add you to our emailing list so that you’ll be notified when the manual is completed and available. I have bigger plans than just a manual and I’ll be revealing those as time goes on too.

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