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I was blessed to be invited to Hawaii by a great Christian family that has been inspired by my YouTube videos. They provided everything I needed for travel, food, and lodging. I joke that Hawaii is a rough mission field but somebodies got to do it. But that’s true. My hosts have experienced attacks and arrests in the past for their evangelism. Hawaii is a place full of many lost souls and the gospel needs to be preached there.


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My hosts had a home made boat and wanted to do some “boat preaching” around the shores of the Island. Jesus preached from a boat on the Sea of Galilee and he told us to go into “all” the world and preach to “every” creature, so that certainly includes the shores of Hawaii!

We heard a report that big waves were expecting to come in later in the afternoon, which would make it unsafe for our boat to be out, but we had enough time in the morning to get out there and preach.

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We preached to surfers, scuba divers, boaters, and beach goers. Using a bullhorn for amplification the gospel really echoed through the waters. The acoustics were excellent, which is no doubt why Jesus preached to the masses from a boat. I know that people could hear us because every now and then they would signal to us with their middle fingers to let us know.

One of the beaches that we preached to was a “nudist beach.” We were far away enough to not see anything but close enough that they could hear us. I am sure they weren’t expecting to go to the nudist beach that day to hear, “God commands all men everywhere to repent!”


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One of our night time outreaches was to the Maui County Fair for a couple days. We preached outside of the entrance where everyone had to go in and out.

We had numerous discussions and dialogs. One was with a group of professing Christians and we discussed what it really means to be “saved by grace.” They seemed to be coming from the perspective that “saved by grace” means that you can continue in daily sinning whereas I contended that “saved by grace” means that you are delivered from daily sinning. Grace is certainly not a license to sin.

One evening I was heckled by a transgender woman who I think is dying from some type of disease that has kept her bones from growing. She acted like she was “thugged out” but later said that her father was a pastor. She said her father was perfectly ok with her lesbianism but I continued to minister to her the thoughts of God on the matter. At one particular time I saw the conviction on her face. Her eyes became watery and I could tell God was dealing with her. It was at that moment that she told me to “shut up” because she was being deeply affected. She engaged me in dialog for a long time until she finally left. Pray for her soul.


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The University of Hawaii in Maui hasn’t seen many open-air preachers before. It took about 30 minutes each day to work up a crowd but eventually the students gathered around. I contacted the administration before flying to Hawaii to ask if there were any free speech policies I needed to be aware of but they never responded. When they saw me on campus they didn’t even talk to me but they did try to get the students to leave. Using some basic crowd control techniques I persuaded them to stay despite the encouragement of the campus Police to leave. I simply preached on a topic that they were very interested in – sexual immorality.


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One the second day I found a “sweet spot” for good acoustics. Acoustics is all about positioning. There was a particular location on top of a hill that had excellent acoustics if I positioned myself towards a certain building. My voice then echoed throughout the entire area with ease. My friend said that he could hear me from the parking lot.

Good acoustics have pros and cons. In general you get more attention and more listeners but it also can attract more haters. One man, who I suspect wasn’t a student at all but a homeless drug addict, came over and started threatening me. He shoved me and hit me in the face. We also brought a skeleton to campus as a visual aid which he picked up and broke on the ground. When the campus security arrived he said to them, “HOW IS THIS LEGAL?” In reference to what I was doing. I thought that was ironic since he was the one breaking the law.

So how do you respond when someone attacks you while witnessing and testifying for the Lord? Unless it’s an angry mob that is going to tear you apart, you can persevere through it and keep preaching. That is what I did. He eventually left and I continued preach, as loud and clear as ever. And by the end of the day I had a crowd of students sitting in the grass just listening to the Word being preached.



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 There was an event called “First Friday” that we brought the gospel too. The event was free and open to the public so it was perfect for open-air preaching. I walked through the event from one side to another to find the best location to preach from. We set up in an open area that could hold a crowd that was far away from the vendors enough not to bother them. If anyone calls the Police at these events it is usually the nearby vendors. Our location also happened to be near the Beer tent.

This was my favorite outreach from this trip. Nice crowds gathered around throughout the night and engaged us with questions. There was one drunkard from the beer tent who seemed very interested in what we were preaching. He stopped and listened for a good amount of time and I was able to explain why it was a sin and that God requires him to repent of it. Please pray for everyone who heard the Word that night.



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I love to decorate my personal office with classic pictures of open air preachers like William Booth, John Wesley, George Whitefield, etc. I find them very inspiring and encouraging. Just recently I decided to make these posters available to everyone. There is a selection of 40 different images but you can also submit your own.

Check it out here: Open-Air Preaching Posters


These are the titles of some of our latest open-air preaching videos on YouTube:

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My wife and I just recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary! These 10 years have flown by. I am blessed to have a wife who has stood by me throughout the years and has traveled by my side across the country as I preach the gospel. Our years together have been blessed because Christ is the center of our marriage and our focus is on living to please Him.




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My family and I drove from Texas to Canada to spend Christmas with my wife’s family. Our kids are excited about all the snow! I am excited about working on a book that I’ve been writing to help train up other preachers. Our financial support usually slows down during the Holiday Season so please remember my family and I as we continue to serve in the ministry.


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