I Hate The Doctrine of “Justification In Sin” or “Simul Justus Et Peccator”

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False Doctrine: Justification In SIN by DEAD FAITH | Refuted by Jesse Morrell


1. Do you think that the Calvinistic doctrine of Justification In Sin, or Justified While Sinning, contributed to the felonious DUI of R. C. Sproul Jr and his membership to Ashley Madison? But do you expect from a theology that says you have no free will to avoid sin, are necessitated to sin by your nature, will sin every day of your life until you die, but you are righteous in the eyes of God while you are sinning.

2. Someone said, “I’m in Christ and He is my righteousness.” Yes He makes us righteous. Just like He is our wisdom and makes us wise. Just like he is our sanctification and sanctifies us. He is our righteousness and He justifies us. 1Co 1:30 – But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption It is not that His wisdom and His sanctification and His redemption is imputed to us, but that He actually makes us wise, actually sanctifies us, actually redeems us, and actually makes us righteous. Saying that believers are unrighteous in their position while righteous in their practice is actually a denial of Christ being unto us righteousness, since in that view He doesn’t actually make us righteous. If we do not become righteous He didn’t really justify us.

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6 Responses to I Hate The Doctrine of “Justification In Sin” or “Simul Justus Et Peccator”

  1. carla says:

    i believe that we are Justified by CHRIST and as sinning, we know by the holy ghost in us that we need to confess, in our daily walk. and he it readily to forgive us of our sins.

  2. Bill says:

    Interesting that you think calvinists are soft on sin. I find guys like John Owen in the past and John Piper today and many other calvinists as having unrealistic expectations of how the christian life looks like. To me Romans 7 is the actual christian life. The man in Romans 7 is holy, because as Paul says “it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me”. Paul said this not once but twice ! Romans 8:17 and Romans 8:20. It is perfectly fine for a christian to join Ashley Madison and watch pornography. This does not mean that somebody is not a christian or is not sanctified. A holy christian can join Ashley Madison, a holy christian can watch porn. Will he enjoy ? Of course not, there is a struggle between the flesh and the spirit in the christian, in the sense that the christian does the things he does not want to do as Paul says in Romans 7, and also in Galatians 5:17 Paul explains that the war between the flesh and the spirit keeps you from doing the things you want to do. Indwelling sin in believers is a biblical christian doctrine. And this does not mean at all that a christian is not sanctified as you say in this video. With that said no christian will sin willfully, the man of Romans 7 and Galatians 5:17, clearly describes a man that hates what he;s doing, and yet he’s unable to stop. Very clearly Christians cannot stop sinning, but unlike unbelievers the christian wants to stop, but he has no power to stop. The unbeliever on the other hand does not want to stop sinning, the unbeliever sins willfully, the believer does not sin willfully. And in those cases where the believer sins willfully he will repent and stop, however when it comes to sins of weakness like signing up to an Ashley Madison web site the believer cannot stop doing it. However God will only permit it to go so far, R C Sproul never actually communicated with a woman on the website and never met a woman in order to commit adultery. However, I agree with you that it is very bothersome that R C Sproul was driving while impaired, I do not know the whole story, but if R C Sproul is the type of man that regularly gets drunk I would tend to question his salvation as well. Getting intoxicated increases our capacity to sin, if we have problems dealing with sin when we are sober, and if we cannot stop our sins of weakness like Paul in Romans 7, those that get intoxicated are further inviting the devil. An intoxicated man will do things that a sober man would not. So I am not commenting about R C Sproul’s situation, other than to say that if he’s a regular drunkard one has to wonder he has trusted in Christ for salvation.

  3. Bill says:

    I meant to say Romans 7:17 and Romans 7:20 instead of 8:17 an d8:20

  4. Jose Plascencia says:

    Thank you for sharing this great video! Maybe you will be shocked but I am a Catholic and what you said is pretty much what we Catholics believe! May God bless you!

    • I was raised Catholic but I haven’t thoroughly studied the Catholic Doctrine of Justification. I’ve heard that they believe that you actually become righteous when you are justified. The Reformed Doctrine of Justification is indeed heresy – that God declares you to be righteous while you are unrighteous. I think that the Reformers and the Catholics both get some things right and both get some things wrong. I think that the Orthodox Church gets some things right too, like free will. And how the Orthodox don’t believe in Catholic Original Sin.

      • Jose Plascencia says:

        Thank you for kindly responding! I think that if you take a look at the Catholic view on Justification you would agree with much of it. I was a Baptist for 20 years, I became a Catholic last year after 3 years and a half of studying it. May God bless you!

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