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Every four years Washington D.C. is flooded with people from all across the world to watch the Presidential Inauguration. This is a perfect opportunity for street preachers to reach the masses with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Since so many people flood into D.C. during this time, parking and lodging is difficult. But we were able to find a local church that let us sleep with sleeping bags in one of their rooms and then we took the subway into the city every day.


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One of the great things about preaching at a big event like this is not only that people come from all over the world to watch the event but also media from all over the world comes in to cover the event. This gives us even more of an opportunity to spread the gospel across the world!

We had various interviews from different news agencies throughout our trip. I had recently been contacted by a film student from New York that wanted to know my campus schedule because he wanted to make a short personality documentary for his class. I invited him to the inauguration and he showed up and followed us around for a couple days. He filmed the preaching and did an audio interview with me. He is not a Christian and I found out that his girlfriend is a make-up artist for CNN (apparently the make-up artist for Anderson Cooper), so I am hoping he doesn’t put any liberal spin on his short film. We will see.


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During the pre-inauguration event the day before the inauguration we preach to a line of Trump supporters going to an event at the Lincoln Memorial. I recognized one of them as Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars,” a History Channel TV show about a Pawn Shop in Los Vegas. As a business man he was a critic of Obamacare because of the increase he had to pay in premiums for his employees.

I noticed that he tried to cut the line by showing the security his I.D., hoping his celebrity would get him in. When they turned him away he walked back a little bit and then cut the line in front of where we were preaching. So I preached to him, “You need to repent and get right with God, Rick. Just like you have to get into this event by going the right way, you need to get to Heaven by going the right way – Jesus Christ.”


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One stranger saw us out there with our signs and bullhorns and came up to us and said, “Are you guys preaching Jesus Christ? This is awesome! Wow, this is amazing!” He loved what we were doing. He was a Chinese brother who pastors and teaches at a seminary in California. We asked if he wanted to preach and he readily said “Yes!” He even gave part of his sermon in Chinese, he said in case there were any other Chinese people there.

It is not every day that Christians see street preaching going on and readily join the team! I wish more pastors and seminary teachers would hit the streets with the gospel! He even invited us to come and teach at his school in California, which would be great to do one day.


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On the actual Inauguration Day the different street preaching teams came together and we stood our ground right at the main gate where hundreds of thousands of attendees went in and out! We literally preached to hundreds of thousands of people in a single day!

If you want to preach to hundreds of thousands of people in a single day, all you have to do is find a big event that will attract hundreds of thousands of people. Then stand at the gate where everyone goes in and out from holding a Jesus Sign and preaching on an amplifier. In the days of the Bible, the prophets would preach at “the gate” of the Temple and “the gate” of the city. This was a strategic location to have the greatest reach and impact!


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My first concern about preaching at the Inauguration was safety. Is this going to be safe? We heard reports that protesters and rioters wanted to come and “shut down D.C.” But when I got there I realized that D.C. was probably one of the safest places in the country during the Inauguration because of how heavily guarded it was by the Police, Secret Service, and Military. As we preached, we were assigned our own military unit that circled around us and kept the crowds and hecklers back away from us!

One thing about the crowds that day was that lots of people were wearing red hats! I played off this and said, “I see you guys are wearing red hats today. Let the color red remind you of the blood of Jesus Christ! I declare that your hats are now Jesus hats! I hope that every time you see those hats today you think Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”


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One thing about the Trump voters that we preached to was that there was very little heckling. Even though we preached to hundreds of thousands of them, literally only a handful heckled us. Most of them were quiet and respectful and appeared to be rational, logical, emotionally controlled people. But this apparent family of “Christians” heckled our team for a long time. They said, “The Bible warns of false prophets! You are going to be judged for this! This is not loving!” They were guilty of exactly what they were accusing us of. They came off as angry, hateful, mean spirited people at they yelled at us through their little bullhorn. It was ironic for them to be saying, “YOU ARE NOT BEING LOVING!” when they were not showing any love towards us. They looked like they had murder in their hearts, like the Pharisees and religious sinners who cried out “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

Our preaching, on the other hand, is loving. We warn sinners and rebuke sin out of a care and concern for their souls. But when “Christians” like this get upset, it is usually because their own sins and hypocrisies are being pointed out. They are lashing out under the conviction of sin. They want us to say, “God accept you as you are” instead of saying “God is angry with the wicked every day” because they don’t want to repent of their sins. But nothing is more unloving than sinning against God and man. It would be unloving if we did not call sinners to repentance.


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There were two groups of hecklers who harassed us above the rest. The first were some local teenagers who followed us around the city a bit as we were walking around. They yelled and screamed at us, “F@#* TRUMP” and other profanities. The other was a family who didn’t like us preaching at the gate that later saw us again in a food court. The Police had to come to calm them down.

Considering the fact that we preached to hundreds of thousands of people, the fact that we can count on one hand how many “outrageous hecklers” we had it pretty good! I requested prayer support from my Facebook friends and I think that those prayers must have been heard!


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