What Happens when Men of God Crash the D.C. Women’s March? Jesse Morrell

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After we preached at the Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration, the liberals came into Washington to host their own anti-Trump march. These were the Hillary voters who boycotted the inauguration and now wanted to make their voices heard. I even personally heard Madonna say that she wanted to “blow up the Whitehouse.” As time goes on with the rhetoric and riots, liberals are showing themselves to be a radical terrorist hate group, aren’t they?


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I found myself surrounded by the biggest crowd of abortionists, lesbians, feminists, Trump haters and Hillary voters in the world! The D.C. Women’s March was really a Planned Parenthood Parade. There were Pro-Planned Parenthood signs everywhere you looked. Looking at the sea of women, I thought to myself, “These people are the reason that there are millions of abortions a year.” The good news is that we set up shop with our banners and bullhorns right in the middle of the street their parade was on so that we could loudly and boldly proclaim the truth!

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Since this was a the “Women’s March” full of radical liberal women, it seemed fitting that we let most of the preaching be done by women on our team. The Bible teaches that women should minister to other women. I think it is good that these wicked women were rebuked by men of God but I am especially glad that we had women of God on our team to tell these people what a real women is supposed to be like.

The truth is that feminism has the spirit of rebellion. They rebel against the authority of their fathers, they rebel against the authority of their husbands, and they rebel against the authority of God. The feminist movement is a movement of rebellious women who want to be in charge themselves. In Genesis 3:16 God said that the woman’s desire would be for her husband but he will rule over her. Feminism seeks to reverse God’s order of things. The truth of feminism is this – they want a woman to rule over every man in the country. It’s called, “The First Woman President.” They want to rule and reign over men. The sisters on the team preached about biblical submission to authority – to God and to their husbands.

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One of the things I have personally noticed is that conservatives have rational arguments, which is why they are so successful at talk radio, but liberals just have brainwashing chants. It’s funny because liberals think themselves to be “open-minded” and “Free-thinkers” but the fact is that they all chant the same things. If anyone disagrees with their liberal agenda they are labeled as “hateful.” Anyone who speaks out against them is called a “racist, sexist, homophobe.” They don’t have any actual arguments, which is why they fail at talk radio. It seems like conservatives can be categorized as more “thinkers” whereas liberals are just “feelers” who are only governed and moved by their out of control emotions. As we stood and preached the Bible, the liberals surrounded us with their typical chants of, “No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist U.S.A.!” Since they don’t have any substance they must resort to mindless chanting.

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It is amazing that when street preachers use signs to communicate our message we are told that we are just going to “turn people off” and that this is not an “effective method.” But when the liberals want to have their protests and marches, they use signs galore! One woman had a sign that said, “We are the Daughters of the Witches You Didn’t Burn.” And one guy even had a hat that said, “Make America Gay Again.” These examples just give you a small glimpse into the type of people we were ministering to that day.

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We had signs that said things like, “Abortion is Murder.” They had signs that said things like, “Smash the Patriarchy!” The truth is that liberalism is a satanic attack on the family unit God instituted. Look at the liberal agenda – feminism, abortion, homosexuality, etc. Every one of those is an assault on the family unit. I have said in the open-air, “Feminism is the leading cause of divorce today!” Satan’s desire is to destroy God’s creation – mankind. And the backbone of all of our societies is the family unit. To destroy the family is to destroy society.

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When we finally left the Women’s March a crowd of the women started cheering and chanting, singing “Good Bye” to us as we walked away. But I made a very interesting observation as we left. These liberals had littered all over the streets of D.C. and were leaving it a filthy mess! Trash was EVERYWHERE! What is interesting about this is that the liberals try to paint the republicans and conservatives as the “big polluters” who are ruining the planet. Liberals want to “save the planet.” But during the Trump Inauguration when D.C. was filled with republicans and conservatives, the streets were SUPER clean. After the liberal Women’s March, with all the Hillary voters and Trump haters, the streets were EXTREMELY filthy. How ironic.


D.C. Women’s March GOES CRAZY Over Masculine Men of God Street Preaching!


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