Souls Are Being Saved Through Street Preaching! Jesse Morrell

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I was blessed with an opportunity to speak to a congregation in Topeka, Kansas who knew about my ministry through YouTube. The Pastor of this church is also a street preacher! The real way for a pastor to influence his congregation towards evangelism is to lead by example! Street preaching churches are needed more than ever in America and yet they are hard to find. 

“Souls are being Saved through Street Preaching” was the topic that I spoke on. Jesus IS the Lamb of God who IS taking away the sins of the world! I shared my testimony of how Jesus delivered me from my sins and how I have seen Him do the same thing for many others through my ministry. God is on the move in our country! I have seen drug dealers repent, satanists repent, homosexuals repent, church hypocrites repent, etc. I praise God that we regularly see souls coming to Christ! 

Someone recently asked, “I want to start off by saying I really support your ministry. Preaching on sin, repentance and the Lordship of Christ is missing from most churches. I’ve watched a few of your videos. It always seems people are hostile to.. well having their sin brought to the forefront. Do you find it’s mostly planting seeds or do you see people brought to repentance and believing/following Christ? If so, does that conversion happen on the streets, or do they contact you after the fact. Just curious.”

I answered: “I see a lot of fruit as I continue to plow the fields, but it doesn’t always happen on plowing day. A lot of times people hear me preaching in the open air, get angry, go home convicted, then get right with God, and email me about it later. I am regularly contacted by people who said that they repented and got right with God through my ministry. It happens all the time.”

He said, “Beautiful. Love how God does that!! Thanks for the reply. God bless you.”

Be encouraged and put your hand to the plow! The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few! 



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The commandments of God are a very powerful weapon and tool that we should use in our evangelism. Through the law is the knowledge of sin. The conviction of sin always comes be true conversion to Christ, so if we want to see souls genuinely converted to Christ we should use the law in our evangelism to bring sinners under the conviction of sin.

I filmed a short teaching video about the biblical way to use the law in evangelism. Some Christians have fallen into the rut of saying the same things, in the same way, every time that they witness as if they were simply reading a script. This is not what we see in the witnessing encounters in the Bible. I hope the evangelism community is edified by the teaching. 



Someone just told me on Facebook, “After some reflection on what you guys preached about I have decided to follow Jesus.” AMEN! Pray for this brother!

“First off Jesse, I want to say thank you. I am 21 years old. And about 6 months ago i repented of my sins because of watching your preaching videos. It has been a real battle for me to battle against temptation of sin but, through the holy spirit and god I have prospered against it. My life has changed pretty drastically and I have done things through the holy spirit that I never thought I could do since I was a shy and fearful guy. I hope one day to preach the word like you one day. God bless.”

“Thank you for everything that you and your blessed family does for God. You are a light of this world and when you speak your voice resonates with my heart. God speaks through you and your family and it is a wonderful sight. I am praying for you and your family daily. Thank you brother for everything.”

“thank you for your ministry. My brother came across your videos on YouTube a few years back and introduced me to them a couple months later. My brother was pretty deep in Calvinism at the time but through your videos came out of that. I, myself, was getting into Calvinism (not as deep but getting there) but my brother showed me some of your teaching and the Lord brought me out of it as well. I thoroughly enjoy your book “The Natural Ability of Man”. ” 

“Thank you for everything you’re are doing Jesse Morrell. Because of you, my brother started his own YouTube Channel and has already preached openly and handed out Tracks. If it wasn’t for you he would not be out in the world sharing the truth about Christ.”
“Hey Jessie. The first video I saw of you street preaching was when you were in Washington DC on the Plaza right after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. I have never seen street preaching like that before. And I had never Street preached myself and this was something totally new to me. Since then I Street preach in Nashville Tennessee on a regular basis. Your ministry has been a large part of the radical change that the Lord has made in my life during 2016.”







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