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“Pizzagate” is a conspiracy theory about a child sex pedophile ring being run out of a pizza restaurant in the D.C. area as a front. I do not know if the conspiracy theory is true or not but I know that when we showed up to preach outside of this pizza restaurant all hell broke lose. Angry demons seemed to appear everywhere! The restaurant was filled with homosexuals and rainbow flags were hanging everywhere in the neighborhood! It certainly looked like a hang out for pedophiles! Even if the conspiracy theory isn’t true, we had plenty of lost souls to preach to there! “Preach the gospel to every creature” certainly applied to these people and this location. 

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As the team preached the homosexuals found many ways to oppose us. First, a large crowd of hecklers stormed around us. Their emotions were out of control. Police eventually arrived and kept the crowd back. The Police lined up and formed a human barrier around  the team.

The sinners even used “angel wings” at one point to try to block our signs and amplifier. These must have been the wings of fallen angels. They even found their own amplifier to try to compete with us and the crowd often got worked up into synchronized chants, which is typical of liberals. “Love Trumps Hate! Love Trumps Hate!” they chanted, which I always find contradictory for sinners to chant because sin is never loving and always hateful. Street preachers preaching repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ are the ones who are on the side of love. 

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A poster was outside of the restaurant said, “The People vs. Donald Trump” with hashtag #disruptJ20. This pizza restaurant, which was a hang out for homosexuals and has pedophile rumors circling around, was apparently one of the hang outs for the liberal protestors who planned on disrupting the election. Many rioters were arrested during the election. That just goes to show you the type of people we were dealing with here. It’s a good thing that we were there to preach the gospel to them. We warned them about God’s judgment, called them to repentance, and pointed them to Jesus Christ.

We need to take the gospel to everyone. We need to go to the darkest places. We need to go to the worst of people. And we need to tell them the full truth of the gospel. 



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