Men Are Not Born Sinners | Babies Are Innocent | Philly Sermon by Jesse Morrell

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Looking for a good sermon to listen to this weekend? During my time in Philadelphia I spoke at a church on the topic, “Men Are Not Born Sinners – Babies Are Innocent.” I lectured on a small section of my book on this topic, showing how the Bible considers new born infants “innocent” because they haven’t yet made any good or bad choices yet.

This is a very important theological topic because if men actually were “born sinners,” then it is not their fault and are not to blame. Consequently they would deserve no punishment and therefore need no Savior. On the other hand, if men are sinners by choice then they are responsible and to be blamed. Consequently they deserve punishment and are in need of a Savior.

A man will never see his true need for Jesus Christ until he takes absolute and full responsibility for his sins. 

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I also noticed that the church had a nice book table in the back as a “lending library” and had some of my books, “Does Man Inherit A Sinful Nature?”

Later I found out that one lady in the church had only read the first seven pages of my book on the topic of Sinful Nature and then repented of a 45 year smoking habit! Wow! Praise God! Those pages were about how sin can become like nature to you only through choice and habit.

Smoking is actually against our nature, an abuse of our powers and a violation of our design. But through sinful choices and sinful habits it can become like nature to a person, where their body and mind becomes addicted. But just as sin is a free will choice so also is repentance from sin! We are capable of turning to sin and capable of turning away from sin!

Praise God she repented of that unnatural, destructive, sinful choice! 



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