How Risky is Being an Entrepreneur? Christian Entrepreneur Facebook Group


I started a new Facebook Group called, “Christian Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Businessmen, Investors and Ministers.” It is a place for Christian Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Marketers, Investors, and Ministers to network, fellowship, and talk about ideas. You can also promote whatever business you operate.

This was one of my recent posts:

How Risky is Being an Entrepreneur?

A lot of people talk about the risk of being an entrepreneur but few talk about the risk of not being one. Think about all the people who have worked 20-30 years for a company, building up another mans business and profits, only to be fired or laid off.

Just look at Fox News. It wasn’t long ago that you saw Greta, Combs, Glenn Beck, Megan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, etc. Qualified professionals who perform well get fired all the time.

Which has more security and more risk, being an entrepreneur or being a company employee?

Employees are expendable. A company has to make a profit. Those employees who get paid the most, from long years of experience, are sometimes the first to go to keep expenses down.

I have felt more financially secure as an entrepreneur than I ever did working for another man’s business.

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1 Response to How Risky is Being an Entrepreneur? Christian Entrepreneur Facebook Group

  1. Yes as an employee you are employed by one company and if you don’t please your boss you are fired. That is high risk.

    If you own your own company you might have 100 or more buyers, who employe your company, and if one person doesn’t like your product anymore you are not at a huge loss. It’s lower risk.

    An entrepreneur is in a better position because his risk is diversified over more people.

    I was once hired and then fired by a man who wanted me to work for his ministry. He didn’t like me anymore so I was done. That was high risk because it all hinged on one person.

    I started my own ministry and have various supporters and if one no longer likes me, it’s not the end of my ministry. My risk has been spread over many people, instead of all hinging on one boss

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