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Temple University was a new campus to me but the pastor that I was there with had been there before. He had contacted the Police ahead of time to have a barricade set up. The students on this campus can get pretty rowdy.

We had a young man on the team who is just starting out in open air preaching. It’s always great to see new preachers being raised up! Nothing helps to cement your convictions than to publicly proclaim and defend them! 

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It didn’t take too long for students to swarm around the barricade. They didn’t know we were coming but apparently had their rainbow flag ready. I guess some college students just walk around with those today? It’s sad that most universities today are just liberal brainwashing factories, seeking to indoctrinate this next generation with immorality. Professors will even start attacking God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ on the first day of class, seeking to humiliate any Christian in the room. The vast majority of Christian children who are sent off to college actually leave the faith once they are there. That’s why it is a good thing we show up on campus, to defend the faith and call sinners to repentance! 

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We ended up having a pretty big Police presence around us. Students ended up making their own signs of protest. Their signs didn’t say anything rational or intelligent. It was just mockery for Christianity or defense of sinning. Sin is irrational so it is hard for them to try to rationally defend it. Instead they have to resort to other tactics, like chanting or threats of violence. 

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I was glad that I wasn’t the only preacher there. We had a nice team of believers. My throat became hoarse so I was glad to pass the crowd off. As far as acoustics go, this location was hard. We had to compete with the noise from the street traffic and there was no wall or building that we could echo and bounce our voice off of. The result was that we all strained our voices. As we were leaving campus we walked through a better spot that is much quieter that we plan on using in the future. It also has more foot traffic and could accommodate a bigger crowd. I am excited to return! 





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