Rare Writings from William Booth on the Atonement – Founder of the Salvation Army

Jesse Morrell at Winkie Pratney’s Library, finding the writings of William Booth on the atonement.

Writings by William Booth are not as common as I wish they were. It seems his wife Catherine was more of the prolific writer. I have often wondered which atonement view William Booth held to since I believe he was highly influenced by John Wesley but his wife was highly influenced by Charles Finney, two men who held different views on the atonement. 

When I was searching through a large library, I found some rare writings by William Booth on the atonement that answered my question! One of the writings is from 1892 and the other is from 1922! His teachings on the atonement were excellent! I LOVE these writings and wanted to share them with everyone else! 





I will email out the PDF personally. Every once and a while I email out other articles and teachings that I think you’d be interested in as well. 

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3 Responses to Rare Writings from William Booth on the Atonement – Founder of the Salvation Army

  1. Roger Purdy says:

    Bro. Jesse. I would love to have the PDF on the Atonement by William Booth if you could send it. Thanks.
    Also, I enjoy your posts and they do help sustain the burden to pray for our country, especially those on our college campuses. I mention your name each day in prayer, along with several other street preachers.

  2. Art Anson says:

    Hi Jesse. Do not know whether you know this but just under your pdf offer of the Booth book, there are 2 links to R.C. Sproul asking folks to sign up… 😂🤔 kinda like advertizing hamburgers on a canned tuna website… 😉

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