On Original Sin, Prevenient Grace, & Free Will | Jesse Morrell

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Arminians made up a false doctrine called “Prevenient Grace” whereby all men are granted a “free will” to believe or disbelieve the gospel when they hear it, because they don’t naturally have a free will.

This doctrine is built upon the false Augustinian doctrine of “Original Sin” that says when Adam sinned, free will was lost.

If the Augustinians can make up their own doctrine, why can’t the Arminians? Error begets error. If free will was lost by original sin, it must be restored by prevenient grace.

The Biblical doctrine is simple:

Free Will was never lost.

In all of the consequences God declared in Genesis for Adam’s sin, the loss of their free will and that of their descendants is not mentioned or even hinted at. To the contrary, God spoke to Cain immediately afterwards as a free moral agent who could choose between good and evil. God also spoke to the Israelites in the Old Testament and moral agents who could choose between obedience and disobedience, life and death, etc.



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