Matt Slick & Jesse Morrell have Chaotic Atonement Debate / Discussion | Limited Atonement – Penal Substitution

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Matt Slick said, “Our sin debt was cancelled at the cross, not when we believe” but then said, “You are forgiven when you have faith.” I asked him, “So we are born unforgiven of our canceled debt?”

Jesse Morrell, “I do believe you have to forsake your sins to be saved.”
Matt Slick, “Nope!”
Jesse Morrell, “But unbelief is a sin.”
Matt Slick, “Nope! Nope!”
Jesse Morrell, “Is unbelief a sin?”
Matt Slick, “Unbelief is a sin.”
Jesse Morrell, “Yeah, unbelief is a sin. Do you need to repent of unbelief to be saved?”
Matt Slick, “No.”





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The Heresy of Matt Slick of CARM by Jesse Morrell | “A person does not need to forsake his sin in order to be saved” Matt Slick

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2 Responses to Matt Slick & Jesse Morrell have Chaotic Atonement Debate / Discussion | Limited Atonement – Penal Substitution

  1.  I wonder if any major Bible commentator agrees with Matt Slickthat Col. 2:14 says our debt was cancelled at the cross, because the commentators I read like Albert Barnes and Adam Clarke say that the hand writing of ordinances that was against us is in reference to the ceremonial law that did not carry over into the New Covenant. I wonder if Matt is alone in his personal interpretation.  I think he had to cling to that verse because no other verse could even be misconstrued to say that our debt was paid.

    The phrase is, “χειρόγραφον τοῖς δόγμασιν”

    Meaning the handwriting of ordinances.

    δόγμα means:

    I. doctrine, decree, ordinance
    a. of public decrees
    b. of the Roman Senate
    c. of rulers
    II. the rules and requirements of the law of Moses; carrying a suggestion of severity and of threatened judgment
    III. of certain decrees of the apostles relative to right living

    So ordinances that were hand written, i.e. the Old Testament ordinances given through Moses hand.

     It doesn’t say the “χειρόγραφον τοῖς ὀφειλὴν ” (hand writing of debt) but the “χειρόγραφον τοῖς δόγμασιν” (handwriting of ordinances)
    “χειρόγραφον τοῖς δόγμασιν” cannot be properly translated as certificate of debt. It is handwriting of ordinances.

  2. Matt kept falsely accusing me of teaching that we are saved by our works when I said very clearly that we are saved by the grace and mercy of God through the atonement of Jesus Christ if we repent of our sins and believe the gospel – the consequence of which will be an obedient life. We do not earn or merit salvation by keeping the law or by good works.

    The problem is that Matt Slick thinks repenting of your sins is works of the law.

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