Why Do Liberals Hate White European Males? I thank God for them.

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Liberals seem angry at white European males, especially for their dominance in history. Universities have especially stigmatized white European males in the minds of students.

European culture and civilizations dominated because they developed faster than other nations (economically, geographically, intellectually, technologically and governmentally) with the help of Christianity too.

Anthropologically, as civilizations grow, they go from family tribes to city states to countries.

European countries like Greece and Italy developed faster than others – having city states (Sparta, Athens, Rome) and Countries while other parts of the world like North America and Africa were still tribal.

Japan is an exception outside of Europe of a civilization that had developed from tribes to an empire.

The idea of the republic came from Greece, though Europe practice manarchy for a long time. As a culture we borrow much from the Greeks and Romans.

The Greeks also gave us philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) and advance mathematics and inventions (Archimedes). Advance infrastructure came from the Romans. And the Vikings actually found the new world with their advance seafaring skills and boat manufacturing. They called it Vinland in their sagas.

It was with the aide of Christianity that barbaric Europe was civilized as well. Especially with the tribal Vikings and Irish.

The British especially worked at colonizing the world.

Yes, there is a history of slavery. The Greek were enslaved by the Romans, the English enslaved the Irish, the Irish enslaved the English, the Vikings enslaved the English, and the English and American’s bought slaves from Africa. Slavery was part of every culture in the ancient world. The Europeans and Americans bought slaves in Africa because the Africans had established slave markets. The waring tribes of Africa would enslave each other, sell each other, etc.

But it was the European’s who first outlawed slavery and then the American’s did too, whereas there is still slavery in Africa to this day.

White European males have done much good in civilizing the world.

It was the white European males who brought America out of tribalism into a republic.

Thank you white European males! Thank you!

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