The Importance of Christianity for Economic Prosperity – Christian Economics

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I read in the news that Cable TV is taking a major financial hit because of how so many people are watching pirating tv through the internet. HBO especially has taken a financial hit with their special sporting events.

I thought this was ironic because Cable Television has been playing shows that promote and glorify criminal activity for years. Now their viewers are choosing to watch their shows illegally. This should not be a surprise.

If everyone watched pirated TV, there would be no TV to watch because the financial incentive to create such programing wouldn’t be there.

Good economics is based upon a system of “fair trade” or what the Bible calls just weights and measures.

A culture of sin is inevitably a culture of self-destruction. Good economics particularly relies upon good morality and ethics, which is dependent upon God. The more our culture drifts away from God, the more dysfunctional our system as a whole will become. The above is just a small example of that.

~ Jesse Morrell

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