If You Commit Suicide Will You Go to Hell? Or Heaven? Bible Answers

Someone asked elsewhere:

“Does a Believer who commits suicide lose his salvation and go to hell?”

Answer: Yes. 1Jo 3:15

I was amazed that nearly everyone in that discussion was saying, “Yes they still go to heaven. But they lose some rewards. David was a murderer. Jesus paid for all our sins, past, present, and future.”

Jesus made forgiveness available through His atonement but you must repent of your sin in order to obtain forgiveness for that sin. There is no repentance for suicide.

I personally know a friend who committed suicide under the belief that he was “once saved always saved” and would simply go to heaven, so when life got hard he hung himself.

This belief that suicides go to heaven ENCOURAGES suicide. I want to discourage it. When I give them counsel, I tell them, “Don’t do it! You’ll go to hell!” And this discourages them.

The Bible says very plainly:

1Jo 3:15 – no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

If you are considering suicide, repent or else you will perish.

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4 Responses to If You Commit Suicide Will You Go to Hell? Or Heaven? Bible Answers

  1. Judas is an example of a believer who lost his salvation and committed suicide.

    I think that is usually the case, they lose their salvation long before they commit suicide.

  2. I remember taking my friend to see the Luther movie. In it there was a scene of a boy who committed suicide and Luther buried him in the church yard (which was against tradition) and claimed he was a victim of the devil and the boy went to heaven.

    My friend asked me about that scene, if I thought the boy went to heaven or hell. At the time I learned from Ray Comfort that, “The Bible doesn’t specifically say if suicides go to heaven or hell so we should be sensitive about it.” So I basically told my friend, “I don’t know.”

    He hung himself about a year later.

  3. “Any opinions on whether Sampson made it to heaven?”

    He might have thought that he would survive. Since his strength had returned

    “Interesting, how about the Christian who throws himself on top of a grenade?”

    Yes I’ve thought about that question before. I think sacrificing yourself for others in the line of duty, like a soldier, is not the same thing as suicide or self-murder. Jesus, for example, sacrificed himself.

  4. Jesse Morrell, suicide -> heaven / hell might not be as black and white. Augustine has had his influence on Christians in this regard. Before his views, suicide was even seen as honorary. And I can think of many cases where it might be honorary. This is not to say that every suicide is a good, selfless suicide.

    Please consider the essay of my friend Makiko Sato: https://www.academia.edu/22121536/The_Prohibition_of_Suicide_for_Affirmation_of_Human_Beings_by_Augustine_Scrinium_Journal_of_Patrology_and_Critical_Hagiography_vol.11_1_2015_Leiden_Brill_135-142._ (you can request it there).

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