Street Preachers Rebuke Transgenderism on American Universities & Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ | Jesse Morrell

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Praise God, our ministry has been so busy with traveling, preaching, editing and uploading YouTube videos, writing an evangelism curriculum and other things, that we’ve gotten a little behind on our newsletters. I’ll be working on getting caught up with these reports.

A little while ago I was blessed to be invited to Kansas by a street preaching church. I was able to speak in their church, teach an evangelism seminar, and also lead open-air outreaches to the local campuses and streets. 


Evangelism Conference, Topeka KS

Soul Winner Training 

 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.33.58 PM_zpsmko3esol.png

On a Saturday afternoon I taught a two hour seminar on open air ministry. I preached on two of the most fundamental issues as it relates to this type of ministry:

First, how to draw a crowd.

Second, how to handle the police.

This is a church that already does street preachings which is great for the first part. If you go out to the streets with a crowd of people already, and you have the congregation form a crowd in front of the preacher, this will help get other people to stop as well – a crowd draws a crowd.

I also taught them how to address “hot button topics” like abortion, homosexuality, etc, which gets hecklers to stop in their tracks and engage you, which in turn draws in the attention of others.

When it comes to dealing with the Police I gave many practical tips like being calm and respectful, knowing your rights, asking specific questions, requesting their superior, etc.

Both of these messages are free on my YouTube channel and you can find the link to them below.  

Jesse Morrell Church Sermon photo 26815415_10155227080216765_3663059515667888555_n_zpsk4qcilsg.jpg

“Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” Jer 23:29


 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.12.01 PM_zpsmgqrsmmi.png

 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.11.44 PM_zpsgllgynfk.png

We spent a couple days on this campus. I had been on this campus once before but we came so late in the afternoon that I never got much going, except a small crowd of maybe 10 people. This time around things were different.

There are benches which are great for standing on and a huge staircase which provides plenty of seating for the students. I started off preaching towards the empty staircase because that is where I wanted the crowd to gather and to sit. 

 photo 8_zpswyxnthmr.jpg

 photo 12_zpsxv8tdsth.jpg

I was so happy that the pastor from the church came and joined me on campus! He has a testimony like mine, being saved out of drugs and alcohol and the party life. He boldly proclaimed the Word, calling the students to repentance and faith in Christ! His wife also joined us and prayed on the sidelines and talked to students! More pastors in America need to lead their congregations by example and get out to witness for Christ! 

 photo 10_zpscnko6c1q.jpg

 photo 11_zpsulh2aqi7.jpg

Another brother who lives in the area joined us as well. His name is Paul and he has joined me on various other campuses. It’s always great listening to him preach with his American-Italian accent! He’s also a very friendly and likable guy, which is great for fellowship but also for engaging the students. 

 photo 18121603_10154479787971765_7711501182072622015_o_zpsllqbtkin.jpg

 photo 18157270_10154481846876765_8853102241366367930_n_zpsatwsh4se.jpg

The issue of homosexuality and transgenderism was a big topic on this campus. Two of our main hecklers were “transgender.” We certainly didn’t shy away from this issue either. It’s a big cultural issue going on right now in our country, as you are always hearing about it in the news and seeing it on television. It needs to be confronted head on. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ that can set them free!

I think our willingness to address these issues head on, in no uncertain terms, is the major reason why so many students gather around and listen to us for hours. 

Wednesday Night Church Service

 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.10.31 PM_zpso3cdntci.png

On Wednesday night I was asked if I was willing to speak to the church. I have a personal policy to NEVER turn down an invitation to speak. I pray for opportunities so it wouldn’t make any sense to turn them down, even when they come with very short notice. I don’t need but 5 minutes to prepare a sermon outline because I already have the truth so deep in my heart and mind. 

I put together a sermon on “Truths About Sin that can Change Your Life.” I expounded on the fact that sin is stupid, sin is a choice, sin is avoidable, sin is selfishness, etc. It was a very powerful sermon and you can find it on my Youtube channel. One woman was new and visiting the church and she loved the preaching so much that she brought her husband to the church on Sunday. She said she has never heard such powerful preaching in all of Topeka Kansas! 


 photo Lawrence2_zpso0fpolud.jpg

 photo Lawrence3_zpsckg9ueyi.jpg

One evening we went to a nearby “downtown” area for a little bit of street preaching and got a pretty lively reaction. I held a big banner that listed various sins and this captured a lot of attention from passing cars, local businesses, and the young people who roamed the streets.

A group of young people soon were attracted to us, swarmed around us, and engaged us in discussion. 

 photo Lawrence1_zpsbmfshksw.jpg

 photo 4_zpsioajvl58.jpg

Our team took turns open-air preaching and also engaged in dialog with those who came around us. One man in particular was very convicted and troubled. He apparently was a person who attended church for a long time but just recently, I believe, left and got involved in homosexuality. He was adamant that God made him that way, that God accepts him as he is, etc. We preached the message of the new birth, that Jesus Christ can set him free and make him a new man. 


 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.10.06 PM_zpsumfwbk0x.png

Kansas State University was a new campus for me but the church had been there before. The pastor said that last time he was here the students became a near riot and he thought they might die! I had less of a reaction from the students during this outreach.

At first when I began preaching the students started playing loud music to drown out the preaching. That’s OK because we brought a small amplifier that we used. This becomes a bargaining chip because I know the administration won’t want us to have an amplifier. So when we are asked to put the amplifier away, we agree if the students will put the music away. 

 photo 5_zpsuaxaop3e.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.09.05 PM_zpsssryh9yo.png

I preached for a couple hours to a small group and eventually a good size crowd but it really wasn’t until the end of the day that a signifiant crowd had gathered. It certainly always helps us when the students make their own signs of protest, as this creates more of a scene and generates more attention. Brother Paul did an excellent job addressing the students, engaging their questions, etc.  


 photo 2_zps3yaaafoj.jpg

 photo 1_zpsqfblmtbg.jpg

On Sunday I was asked to preach a sermon and to “let the fire loose!” So I preached a radical sermon on what it really means to be a Christian – that true Christianity starts with a total surrender and abandonment of yourself to Jesus Christ. I preached that true Christians live habitually holy. The American church needs to hear more than ever that we are called to radical holiness. The title of my sermon on YouTube is “You Might Question Your Salvation After This Sermon.” Be sure to check it out. There is a link below. 


 photo 26804638_10155227328951765_1491583469536371840_n_zps54avpzaa.jpg

Bullet proof preacher? Yes! I just recently received in the mail a bullet proof coat and a bullet proof vest! Some friends and supporters helped me get these. Why would I wear these? Because it is getting crazy out there. There are mass shootings regularly in the news now. Even churches have been targeted. Campuses and universities get shot up. Certainly a controversial preacher in the middle of a campus, with a large crowd of students, would be a prime target. I’ve already been at gun point once on a campus.

I figure, this is just a little extra precaution. Just like Christian police men wear bullet proof vests, or Christian construction workers wear hard hats. I certainly trust in God but I still wear eye protection when I am cutting wood. My main concern is to preach the gospel as God has called me to and still make sure I am safe to come home to my wife and kids.

Keep us in your prayers as we do battle on the front lines!  



I am putting together my itinerary for 2018 and have some tentative trips to Kentucky, Philadelphia, Sweden, Australia, Philippines, and others.

All it takes to bring me to your area is a plane ticket and a couch to sleep on. Then I can minister in your church or we can do some outreaches together.

If you’d like to bring me out to your area, just let me know!


Watch the church sermons and open air videos from this trip here:

Kansas Mission Trip

I upload new videos all the time! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

We just reached over 13,000 subscribers which is pretty awesome.  


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This is a brother rocking one of our street preaching t-shirts! He said he likes to wear these shirts everywhere that he goes! That’s pretty cool.

Check out our T-Shirt Store as we have a large section to look through. 



I am very pleased to announce the publication of my 5th book, “The Emotions of God: How Man Can Bless or Hurt God!” This is a biblical study on the divine feelings of God. Surprisingly, many theologians throughout history have denied that God has real emotions and feelings. They teach that God cannot have emotions because He is outside of time and changeless. But is this what the Scriptures really say? A biblical view of God is very different from the picture that some theologians try to paint of him.

Check it out in my BOOKSTORE

 photo 24910014_10155158605476765_5353423976047324289_n_zpsksrzwp2l.jpg

As you can see, this brother was very excited to get my book in the mail! I posted online that if you read this book, it will challenge your view of God. One brother wrote back and said he’s been reading it and it has been changing his views on many things that he learned in his church! It’s so sad that many represent God as an impersonal emotionless being when that is so far from the God revealed in the scriptures. 

 photo Commission_zpsqv0ngeij.jpg


Praise God, I read two encouraging emails today. One was from a missionary in Denmark who said he wants to translate my testimony into Danish! Awesome! And another from a young aspiring street preacher who said he’s been reading my book and “wow! I’ve never read anything like it before.” I praise God for the global impact our ministry is having! 

I recently got a message that said, “As a homosexual who is trying desperately to seek after Christ and leave behind those desires I thank you.” He’s been watching our Youtube videos. 

One brother wrote to me and said, “Since finding your videos on YouTube I have felt myself allowing the Lord to enter my life every day. I thank you for opening my eyes. I now truly understand what it means to once be blind and now see. Thank you Brother Jesse.” 

Amen! The best part is, I get emails like that all the time from all over the world! 

Here is another email I received a little while ago but just recently opened, “Recently I saw your videos and I’ve decided to convert back to Christianity from Atheism. I have given up all the sinful activities and now read scripture daily.”

Praise God! The Word is being preached, sinners are repenting, and souls are being saved! 


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