The Fatalist Determinist Calvinist vs The Free Will Open Theist On Prayer | Jesse Morrell

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The Fatalist Determinist Calvinist vs The Free Will Open Theist On Prayer

I can never understand how Calvinists who believe in the “Sovereignty of God” in controlling and causing everything that happens can then go on to complain about what happens, mourn over the condition of America, and pray for things to change.

If everything is predetermined from eternity, prayer is useless. God already decided everything in eternity so your present prayers can’t change anything.

But if the future has open possibilities, and God considers our prayer in determining it, prayer makes all the difference. Prayer can change the future if God is free now to determine future events and even change His mind about previous plans.

The fatalist Calvinist says, “I can’t understand how free willers can pray for someone’s salvation. You are praying for God to violate free will.”

No, when free Will believers pray for individuals to repent and come to Christ, we pray for God to influence their will by the Holy Spirit and evangelism, not to spiritually rape them by irresistibly forcing regeneration upon them and violating their will.

Being upset with the moral condition of America, or anyone else, presupposes free will – that things could be and should be different. Even the staunchest Calvinists presuppose free will. Everyone does.

~ Jesse Morrell



Objections to Calvinism As It Is Randolph S Foster is a classic refutation to the false “Doctrines of Grace” so-called. He was a brilliant Methodist Theologian. This is a must have in the Calvinism vs Arminianism debate. He completely debunks, exposes, and refutes the false doctrines of TULIP.



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1 Response to The Fatalist Determinist Calvinist vs The Free Will Open Theist On Prayer | Jesse Morrell

  1. If God decreed your sons and daughters go to hell, can prayer change that?

    If God decreed they go to heaven, will neglecting prayer change that?

    If Calvinism is true, why pray for your children?

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