American Street Preacher Takes On Canadian Gay Pride | Dunnville Canada | Jesse Morrell


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Some brethren in Canada heard that their small town called Dunnville was going to have it’s “First Gay Pride Event.” This unashamed public display of depravity deeply concerned them so they thought, “We need to bring in a street preacher, like Jesse Morrell, to preach at this event!”

I was more than eager to go. They bought me a plane ticket, put me up in a nice bed and breakfast (where I found a chess set in the closet to play on my downtime), and even arranged some speaking engagements in the area besides the outreach.


 photo Dunn6_zpsci4ljbvx.jpg

We had one day in which we could either go to downtown Toronto or to Niagara falls for some street preaching. I had been to Toronto twice before but Niagara I had only been to once, back in 2005. I also thought that Niagara falls would be a great place to do some teaching videos, so that is where we went.

I did a teaching video on the topic of, “Should Christians Even Witness to Homosexuals?” I was once apart of an “evangelism ministry” that wanted to create a policy for their network that banned outreaches to gay pride events because “those people are reprobates.” But I have seen through my open air preaching over the years multiple homosexuals repent and come to the Lord. I take the Great Commission, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, to include homosexuals at gay pride events. The Great Commission doesn’t discriminate! As a street preacher, I offer my services to everyone!

 photo 18671471_10154561308806765_3289397844154512443_o_zps2gwxbqme.jpg

First we did some street preaching over near the falls but we were unable to gather much attention. The noise from the water itself is rather loud. One woman did stop to listen and I engaged her in dialog, only to find out that she already knew who I was from the internet and came out to hear me preach. She said her family has been following my ministry since the beginning but she wasn’t serving the Lord at the moment. She stayed with the team the whole day, listened to the open air preaching, came to the church engagements where I spoke, and even joined the team for the Gay Pride outreach. She has since been very active on my facebook as well. I believe that during our time of ministry there, she repented and had her relationship with God restored.

 photo 18738452_10154561308966765_747196060129544526_o_zpsjsdbyqlz.jpg

 photo 18671633_10154561308976765_8898398802610144783_o_zpsr3mdk6b7.jpg

We moved from the area where the waterfalls are uphill to the entertainment district, which has various restaurants and amusements. It is a public street and I preached there before in 2005 with a team. A security officer for one of the stores confronted me and told me I needed to leave. He insisted it was private property. I was sure it wasn’t so I asked for the Police instead. When the Police arrived, I made sure that I was simply reading from my Bible in public, to avoid any false accusation that “This guy is out here screaming at people.” The Police first didn’t approach me at all. After observing me for a few minutes they finally approached me and told me that everything was fine, that it’s not a problem for me to do what I was doing. It’s a good thing I didn’t leave when the security officer told me it was private property!


My hosts went all out with marketing and promotion. The whole town knew I was coming. They even secured a speaking opportunity for me at the Anglican church. All the other churches they approached were uninterested. Below you can see some of the marketing signs they set up around town.

 photo 18671077_10154556650901765_4633780486833402707_n_zpsulwtlpex.jpg

 photo 18622118_10154556650806765_2686518718254228259_n_zpsw7awdtgb.jpg

 photo 18697988_10154556650771765_2319210401948470966_n_zpspqvugbmq.jpg

These were literally on every light post downtown! Everywhere you went you saw these taped to the poles!

 photo 18698237_10154556650921765_1923938591762719989_n_zpsw2pso1zu.jpg

The Gay Pride Event was being organized at a local coffee shop. The owner of the shop I am told is a very liberal doctor who got behind their cause. My host told me about some of the corruption stories behind this doctor. As a corrupt doctor, I can see why he would encourage homosexuality, since it causes so many health problems that need medical treatment. But in their coffee shop, my hosts set up brochures of my speaking engagement at the church right next to the flyers for the Gay Pride event.

 photo 18700293_10154558249656765_2390080715196551873_n_zpsmllzqhnf.jpg

 photo 18698155_10154558249646765_5774198399872341073_n_zpsvwmla9ik.jpg

The Anglican Church is the American and Canadian branch for the Church of England. It is very traditional and looks like a Catholic or Lutheran church. I was surprised that I was allowed to preach in this church, since I am not anglican nor an ordained anglican priest. But over the years the Lord has opened up doors for me to speak in various denominations: Baptist, Church of God, Assembly of God, Holiness, Community, Mennonite, and now even Anglican!

 photo Dunn7_zpsqauglshj.jpg

I started my sermon by talking about John Wesley – a member of the Church of England who became a street preacher and started the Methodist Church. He’s been a big inspiration for me in my ministry. But in his day, the doors to the Church of England where shut to him. That is why he took to the fields and the streets.

My message was my salvation testimony and then I also shared about my evangelism ministry. One man in attendance came because he heard about this “ex-drug dealer” who was going to be speaking in the Anglican church. He was a tough guy with a rough background, like me before I came to the Lord. He seemed really moved by my testimony and message and asked that I pray with him after the service. He seemed to have a heart to serve God but was facing a lot of temptations. Pray for him.

 photo 18620138_10154558249671765_1003262659076012234_n_zpslwhehu1y.jpg

This is the Anglican priest who let me share my testimony. He is from Lithuania. He said that the Lord actually saved him at a wicked heavy metal concert! (That sounds like my campus preacher friend Jim Gilles who got saved at a Van Halen concert.) After getting saved he said he became a Catholic priest, because the Catholic Church is what he knew in Lithuania, but he felt the Lord leading him to get married so he ended up becoming an Anglican priest instead.

I enjoyed talking with him and getting to know him better. He seemed very enthusiastic about my ministry. However, I was later told that after I preached at the Gay Pride event, they furiously tried to find out who brought me to town to try to do whatever they could to hurt them – in reputation, in finances, etc. Apparently the homosexuals found out that I spoke at the Anglican church so they confronted the priest about it. He said that he was sorry that he had me speak and that he didn’t really know what I was all about when he consented to having me come.

I’ve never understood Churches that don’t want to shake up their town and rock the boat. That is what being a Christian is all about. Look at the lives of Jesus and His apostles. Compromise with the world turns churches into societal poison, instead of a light unto the nations.


 photo Dunn8_zps3kodmlet.jpg

I also spoke to the town “Prayer center.” We had a small turn out with maybe 8 people besides me. That’s OK because 12 Apostles turned the world upside down. I preached on the need for prayer AND evangelism, how one without the other isn’t enough. And I encouraged them to join The Street Preacher Movement. One brother who heard me preach did join us for the Gay Pride outreach, though I’m told his wife tried to persuade him not to. But just like the Anglican church, once the homosexuals heard that I spoke at the Prayer Center, they confronted the leader who likewise disowned us. Apparently even the local bank was going to shut down their bank account until he said that he didn’t want anything to do with us. He even told the Gay Pride event that he wanted to “get behind what they were doing” – this is the leader of the Prayer Center! What a shame!


 photo 18582645_10154556650861765_5060151067413349977_n_zpslrktayjc.jpg

The Gay Pride Movement is coming out of the closet all over the world to proudly proclaim in public to the world that “Gay Is Ok.” If depraved sinners are going to be so bold in their sinning, should not Christians rise up in The Street Preacher Movement to boldly rebuke sin and call sinners to repentance? Yes, we should. “Silence is not an option” when it comes to the Gospel and the Great Commission.

 photo 18673017_10154566922276765_6272364936313379694_o_zpsdej9p3pb.jpg

We showed up at the park with our signs and banners. My banner said, “Turn to Jesus” on one side and “Repent of Your Sins” on the other. It was a very generic banner that could be used at any street preaching event. One sister on the team had a more specific sign for this event, “Say No to Male-Phobia.” Male-phobia is a term I made up to describe lesbians who were abused my men and now have an irrational fear of all men, leading them to turn to lesbianism. Though they still have a natural attraction to masculine figures, which is why they turn to masculine lesbians.

Homosexuals like to claim that Christians like me are “homophobic,” which isn’t true. That is just a slander to try to paint us in a bad light. I have no fear of homosexuals, to the contrary, I fear for them. They are killing each other with deadly diseases. But male-phobia is a real thing. I tell them, “I know a man who you can trust, who can help you get over your male-phobia. His name is Jesus Christ!”

 photo Dunn3_zpss1corhbh.jpg

 photo Dunn4_zpsawjaonim.jpg

 photo Dunn5_zpsubpaxnlv.jpg

It is amazing how many dialogs you can get into just by holding a gospel banner. I’ve had some people who engage in evangelism tell me that signs and banners just “turn people off” and “push people away,” but I have found the opposite to be true. Signs and banners pull people in! All I had to do was hold my “Turn to Jesus” “Repent of Your Sins” sign at this park, without doing any open air preaching yet, and tons of people came up to talk with me! One was a journalist who was surprised that I came all the way from Texas just for this event. Another was the event MC who kept coming to talk to me when he wasn’t on the stage!

 photo 18738713_10154574915121765_3586332543304952864_o_zps7e0bt4oc.jpg

 photo 18740258_10154569770656765_3939619442239864040_n_zpsuzu9myss.jpg

 photo 18700143_10154569770621765_7832929193657496247_n_zpsqza1mcwn.jpg

 photo 18700014_10154566398701765_1881836265982228856_n_zpsph6egrwt.jpg

The teenagers at this event made their own signs to protest mine. If you look at the picture above you can see that they actually used hockey sticks for their protest signs! That is how you know you are in Canada!

One sign said, “Love thy neighbor” and another said, “Love wins.” Love is actually what I was engaged in out there. I wasn’t going to stay silent as society goes to hell. I have the gospel that can change and transform homosexuals into new creatures in Christ. Silence would be unloving. Silence would be the hate. As Jesus said, as many as I love I rebuke and chasten.

We were showing love out there but the homosexuals were the hateful ones, as you will see.

 photo 18839138_10154574918821765_3862269411253831397_n_zpsqzcleujs.jpg

 photo Dunn1_zpstxfxgxxb.jpg

For open air preaching I decided to move away from the stage with their speakers towards the back of the event. It wasn’t long after I started open air preaching that a crowd circled around me. I engaged them in a civil discussion about God and sin until a sinner came up behind me and stole my banner.

 photo Dunn2_zpsoz3fioqn.jpg

 photo 18836965_10154577542021765_2769675581008511262_o_zpsvqoqvwse.jpg

This was the man who ripped the banner from me. He then proceed to destroy the sign. All it said was “Turn to Jesus” and “Repent of Your Sins” – nothing super offensive. Yet he stole it and destroyed it.

Throughout the event were harassed, assaulted, stolen from, had a lite cigarette thrown in my face, slandered, etc, all in the name of love and acceptance. They hated us in the name of love – rejected us in the name of diversity and acceptance.

After I got back home from Texas I was told that the devil was busying lying about me there in Canada. One report said “Jesse Morrell went to jail for assaulting a little boy.” Wow! Somehow this slander was going around that I was arrested during the Gay Pride event for beating up a boy! It was also reported that I hit a guy with my sign! What? You know you are doing a good work when the devil feels the need to lie about you. I never even saw a single Police Officer at the Gay Pride outreach.



Watch the church sermons and open air videos from this trip here:

Open Air Outreach YouTube Videos


 photo Commission_zpsqv0ngeij.jpg

Praise God these are some encouraging emails that I have gotten from all over the world! China, India, Canada, and France!




“Thank you brother Jesse. I’m from India I have watched your YouTube videos. America is so blessed with the free speech your videos inspire not only American college students but many around the world. I work in IT firm here in India and I’m a conservative Christian. It’s a dark culture here to be a conservative Christian being a software developer and a conservative christian in IT industry in India is too much for me to handle most of the time and being a woman adds up to everything in a country where women are openly disrespected or objectified because sadly Bollywood is the way of life here. Churches here are mostly far from preaching the true gospel. These kinds of powerful videos are reaching us too. Thank you so much. Praise God for your ministry. God bless you and your lovely family.”

 photo 18920993_10154580057946765_1210135201873097082_o_zpsy4wg7qoc.jpg

China, India, Canada, and France! Praise God we are reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ!



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