“My atonement is more substitutionary than yours” – Vicarious Substitutionary Atonement – Penal vs Governmental | Jesse Morrell



If you deserve penalty and Christ took that penalty, that is only one substitution – Christ is your substitute in suffering the penalty you deserve.

But if the atonement substitutes penalty all together, it’s four fold:

  1. Christ for sinners,
  2. Pain on the cross for the agony of hell.
  3. Six hours for eternity,
  4. Calvary for the lake of fire.

A substitute FOR penalty is a greater substitution than a substitute IN penalty.

The penalty that sinners deserve is not a six hour crucifixion, but the agony of hell for eternity in the lake of fire. Christ did not take our penalty, He substituted it.

SO I told a Calvinist:

“My atonement is more substitutionary than yours.”


The Scriptural Doctrine of Atonement by Caleb Burge has been said to be the best book on the Governmental Atonement theory. Burge expounds upon very profound concepts and presents them in a very intelligent and understandable way. This book was originally published in 1822. It contains pure theological gold on one of the most important doctrines of Christianity. It will be an absolute treasure in your library.

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