The Disposition of the Father in the Atonement of the Son | Jesse Morrell



We should not view the atonement as God the Father being so angry with mankind that He is about to send them all to hell eagerly, but then the Son stepped in and took the beating instead, so now the Father has a pacified disposition because He vented out all His wrath.

Instead, we need to understand that it was God the Father who send His Son into the world because He wanted to rescue us from our just damnation. The Father wanted to find a way in which He could show us mercy instead of judgment because He prefers to forgive over punish. A merciful God gave us the atonement. The atonement did not give us a merciful God.

The Father was deeply hurt by the entrance of sin into the world. It broke His heart. And He took no pleasure at all at the damnation of the wicked. To the contrary, it greatly displeased Him. The Son, who greatly loves His Father, no doubt wanted to find a way to relieve the Father’s suffering as well. The Son came to this world, to provide an atonement for our sins, not only because He loved this world, but because He loved the Father. The Son only wanted to do that which was well-pleasing to His Father. And Jesus knew that all of Heaven rejoiced, including the Father, when one sinner repents and is saved.

The Father was just as merciful as the Son in the atonement. The Son was on the Fathers very own mercy-mission.


The Scriptural Doctrine of Atonement by Caleb Burge has been said to be the best book on the Governmental Atonement theory.

Burge expounds upon very profound concepts and presents them in a very intelligent and understandable way.

This book was originally published in 1822.

It contains pure theological gold on one of the most important doctrines of Christianity. It will be an absolute treasure in your library.

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