Response to Greg Stier with Dare 2 Share by Jesse Morrell of Open Air Outreach

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Hey someone showed me some post Greg made comparing my ministry to his, with a poll question as to which ministry was better.

I was wearing a Psalms 7:11 sandwich board. Parents sent their young son to come mock me and a photographer took a picture.

I found the post disheartening. I’ve always appreciated Greg’s ministry and never even thought to compare mine to anyone else’s.

I actually met Greg in 2005. We picked him up at the Dallas airport and brought him to TBN. We had dinner with him and enjoyed his fellowship.

At TBN in the VIP room, we ran into Ron Luce. Ron was my personal mentor for a year and Greg really liked him.

I was just discouraged that Greg would try to publicly put down my evangelism efforts. I thought that is what Dare 2…

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