When I was 14 years old in Middle School I started hanging out with some older kids that I thought were cool from the High School. They were 17-18 years old. We met through parties and drugs.
I wanted to impress them so I talked big and bad. They wanted to see how tough I really was so one day they arranged for a “grappling match.” I was to wrestle one of them, a seventeen year old trained in martial arts. His strength was his powerful legs. His teacher was a world champion.
The way it was supposed to go was simple: whoever taps out loses. The objective was to get the other person into a position where they tap out and you win.
We grappled and it wasn’t long until he had my neck between his powerful legs. I couldn’t get out and he squeezed tight until I couldn’t breath. That is when I was supposed to tap out. But I didn’t. I had made up my mind that I would never tap out, period.
So instead of tapping out, I passed out. Apparently I went into seizures, which freaked everybody out, but when I came to I got up and said “Let’s go again.”
We went again and the same thing happened. He got me in between his legs and choked me out. I passed out, went into seizures, and when I came to I challenged him to do it again.
Three or four times this continued, until he finally gave up and said he was done. I can’t say I won, but I technically didn’t lose.
Surrender wasn’t in my heart. Giving up wasn’t an option. I apply the same principle or philosophy to life and ministry. You only lose when you give in and give up. We all face problems and obstacles. We have all set backs and hardships. Many people tap out and call it quits. Don’t let that be your heart. Never surrender. Never give up. That’s the way to live your life.


How Jesus Changed My Homicidal Mind | Neuroscience | Jesse Morrell

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