What is Sinless Perfection? A Heretical Theology by Jesse Morrell


Sinless Perfection is a heresy that says it is impossible for true believers to sin and that if you sin it means you were never truly saved to begin with. This is heresy.

The Bible says it is possible for believers to sin and it is possible for a believer not to sin – 1 John 2:1. At the moment of temptation we have a choice to sin or not – 1 Corinthians 10:13.

It is possible for a believer to sin and even depart from the faith, the Bible warns.

To my shame, I’ve sinned as a believer, meaning I deliberately disobeyed God. I didn’t have to do it but I did it and I shouldn’t of. I was chastened of the Lord and quickly repented, lest I perish with the world.

A false convert is someone who lives in sin, they practice sin, they sin every day and never stop. A true convert is someone who habitually obeys God, who practices righteousness. If sin occurs, it is the exception and not the rule.

I am often falsely accused of teaching “sinless perfection.” This is a slander. I do not believe it is impossible for a believer to sin. I simply believe that it is possible not to sin – that at the moment of temptation you have a choice to say yes or no and that you can overcome it by faith in Christ.

I’ve never believed in “sinless perfection” as I’ve defined it here and I have never ever used the term “sinless perfection” to describe my doctrine of Christian Holiness.

Sinless Perfection denies free will and denies Conditional Security (that believers can lose their salvation by sinning and not repenting), and I have always believed in free will and Conditional Security.



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1 Response to What is Sinless Perfection? A Heretical Theology by Jesse Morrell

  1. It is actually Calvinists who believe in Sinless Perfection – that it is impossible for us to sin in Heaven. They believe we get to a place where it becomes impossible for us to sin.

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