How to Get Sober – Genetic Behavioralism & the “Alcoholic Gene” | Epigenetics & Free Will Testimony

I was in rehab addicted to drugs and alcohol 18 years ago and I rejected the idea that my fate was determined by my genes, that I had some alcoholic gene inherited from my father and grandfather, etc. With the help of the Holy Spirit who was convicting me of my sin, I rejected that false worldview of blaming others outside yourself and took responsibility, believing that my future sobriety was a matter of free will and not genetic fatalism.

Biological behaviorism or Genetic Behavioralism is a lie and an excuse. Your DNA doesn’t force you to sin. God created you with a free Will. Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming God. God wrote the genetic code. You need Jesus because you have chosen to be a rebel against God, not because you were born with faulty genetics.

My father, who is still an alcoholic after maybe 45 years, still blames it on his alcoholic gene he supposedly inherited. But I am celebrating 18 years of sobriety because, with the help of God, I took responsibility for my life.


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