Did NASA Really Recreate the “Origins of Life”? A Scientific Critique from a Christian

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Did NASA Really Recreate the “Origins of Life”?

A Scientific Critique from a Christian

By Jesse Morrell 

The Nasa website said:

NASA Study Reproduces Origins of Life on Ocean Floor

A time-lapse video of a miniature hydrothermal chimney forming in the lab
Actually, NASA created an amino acid by intelligent design in a lab. They did not create DNA, which is necessary for life.

Fox News said the NASA experiment “produced the amino acid alanine and the alpha hydroxy acid lactate”

.Proteins are made up of amino acids but DNA, made up of nucleotides, is necessary for the specified arrangement of amino acids to make various necessary proteins.

The intelligent arrangement of nucleotide bases in DNA cannot be accounted for by natural causes or natural processes.

Another failed attempt by empirical materialists to demonstrate the origin of life by mere natural causes alone, attempting to show that God is unnecessary for the origin of life, which the news readily hails as a success for the sci-fi theory of evolution.

This one really is #fakenews and a #nasaconspiracy 🤪

The Fox News article does say, “While it’s important to note NASA has not created life itself in the experiment…” but the headline says that they recreated the “origins of life” which is misleading.

You cannot show the “origins of life” without showing the “origins of DNA” which is the greatest dilemma for natural evolution.

The Miller Urey Experiment of the 1950’s created amino acids, so I don’t see the break through for this recent Nasa Experiment.

These experiments assume an outdated protein-first theory, which tries to bypass the DNA dilemma. But you can’t have self replicating life without DNA, so the origin of DNA is what the origin of life research needs to answer.

The headline should have read, “Nasa Recreates Amino Acid in a Lab by means of Intelligent Design, just like they did in the 1950’s.”


My friend Jeremiah Waldrop rightly said, “Creating amino acids, then claiming you know how life originated is like creating mud, then claiming you know how the pyramids originated.”

And my friend Joel Park humorously said, “Amazing. It only took “millions of years” of human development and intelligent design and engineering to still not actually make life. Compare this development to the idea that life came from random chance + non-life. This experiment only supports the idea of intelligent design: God.”

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