How to Respond to Police Who Say Street Preaching is Disturbing the Peace


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I have a friend in California named Doug.

He is a very faithful witness out on the streets every week.

And he says that it was my ministry that brought him to true repentance!

Every once in a while he brings me out to minister with him in California.

Redondo Beach, California 

37887269_10155664705861765_4887564596916781056_n (1)

The first outreach we went to was Redondo Beach.

I had never been here before so we tried a few different preaching locations.




Our first location was on a fishing pier that also had some restaurants.

The foot traffic was light but a few people stopped to listen.

A local pastor joined us and a sister even flew in from Switzerland to be a part of the time this week!



We moved from the pier to the beach area and found it to be a better location. Sometimes you have to move around and try a few locations if you aren’t familiar with the spot.

Carmen, the sister who flew in from Switzerland, got to testify and witness to a good crowd of Teenagers.

They acted like they thought it was funny and tried to laugh and goof around, but I could tell that they were concerned over their sins and serious on the inside. They just didn’t want to look that way in front of their friends.

Hollywood sign, California

37868695_10155667070446765_3109132310247636992_n (1)

I like to take advantage of the scenic backgrounds as I travel to use for teaching videos.

My friend Doug took the team to the Hollywood sign where I was able to make a short teaching video.

On the topic of American Idols and God, my is called, “You Become like the Person You Worship.”

Universal Studios Citywalk, California


Doug said he wanted to try to preach at the Universal Citywalk.

Even though it is called “Citywalk,” it is actually not part of the city. It is private property.

But there is a law in California that says free speech rights extend to outdoor malls, even though they are privately owned.

We found a good spot to get started that wouldn’t bother any of the stores or restaurants.

I knew it would be a matter of time before we were approached by the security. Sure enough, about ten minutes later, security arrived.

The security felt certain that we “couldn’t do this here” but Doug was pretty adamant about his rights. He even knew the Law reference by name, regarding outdoor malls.

The security called in to the Administration building and sure enough, the admin said that the Universal Citywalk has a few “Free Speech Zones” that we could fill out paper work for. But it takes a few days to get approval.

That didn’t fit our schedule so we just moved on with our schedule.  It sure was worth a try though and now we know for future reference that this is a possibility.

Prayer Breakfast, California

Prayer can change the world.

What an honor and a privilege I had to speak to a men’s prayer breakfast on the power of prayer.

If prayer can change the world, then teaching on the power of prayer which can result in fervent prayers can also in effect change the world.


“Prayer changes things” is a popular but true cliche.

God was going to destroy Israel and make a nation out of Moses, but Moses interceded.

God told Hezekiah that he would die and not live, but Hezekiah prayed and God changed His mind.

Jesus said that He could pray for twelve legions of angels and be delivered from the cross, if He wanted to.

The course of the future is often determined by our praying or our failure to pray!


Prayer is so powerful that it has literally changed the mind of God, in many instances in the Scriptures!

Failure to pray is negligence of the worst kind!


Some of the greatest things that have ever happened in my life have come as the result of prayer.

I am not joking when I say that I have had such amazing answered prayers that it would make an atheist jealous.

I find it amazing when atheists claim that “There is No God,” because somebody has been listening to my secret prayers and has been answering them! Praise God!

38085099_10155674589361765_4681425756054618112_n (1)

The local pastor who joined us for a week of outreach also runs a “Men’s home” for men who struggle with drugs, alcohol, homelessness, etc, to help them get back on their feet.

They came to some of our outreaches and to this prayer breakfast.

38133414_10155674589706765_1303676248265850880_n (1)

38043169_10155674589976765_5010350964515799040_n (1)

The point that I wanted to hammer home to the prayer breakfast was this:

“Your future is determined by the prayers you pray or don’t pray.”

Downtown Wittier, California


We went downtown in a place called Wittier to witness to whoever we might find there.

As soon as we arrived we found some homeless men laying around in an alley way.

The pastor actually knew one of the men. He used to be part of his men’s home.

He had no shirt on so the pastor didn’t hesitate to take his own shirt off and give it to the man.

He also went to the nearby McDonalds and brought them all food.

It was a great witness of the love and kindness of God.

38065432_10155673113756765_7290119231570444288_n (1)

Carmen, the woman who came in from Switzerland to join us, got talking to a young man named Isaiah.

After talking about sin and salvation, Isaiah said that he wanted to pray with Carmen for salvation!

The pastor also happened to know a good church nearby that he pointed him to.

Please keep Isaiah in your prayers! He is young and in very formidable years.

Huntington Beach, California

37923356_10155668830781765_4826681399681482752_n (1)

It was back in 2001 that a friend of mine asked me what I was doing. I said I was searching the internet for some good sermons to listen to. He said, “I have a bunch of great sermons I’ll give you.” And he did! He gave me a CD with a bunch of great sermons. And a few of those sermons were by “Ray Comfort.”

I liked his sermons. They were teachings on evangelism. I had only been saved a few months, out of a life of drugs and crime. And I wanted to witness and share Christ with everybody.

In one of those sermons he mentioned, “open-air preaching” and my spirit got stirred up within me. Is that what I think it is? Is that…like… preaching out in the streets? The idea excited me! And a few months later. I did it myself for the first time.

And even though I’ve been traveling the country and open air preaching for many many years ever since, I’d never actually seen Ray Comfort open-air preaching in person before. But when I arrived at Huntington Beach on this trip, there he was. The sound of his voice open air preaching brought back many early memories for me, from when I used to listen to his cassette and VHS tapes.

38154069_10155670514576765_213339551102402560_n (1)

In my early years, I heavily copied Ray Comfort’s style and methods.

Eventually, I grew into my own man and developed my own style.

And though we do have some disagreements on theology and methods, I was very happy to get him to sign my “street preaching Bible.”


The “Evidence Bible” is one of Ray’s products.

It is full of evangelistic commentaries and quotes from various individuals.

He even used a quote from me, taking something I said in my email newsletter back in 2005, and used it for commentary on Isaiah 30:10.

That was nice to see.

38198968_10155678016141765_5828656489123807232_n38253884_10155675817921765_835622983069335552_n (1)

I had seen a few Youtube videos of Ray Comfort preaching at “Huntington Beach” so I was excited to preach there myself.

After listening to Ray preach, he eventually packed up his team and left. So we had the spot all to ourselves!

I was amazed at how easy it was to draw a crowd in this location! Lots of people would circle around as I started off by rebuking their sins.


Since Ray Comfort preaches in this location once a week, I didn’t expect to have any problems with the Police.

However, I was very surprised to have a Police Sergeant tell me that if people complain that my street preaching is “offensive” and “hateful” that I am now “disturbing the peace” and “breaking the law!”

I had to educate him on free speech rights, after I told him what he said offended me.

Since he offended me with what he was saying, I asked him if he broke the law and he didn’t know how to respond or answer that.

That’s how you respond to Police who say that street preaching is “disturbing the peace.”

He eventually backed down and we were able to keep preaching without further problems.

I think that because this was “The US Open of Surfing,” the Police were acting stricter than usual towards the street preachers.


38272586_10155680367941765_7637541747484000256_n (1)

Every day that we went out there, we were able to gather around good crowds that stayed for a long time.

I didn’t offer them free pizza.

I didn’t tell them how wonderful they are.

I didn’t hand out free money.

All I did was boldly preach the Word of God, telling them God’s honest truth about their sin and their need of salvation, and they swarmed around me to listen and ask questions.



Carmen from Switzerland also was able to gather a nice crowd around her as she witnessed and testified for the Lord.

She said that she goes out to the streets of Switzerland but is not used to crowds like these.

The people circled around her and asked lots of questions and she did a wonderful job of addressing them.

38020838_10155675529631765_5883759609566461952_n (1)


My friend Doug also did a great job of witnessing to the crowd.

Even though he is in a wheel chair, he goes out witnessing every week!

He sure puts the average church-goer to shame. No excuses!

38120620_10155676656626765_1094897626014285824_n (1)

One heckler said to me, “You are telling everyone else how to live!”

I asked, “You don’t think I should do that?”

She said, “No!”

I said, “Now you’re telling me how to live my life!”

The crowd laughed and one person said, “He’s smart.”

We had a lot of fun with the hecklers but also seemed to plant some deep seed into the hearts and minds of the many listeners.

Pray for all these seeds to take root!


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All I know is that the more I keep my hand to the plow, the more fruit we bring forth!







“I’m really convicted by the Spirit of the Almighty when I watch your street preaching videos.  I pray God helps you as you impact many souls around the world.” Phil


God is on the move changing lives!

Be sure to pray for everyone who is being touched by our ministry!



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