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The Sinner’s Prayer, Decisional Evangelism, Altar Calls & Monergism vs Synergism | Jesse Morrell

Jesse Morrell of http://www.OpenAirOutreach.com teaches on the biblical basis for “the sinner’s prayer” “decisional evangelism” “altar calls” and explains how “synergism” is the teaching of the Bible, not Calvinistic “monergism.” The Morrell Family is a Missionary Family that is supported … Continue reading

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Is the Sinner’s Prayer Biblical? What About Altar Calls and Decisional Evangelism? Or Monergism vs Synergism? Jesse Morrell

DOES GOD EVEN HEAR THE SINNER’S PRAYERS? Jesse Morrell http://www.OpenAirOutreach.com I’d say that God didn’t’ even hear 90% of people who said a “sinner’s prayer.” That is because they just wanted forgiveness. They were not determined to “sin no more.” … Continue reading

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