IS SEX A SIN? Original Sin, Augustine, Gnosticism, & Calvinism – Jesse Morrell


Is all sexual desire, even in marriage, sinful? Or is the involuntary sexual attraction of the body natural, normal, and part of God’s design?

Many seem unaware that Augustine’s doctrine of original sin, which is the historic doctrine of original sin, teaches that sexual desire is a curse of Adam’s original sin, that sin is transmitted in sex because of these sinful desires, and that the nature we inherit from Adam is sinful because of its sexual desires.

Calvinists claim that they hold to the doctrine of original sin, that Augustine was a hero and a champion of orthodox doctrine, and that if you reject original sin you are a heretical Pelagian. But do they really know what Augustine’s doctrine of original sin was? Could it not be that the Pelagians were right in rejecting Augustine’s theory?

In truth, even Calvinists today do not agree with Augustine’s doctrine of original sin but agree with the Pelagians that the involuntary sexual desires of the body is natural, normal, part of God’s design, and not inherently sinful.

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2 Responses to IS SEX A SIN? Original Sin, Augustine, Gnosticism, & Calvinism – Jesse Morrell

  1. Someone wrote, “Wonderful video, thank you for exposing the real heretic’s again. 🙂 You handled a difficult subject in a very tasteful manor.”

    And someone else wrote: “This is great, Jesse. Sex is a subject I’ve often felt needed covered in exactly this way, but few seem willing to go near it. This is another great contribution you’ve made. I’m excited to hear that 2014 is intended to be a year focussed on documentaries for you. Looking forward to it.”

  2. John W. Morris, an Archpriest in the Orthodox Church, said, “Augustine’s negative attitude toward human sexuality greatly stimulated the movement to require compulsive celibacy of all Western clergy, another important cause of the conflict between Orthodoxy and the Roman Catholic Church.” The Historic Church: An Orthodox View of Christian History, published by AuthorHouse in 2011, p. 128

    Pelagius said: “They are insane who teach, that the sin of Adam comes on us by propagation (per traducem).” Commentary on Romans 7:8

    Caelestius said, “A sin propagated by generation (peccatum ex traduce), is totally contrary to the catholic faith. Sin is not born with man, but is committed afterwards by man. It is not the fault of nature but of free will. The mystery of baptism must not be so interpreted as to imply, to the prejudice of the Creator, that evil is transferred by nature to man, before it is committed by him.” De Pec. Orig. 6.

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