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This is a discussion/debate group for theological topics like Calvinism, Arminianism, Pelagianism, Wesleyanism, Finneyism, Moral Government Theology, Lutheranism, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Presbyterianism, Congregationalism, New England Theology, Open Theism, etc.



Open Theism is a theological reformation. This is a place where Open Theists can fellowship, debate, explain and defend the biblical doctrine of open theism. And a place where Open Theists can post various articles, materials and resources relating to the open view of the future.

For any of my fellow open theists, this Facebook group is for you!



 photo TheStreetPreacherMovement_zps4066037f.jpg

We started a Facebook discussion group for open air preachers to fellowship and network. It is called The Street Preacher Movement – Open Air Evangelism. This is a place where street preachers can have edifying and encouraging discussions.

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1 Response to Theology Discussion Groups on Facebook

  1. I grew up as a Bible based Christians minded person but now at a level of spiritual maturity and having my own spiritual contacts and communications I have come to learn that Christianity is not what I believed it to have been and would like to discuss my point of view here in an honest respectful way.

    I have learned from past experiences that when I disagree with certain Christian teachings some people become hostile and aggressive against me.
    When I put forwards my point of view I would like for people to examine it and if so demonstrate why I am wrong, not to try to strategically run me over disregarding truth and right.

    When I put forwards a point I would like people to look at it to see if it is true, stand to reason, logical or make sense, not to use trick Conversation to attack me.
    I am interested in truth and rights not lables.

    My main point here is a call for honest discussion regardless of who is proven to be right because that is the only way that everyone will be right, when the right is known by all and no one any longer hold on to falsehood.

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