Proof that Street Preaching Works! Testimonies of Open-Air Preaching 

Proof that Street Preaching Works!

Testimonies of Open-Air Preaching 

I started witnessing back in 2000 but street preaching back in 2002. And right aware I encountered the critics who said, “This doesn’t work. This isn’t effective. You are turning people off. You aren’t going to win anybody doing it like this.” But that was not what I was seeing on the streets. I was seeing drug dealers repent, hypocrites get right with God, etc.

When YouTube came out in 2005, I immediately started uploading open air preaching videos to the internet. There was very little content available on the internet at the time for open-air preaching for people to learn from. I thought, if more Christians would just see this, they would do it too!

People all over the world started watching our videos. Every single month now I get messages from people telling me, “I got saved watching your videos” or “I started watching your videos to laugh at them. Then I started getting convicted. I finally repented and now I’m a Christian and part of a local church!”

Nevertheless, my videos always get comments from haters and critics who say the same old lie: “This doesn’t work. You aren’t winning anybody.” All they see in the videos are the angry hecklers. They don’t see them go home convicted, repent, and email or message me later.

I always screen shot these messages and put them in my newsletters, but I haven’t been showing them on my YouTube videos. I just recently thought, I really should make a compilation video of some of the recent messages to show the critics this does work, people are repenting, sinners are coming to the Lord.

Watch the video and be inspired and encouraged! The Lord is on the move and the Gospel is still changing lives!


As you can see from the video, it’s just testimony after testimony of sinners repenting, laborers being raised up, and believers encouraged!

And these are just the more recent testimonies I’ve put in my newsletters. Considering that I’ve been doing newsletters for the past 18 years, with testimonies just like these in all my newsletters, you can imagine the accumulating and exponential effect our ministry is having in the world!

Here are two more testimonies that people commented on YouTube on this video, further proving that street preaching works and sinners are coming to the Lord!

These are additional testimonies left in the comments of the video which showed testimonies just like this from all over the world!

As you can see, our ministry is really making a difference! And we couldn’t do this without help from the body of Christ. Your donations and gifts really are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!

Our ministry is in need of gaining more financial supporters. Ever since the pandemic, our donations have been really slowing down. Now with inflation increasing the cost of groceries and gas, my family is in a really tight situation.

Honestly, at this point, it looks like this will be the first year that we won’t be able to afford to do Christmas presents for the kids. The money just isn’t there. Just to give an honest and transparent update to all of our donors and prayer partners.

Obviously Christmas isn’t about presents but about Christ and family. But as a Father, I’m really focused on making Christmas happen one way or another so that my kids don’t miss out.

We’ve cut expenses as much as we can and living very frugal but we are just barely getting by paying our most important bills.

We need the help of the body of Christ, especially to keep this ministry going.

As a missionary family of 6 we live by faith as we travel and preach the gospel, depending on the support of the body of Christ. Your gifts and donations really make a big difference and make this ministry possible.

Consider becoming a monthly supporter or sending a one time donation:


Cash App: “$JesseMorrell”

Physical Mail: Jesse Morrell, PO Box 1527, Lindale TX, 75771

With 2022 coming to a close, if you need an end of the year tax-break, you can donate through a local church that supports us.

Make checks out to “Jesse Morrell” if they are personal gifts or if you need a tax break make the check out to “Crossroads Community Church.”


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