Died Suddenly – Mysterious Blood Clots

UNSOLVED MYSTERYBlood Clots in the Young and Healthy Vaccinated who “Died Suddenly”

What are these? Long clumps of protein built up in the body. Protein clots. Why have they never been seen before? And why are they being found in young and healthy vaccinated people who suddenly died?

Embalmers all over the world are finding them – all of them suddenly started seeing these in mass after the vaccine…. They find them as they try to embalm the body as they normally do and find that the blood system is clogged. They then surgically remove these long unnatural strings of protein they’ve never seen before.

These are unnatural protein strands. And the vaccines were designed to trigger the body to make proteins.

Let me break down my hypothesis:

Humans are encoded with DNA for our genetic make up. Viruses however are RNA, as they use a different kind of sugar. Human cells do use RNA, when our DNA is translated into RNA for protein synthesis, but our genetic make up is DNA while a virus is RNA.

mRNA is messenger RNA, a transcription of the original to be read by the ribosome of a cell. The ribosome reads the mRNA and produces the protein encoded in it, as each piece of the RNA corresponds to a particular amino acid, and a series of amino acids form the protein.

What the vaccine companies did was take the mRNA for the spike protein of SARS-Cov-2, which is the means through which the virus binds to human cells (hACE2).

When this mRNA is injected into the body through a vaccine, it enters the cells and gets read by the ribosome. The ribosome reads the mRNA instruction and creates the protein encoded.

This is also how viruses are multiplied within the body. The virus hijacks the ribosome of the cell to mass produce itself.

The vaccine specifically took the mRNA coding to create the spike protein of sars-cov-2, which is what the Wuhan Lab was tinkering with to make coronaviruses infection to humans and highly transmittable.

The supposed idea of the mRNA vaccine was that when the ribosome of the cell creates the spike protein of Covid, the body would then fight it and create an immunity to the binding mechanism of Covid. So your body would develop immunity to Covid without a full infection of Covid, since the mRNA vaccine only contained the binding spike protein of the virus and not the whole virus. Then when the body encounters the full virus, it would already know how to block the spike protein and thus stop infection.

I speculate that these long unnatural protein clots found in the young and healthy who died suddenly, which take the form of whatever vessel they are in, are a mass build up of the proteins the mRNA were encoded to build. The spike proteins are produced by the cell and clumping or binding together, since they are the binding protein of the virus.

So these long fibrous clots found in the blood of the young and healthy vaccinated who died suddenly are long unnatural protein strands.

The vaccine was designed to trigger the body into making unnatural proteins, taken from the mRNA of the Covid virus.

It appears as though the vaccine induces a type of cellular suicide as it causes your own cell to produce the proteins the mRNA encodes, taken from Covid, which clots the body if the immune system fails to stop it in time.

This is my hypothesis on this mysterious and unusual phenomenon.

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