Refutation to “Easy Believism” or “Greesy Grace” Antinomianism | Jesse Morrell

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Refutation to “Easy Believism” or “Greesy Grace” Antinomianism

By Jesse Morrell

The faith that saves is the faith that obeys. The same faith that justifies is the same faith that sanctifies. It was by faith that Abraham was justified and it was by faith that Abraham obeyed God.

But there is a false gospel of “justification by faith” today which is not really faith at all. This other gospel says that you can be saved and right with God if you “believe” in Jesus even though you continue in sin and wickedness. Repentance from sin unto a holy life is not at all necessary so long as you “believe” in Jesus.

But if you truly believe in Jesus Christ, you will believe what Jesus taught. You will believe that unless you repent you will perish. You will believe that he that builds on the rock is he that obeys. You will believe that it is better to cut off your hand or pluck out your eye than to be cast into hell with both. If a person truly believes in Jesus Christ, they will forsake their life of sin and follow Him in holiness.

Many of those who think that they are “justified by faith” have nothing more than what James said was dead demonic faith that cannot save.

If we truly believe in Jesus, we will believe what He taught that He that perseverance unto the end shall be saved. We will believe also what He taught that if the Son shall make you free, you will be free indeed. Those who believe in conditional security and who believe in Christian holiness are those who truly “believe” in Jesus.

But when a lot of people say that you need to “only believe in Jesus” to be saved, what they mean is that you must believe that Jesus gave you a license to sin – that He provided a way on the cross for you to be right with God while you continue in your sinning. But this is not to believe in Jesus at all. This is to believe in a false atonement, false Christ, false gospel. If you truly trust in Jesus, you will “go and sin no more” and “be perfect” as He commanded.



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