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Texas A&M was one of the first campuses I ever preached on. It was one of the campuses we preached on my first campus tour back in 2005.

What makes this particular campus great for open air preaching is two fold.

First, the free speech policy is the best. You can just walk on campus, go to the free speech areas, and preach all day. I wish every campus was like that.

Second, there are 66,425 students enrolled. That means that you can preach to a crowd of 390 people, every day of the school year, to reach the whole campus.

Some campuses are so small that you can only preach there a few times before it loses interest. But Texas A&M is so large that it would take a lot of preaching to wear out the campus. 

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I tag teamed with some other faithful brethren each day which was nice because a crowd was already gathered by the time it was my turn to preach. Of course I have no difficulty drawing a crowd myself but it is nice to get straight into the substance of the content.

There was a bench nearby that I stood on to preach because with so many students, a crowd circled around would drown me out. It was under a tree which was nice for shade also.

It didn’t take long to get some good interaction and dialog going with the students. They were a relatively tamed crowd, which I what I prefer. 

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By the end of each day, the crowd would sit quietly on the ground and listen. As much as they heckled and debated throughout the day, we always outlast them in energy so that they are tamed by the end of it.

When I see a large crowd of college students sitting on the ground, listening to Bible preaching, I think to myself, “How absurd it is for people to say open air preaching isn’t effective! When else do you see so many lost people voluntarily listening to the gospel?” 


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Northwest Vista was a brand new campus for me. This just goes to show how large of an opportunity we have for open air preaching in this country! I’ve been open air preaching around the country for 14 years and still there are plenty of campuses I have never preached on! We have more opportunity than we have preachers!

There was some kind of permit process for this campus but local brethren I partnered with handled that. There was a nice amphitheater right next to a lake which made this preaching location very scenic.

I was a little late to arrive and by the time I did, the brethren already had a nice crowd of students going. 

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The preaching started at the edge of the amphitheater because that was the most strategic location based on the foot traffic. But once a crowd was gathered and was handed over to me, I moved to the center of the amphitheater to center the crowd.

What is always great about amphitheaters is how they provide seating for the audience. That naturally calms them down and also encourages them to stay longer. 

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The size of the crowd continued to grow throughout the day as we preached loud and clear about sin, hell, Jesus, repentance, etc. You don’t need any special magic tricks, musicians, or entertainers to draw a crowd. All you need is the power of the gospel! The truth of the gospel can prick their hearts, arrest their attention, and stop them in their tracks!

Great preaching continued for hours and hours. 



I am often asked, “Is your ministry really effective? Do you see people come to the Lord?” My answer is, “All the time! I see people repent of their sins and get right with God on a regular basis.”

The problem is, you don’t usually see that in the YouTube videos. When you see the videos, you see a lot of heckling, debating, etc. That is because during the open air preaching people are being pricked in their conscience. And their initial response to conviction is to resist it with anger, mockery, etc.

But those same people go home with the arrows of conviction in their heart. Many will then repent at home, get right with God, and email me about it later. 

I get emails and messages from people ALL THE TIME telling me how they repented of their sins after listening to the open air preaching. Below are just some of the most recent fruit we have seen. 




“I appreciate what you do Jesse I feel as if you saved me from my sins by telling the truth about God and me wanting to repent and give my life to God. I hope to go to Heaven someday and see God and his Angels and people who made it there and all kinds of animals and you. But first I must repent of all my sins and give my life to God Jesus Christ and live a holy life and tell everyone the truth about God.”














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