Leonard Ravenhill on Street Preaching with Jesse Morrell & Others | Street Meetings of God Compilation

The “Street Meetings of God” compilation with Leonard Ravenhill was a compilation that I (Jesse Morrell) had a friend of mine make over 10 years ago. I found these great clips from Ravenhill about open air preaching and thought the song that says “I hear a voice of one crying, prepare ye, prepare ye the way of the Lord” would make for a great compilation. So I sent these to my friend and he put this compilation together along with some clips of me and others street preaching which I thought really made the compilation great. Hearing those clips now of me preaching in front of Gothom the club and “The Light Has Come Into the World” really brings back great memories of my early days street preaching in the streets of New England. The Lord has really used this compilation to reach and inspire tens of thousands of people and I praise God he used me to be a part of that. Glory to God!

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