Ray Comfort on Christian Perfection & Sinning Christians (Or Sinless Perfection & Sin In Believers)

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What do you think about this excerpt from an old Ray Comfort book, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Righteousness”?


Personally, I think Ray Comfort’s friend makes more sense, that you can go a minute without sin and therefore you can go an hour, a day, a month, a year, and the rest of your life.

Sin is a free will choice so we are without excuse.

I don’t see the sins Ray Comfort listed as something you have to do minute by minute.

You don’t have to look with lust, exaggerate, or disobey the voice of God ever, let alone minute by minute.

1 Corinthians 10:13 says that God never lets temptation to exceed your ability so you are always able to bear it and there is always a way of escape.

The truth of the Bible is that you never have to sin again.

Daily grace is needed to keep us from sinning, not to enable us to sin daily with impunity.

One of the major reasons I reject the doctrines of Calvinism is because it makes holiness unattainable and sin unavoidable. As George Whitefield (the Calvinist) said, “there is a mixture of corruption in every one of our duties.”

The Christian life is a life of purity, not impurity.

The real Christian lives a life of habitual daily obedience, not disobedience.

You cannot serve two masters. The same spring cannot bring forth both good and bitter water. You cannot be righteous and be sinful at the same time.

A life of sinning minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day, etc, is incompatible with the true Christian life. This notion undermines the radical change of regeneration/conversion and denies the holy character of a true convert.

“A man has either repented of all his sins or he hasn’t repented of sin at all.”

~ Jesse Morrell





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10 Responses to Ray Comfort on Christian Perfection & Sinning Christians (Or Sinless Perfection & Sin In Believers)

  1. If you sin every day, or every second of every day, isn’t that a lifestyle of sinning? Isn’t that practicing sin? If sinning every day isn’t living a lifestyle of practicing sin, what is?

  2. I think saying that everything a Christian does is somehow sinful is a really extreme and weak argument…

  3. arita chan says:

    good to read this article, Mr MORRELL.

    Agree there is a fundamental mistake of Calvinism in Total Depravity after birth of men, the root of dictatorship and bigotism, the despise of men’s conscience, wisdom and creation. Total Depravity is biblical to salvation, but not to men after birth from earthly mother. depravity is biblical to men after birth with original sins.

    the question if christians are free from sins after salvation or still sinning every day.

    before we come to answer, we may have to understand the real life of christian with reference to bible truth.

    before salvation
    original sins
    temptations from Satan

    after salvation
    saved man
    original sins
    temptations from Satan
    holy spirit

    here are the key questions
    1. does the invite of Jesus holy spirit remove original sins inside saved man immediately and completely? or gradually by sanctification?

    2. does the saved man obey holy spirit or disobey holy spirit?

    3. does Satan play lies and schemes for tempting the saved man? does he obey holy spirit or satan in his flesh?

    from above, the accurate answer is neither sinning every minute every day nor holiness every minute every day, but a process or spirit growth of sanctification to be more holiness day by day to grow Jesus life inside.

    • Obedience or disobedience is a second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day choice. Hypothetically, we can choose to be sinful one second, holy the next second, and then sinful the following second. The sinful man can turn from his sinfulness and the righteous man can turn from his righteousness.

  4. Carlos says:

    “I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil IS present with me.” Apostle Paul

  5. Andy says:

    I believe we can live without sinning. I believe that our hearts and minds can be purified washed, cleansed because that’s what God desires. We just got to be willing…humble and willing. It is doable.☺

  6. bill erickson says:

    1 John 1:8 says we ALL HAVE SIN.but scripture clearly tells us to STOP SINNINGJesus told the woman caught in adultery to “SIN NO MORE LEST SOMETHING WORSE HAPPEN”worse than being stoned! as a 2 yr old Christsin i find the bible is full of paradoxes.i have learned the most by trying to reconcile them.some hold to one truth,some to the other.most look to the prom ises of God but fail to heed the warni ngs.i glorify God for His such great wisdom as i believe He seeks to strike balance.not leading us to pride th at since we QUIT SINNING that we arenow sinless,but also setting a high goal of TURNING FROM ALL SIN. we must see the wages of sin are JUDGEMENTS OF GOD AND /ORDEATH.if we sin after knowing the truth we return to the cross and mock Him and spit in his face.
    be blessed saints in Jesus name

    • bill erickson says:

      more simply put i believe we HAVE SIN every minute ,every day as long as we have flesh.be we must repent of sin as it is revealed to us.God knows our hearts,what sin we hate and fight against and what sin we are not willing to let go.the gate is narrow,no room to carry sin baggage thru.drop sin now and run for first place!

  7. John Gooch says:

    I think, that the love of God is in the hope of Gods impact, both publicly and in private. The hope for Gods glory, is a leading aspect in my not knowing what next to do and how to integrate. This is the hope in the God of Jesus. This is the Spiritual frame, which can then allow more often, the choice for Good. Mean while I try to maintain channel’s of honesty with different parts of humanity, whilst trying to prevent dishonesty of my own self, with God.

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