3 Responses to A Rebuttal to Tony Miano’s Attacks on Mark Cahill, Jesse Morrell, Kerrigan Skelly, and other Non-Calvinists

  1. This is my own personal testimony about Calvinism and how I came out of it. When I was a new convert about 12 years ago, I was turned onto the writings of Charles Spurgeon. He was a Calvinist. And I met some Calvinists online who showed me their interpretation of Romans 9. I had believed from reading the Bible that Jesus died for everyone and that God wanted everyone to repent and be saved, but they confused me. I could not, at the time, explain Romans 9. I mentally became convinced of Calvinism, but in my heart I knew it was wrong. I said, “Well, I can’t follow my feelings, I must follow what I am convinced the Bible says” and so I became a Calvinist. I can still vividly remember how I literally felt the Holy Spirit within me grieve. It was by far the most deep experience I have ever had of greiving the Spirit. God was telling me that I was being lead into deception by decievers. So I kept reading the Word and kept praying and kept seeking God. And as I continued to read the full counsel of God’s Word, I became convinced that Calvinism was a false interpretation of the Bible that is at odds with so many Bible verses. My time as a Calvinist was very short lived, but the time that I was a Calvinist deeply hurt my heart and grieved the Holy Spirit. I praise God that I came out of it because God is so much more loving and beautiful and wonderful than they make Him out to be.

  2. Tony Miano has continued his public attacks against Jesse Morrell and Kerrigan Skelly. In a recent blog post he made, he linked key words to their open air preaching videos to accuse them of what he was saying:

    Tony Miano said, “There are some open-air preachers who give the biblical discipline of open-air preaching a bad name. Their disdain for the lost, while touting their own self-righteousness is deplorable and a sinful misrepresentation of Jesus Christ. Some street preachers of the same ilk insist they are not sinners and deny the God of the Bible by denying His attributes such as His omniscience. Yes, “hell-fire” preachers like these are a blight on the open-air preaching community.”

    Jesse Morrell responded: Those Calvinist open air preachers, whose theology teaches not only a disdain for the lost but an eternal reprobation for them, while touting their own election is deplorable and is a sinful misrepresentation of Jesus Christ. They teach that the reprobate are damned no matter what they do, while the elect are saved no matter what they do.

    Those Calvinist open air preachers who declare that they are still sinners and deny the gospel by teaching that there is no deliverance from sinning are a blight on the open air preaching community. They charge God with injustice by demanding the impossible at the threat of eternal hell, then they reduce the gospel to a license to sin by declaring that they are saved from hell while they continue to sin every day in word, thought, and deed…

    Holiness open air preachers who teach that there is a hell but that it is just because men are sinners by free will, while Calvinist preachers say that men go to hell for the nature that they are born with. It is the former that justifies God in sending sinners to hell, while the latter preachers of hell-fire make it unjust cruelty. Holiness open air preachers teach that Christ has died for all, so hell can be avoided if men choose to come to Jesus, while Calvinists teach that Jesus died only for a few, so most people cannnot avoid hell. The latter “hell fire preachers” and not the former are denying the glorious gospel, denying the benevolent and just attributes of God, and are a blight on the open air preaching community.

    But in Tony’s theology, both the Calvinist preachers and the Holiness preachers are simply doing what God has decreed and they cannot do otherwise. So if they are misrepresenting Christ, it is because that is Christ’s will. If they are a blight on the open air community, it is because God has determined it to be so and it cannot be otherwise

    Again Tony Miano said, “Open-air preachers who love the lost will communicate the reality of eternal torment in Hell, as the just punishment for any and all sin against God, with tears in their eyes and love in their voices. ”

    Jesse Morrell responded: This possibility would seem to exclude all Calvinist open air preachers. The god of Calvinism does not want everyone to be saved, so neither should we as we are obligated to imitate Him. The god of Calvinism does not have benevolence for all, so we shouldn’t. The reprobate are going to hell, according to Calvinism, because of the will of God. We certainly should not weep over the will of God being done, but should rejoice. If God doesn’t weep, neither should we, as we are supposed to be godly or like Him. And in Calvinism it is taught that Jesus took our just punishment, so our punishment cannot possibly be eternal torment in hell as the Bible clearly teaches.

    On the other hand, only those who believe that God wants all men to be saved can imitate Him in this desire. It would be ungodly to want this if God did not. So only those who believe God wants all men to be saved can truly “love the lost.” And only those who believe the atonement was a substitute for our penalty, and not the penalty itself, can “communicate the reality of eternal torment in hell as the just punishment for any and all sin against God.” And only those who believe God has a broken heart over the sin and damnation of the lost can preach “with tears in their eyes and love in their voices” and remain godly in doing so.

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